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9 August 2012

Not that I’m feeling uninspired or anything… but I just want to try a little experiment.

I’m opening it up to you, fellow peoples of the internet, to ask me anything.

Seriously. I want to know what’s on your minds and if there’s anything about me you want to know… or yeah, just any questions you might have. I’ll collect them all and do my best to answer each and every question. You can submit anonymously if you’d like.

So. Internet, start asking.

okay, so maybe I should put a deadline to this… I’ll post my responses either on Monday, August 13th… or my 600th post (which I’m 4 away from!)… haven’t decided.
But next week I’ll answer everything!
*to submit anonymously, just make up a name and email in your comment. that’s okay with me… just make sure it doesn’t look spammy or my bot will get it! 

  • When did you know that you wanted to write? What is your ultimate goal with your writing?

  • catlady12

    when did you lose your virginity?

  • Jack

    How many people do you think die a virgin? Do you think that your virginity is still a gift to be given to your spouse or the one you love? I fucking hate that statement. It’s infers I could give it to anyone I want as easy as giving a bum a nickel. I couldn’t pay someone to take my virginity! I feel like everyone else is able to enjoy the God-given human act of sex but me. What is wrong with casual sex? How bad would I be if I paid for sex before I turn 40? And that fucking Lolo Jones story… like she’s some kind of saint for withholding from sex; that it takes such courage. Again, inferring that whoever is a virgin has such incredible self control since engaging in intercourse is as easy as stubbing your toe. IT’S NOT!!!!!! Is there a website for virgins?

  • anonymous

    Explain your first name? Is it an online name, or real life and its meaning.

  • do you like jelly beans?
    are you watching the olympics?
    are you ready for football season?
    what’s it like being a director? (ps super cool on the title upgrade :))
    do you have a favorite book?
    who do you think is the best cat woman?
    is this enough random questions? 😉 <3

  • esc

    what gives your life meaning?
    do you plan on giving back to your community? if so, how do you envision that happening?
    what spiritual practices do you have in your life now? what would you like to do differently in that area?

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