return of swamp thing?

12 August 2012

So remember back when I was having issues with the plumbing in my bathroom, and it basically looked like swamp thing moved it? (I won’t link it for you, but you can find it in the archives if you want…)

Well, turns out swamp thing attacked more than just my bathroom.

When I get busy, and especially once I’m traveling a lot, I end up falling into this habit where I’ll rinse my dishes but not wash them entirely. I’ll set the rinsed dishes a side to finish once I get a spare moment. Well, we had a front-loaded summer with tours, and I got to the point where once I got home I’d just crash. For like a month. And all that happened during the time when swamp thing moved in.

So, as I was getting ready for Katherine to move in, I discovered doing those dishes wasn’t going to be so easy. Rinsed dishes were basically clean, but needed a final scrub with some soap. These were… well… basically I had to clean the sink first before I could even start on the dishes.

I’m tackling it in groups–giving dishes enough time to soak, tossing the ones that aren’t worth saving. So far, all I have left are plates and pots and pans, and maybe two or three tupperware things that I might pitch instead.

Oh. And once it’s all done, my landlord is getting another call because he did nothing when I noticed the mess with the pipes in the bathroom… but having all the drains act up? Yeah, he needs to get over here and snake everything.

Next place is going to have a dishwasher…

  • damn! that is super crazy. i hope he’s quick about fixing the plumbing

  • Swamp thing is normal in drains. It is gross but builds up from hair and gunk. Walgreen or CVS sells a contraption appropriately named The Snake. So buy that and gel Liquid Draino. Buy both, use Draino first then the snake and BAM. Your drain will be cleaner than new. Until it fills up again…

    • Erini

      It’s in my lease that I can’t use chemicals to clean the drains, which is lame. Pretty sure all the pipes need replacing in my building, but they just haven’t gotten around to it yet. They did do some plumbing work, which is when a lot of the issues started. :\
      I’ve dealt with hair in drains, the stuff that was coming out of both drains was totally not hair… which I don’t know how I’d get a hair backup in my kitchen sink.

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