budgeting, first dates, and next steps

24 August 2012

I’m continuing on with next steps, partially with the hopes that lots of little consecutive small steps will either turn into a big leap or at least feel like one.

These next steps are for more than just career things. These are life things. Because ultimately, regardless of whatever career I have, it’s my happiness that is really the important thing.

Firstly, I’m becoming more conscious with my money and spending. This does not mean that I’ve mastered budgeting, but each purchase is thought over and I realize the consequences of spending that money. I weigh the importance of the purchase and decide whether or not to continue on with it. One area I know I’ll be working on to drastically change is my eating out habit. Normally it’s only lunches, but now it’s become breakfasts and sometimes dinner. I realize special things come up, but I just need to cut back a lot.

Secondly, I went on a date. Sort of. I invited him to a very public and group thing. However, if you want to hear about it… you’re going to have to participate in my third thing…

In a way to get me to spend more time writing, I’ve started a little newsletter. You can now receive email updates from me about a lot of various things. Including (but not limited to): aforementioned date and any others that might happen that are worth sharing newly gained things from, my writing and school and even some writing excerpts — aka the only time I’ll share my unpublished writing with people outside of class, life on tour, and random thoughts and tidbits. It’ll probably only be weekly, and I should probably set a schedule for it… but I promise not to overload your inbox with crap or spam you out with memes, no matter how adorable.

The goal of the newsletter is to get me to focus on writing more, even if it’s not fiction. But well, as I continue exploring flash fiction, chances are you might get a monthly story. (Should that be a thing?) And credit where credit’s due: I got this whole idea when I signed up for Abby’s newsletter, which you totally need to check out.

Anyway. I’ll be honest, it’ll totally make my day when you sign up for my newsletter… so do it. Pretty please.

  • I can relate to how going out to eat all the time can get easily out of control! I know that for quite awhile, I was really bad with going out to eat for every meal. Not that every meal ended up at a sit down restaurant or anything, but all those runs to the deli because I’m craving a sandwich? Those add up really fast. Until I went through a period where I barely any money to buy any food? I’d totally forgotten that it was possible to buy deli meat and bread and make a sandwich yourself.

    • Erini

      I’d pick up breakfast every morning before work for a while. $2 here, $5 there… Adds up REALLY quick. So now I buy the big Naked Juice bottles from the grocery story–only like a dollar more than the small ones… and it last all week for my at work breakfast.

      Also just got the new Rubbermaid Lunch Blox, and hoping it’s adorableness will help get me to use it more and bring in more lunches!

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