Despite it all…

27 August 2012

I’m in a good mood.

Job satisfaction is low…
…but I’m working with someone on a plan to continue pushing the company forward which will hopefully bring the happy times back.

I still have writer’s block…
…but I filled an entire page today in my writing journal. Most of it is dribble, but it’s words on the page. I also have a good list of topics written out for my newsletter, which will be going out on Wednesday!

I’m still kind of lonely…
…but my social life is picking up a bit, many thanks to Katherine. I’m kind of jealous with how close she is with a lot of her internet friends, and again it reminds me I need to work on my own friendships (online & off). A lot of times, offline at least, it feels like I have my Muccas and that’s it. I know it’s not true… but the loneliness is still there. It’s not that I want to go out and do stuff all the time, but even just having someone to talk to on a regular basis would be nice.

My financial situation isn’t ideal…
…but everything will work out, because it has to.

Anyway. Life is no where near perfect right now. But I’m still happy. And as much as I like to call bull shit on stuff like this, it’s because I’m choosing to be happy. Choosing a positive attitude has been key for getting through, well, everything. I can’t let the small things get me down because each small thing adds up to just feeling miserable. Minor irritations? Yeah, in the grand scheme, they don’t mean much other than how I deal with them. So I’m choosing to take a breath, put it in a bubble, and let it float away. I’ll deal with the big issues, but laugh off the rest.

  • If you ever wanna hang out, just let me know!

  • I feel the same way about being somewhat lonely. I had a falling out with most of my girlfriends back home and living in South Korea makes me feel really disconnected from anyone else. It makes me a sad sack sometimes.

    • Erini

      *HUGS* Can you guys move to Chicago when you get back to the States?

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