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24 September 2012

When it comes to bed times, I am totally an old lady. Or maybe a 10 year old. Either way, my night owl ways are few and far between.

Most nights, I’m in bed not long after 9pm. Generally never later than midnight, especially on a week night. I even have the cats trained to know that bed time is early, and they’re quick to let me know it’s time for cuddles.

The big exceptions are gig nights–seeing as sometimes they won’t even take the stage until 11:30 or later. This weekend we didn’t have late night gigs, but at least on Saturday, that didn’t keep me from finally shirking my old lady ways.

Saturday evening I found my way to Navy Pier–not a frequent hang out for me, but I find myself there surprising more often than you’d think for a non-tourist. And as what’s normally the case, I was there for a band. I joined Ela for some dancing and a band she’s come to know through tours, Slavic Soul Party. (Warning, site contains auto-playing music.)

It was great and a lot of fun. Brass bands are some of my favorite types of bands to see live. After the show we joined the band in crashing another event for some free cocktails. Between Ela, myself and our friend Ert, we had a nice little low brass dance party going on (with trombone, baritone, and tuba representing). As we were leaving none of us could really get a handle on how early it actually was–only 10:30.

At that point, I could have easily gone home and straight to bed and been pretty content. But I’m pretty happy that’s not what happened. We ended up hanging out with SSP into the wee hours of the morning. Musicians/music nerds are good people to hang out with, at least in my opinion. We attempted a fire around 2am-ish, and the SSP gang left probably an hour later. The small Mucca crowd that was left ended up having a mini feast between 3-5am. Mini burgers, which turned into mini bleu cheese burgers, then garlic and lime shrimp, then corn roasted in all that goodness. (And this was all after the corn, cheeses, and dips we had earlier in the night.)

It was about 4:45am when I last looked at a clock before crashing on Ela’s futon.

However. See, the problem with not being a night owl means you some how end up being a morning person. It’s not a conscious thing I’ve chosen. My body just gets me up between 5:30-7am without fail pretty much every day. So even though I’d only had a little less than 2 hours of sleep, my body decided it was time to be awake. Wide awake.

Luckily, I didn’t have much in the way of plans for Sunday, and I have become a pretty expert napper. So after I got home, I slept enough to make sure I was functional for my evening event, and was secretively thankful to be in bed by midnight.

I don’t always understand how people can do so many late nights and still be functional in the morning. Granted, maybe my lack of caffeine might alter my perspective and experience. I just know I will probably be crashing hard and early all this week.

  • From what I know of night owls (I happen to be one), most are either pretty adept at functioning on 5 or 6 hours of sleep…. also, among most of the night owls I know, many of them jobs that have start times that allow for a little bit extra sleep in the morning. I know when I negotiate to work on site for a company, I almost always negotiate a start time of 11am because that fits better for the hours that my body keeps…. Plus, in general I have always hated getting out of bed in the morning. Going to bed earlier doesn’t really help me get up any earlier because my natural inclination is to stay in bed and sleep as long as possible.

    • Erini

      I’m happy my body goes in to “gig mode” and can function with reduced hours of sleep… but yeah, it’s that long term thing… not sure it’d handle it. (Because even in “gig mode”, my body knows it can sleep on the bus later.)

      I can get a lot of things done in the morning, but I find I like waking up early and taking my time in the mornings. Currently I wake up around 6:30, and I don’t leave the house until 8am. I try to give myself at least an hour of getting ready time, when really I can do with 15 minutes (20 if I have to shower)…

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