That’s my bag! or, sort of…

15 November 2012

I’ve been looking for a new bag for about 3 months or so now. Normally I can shop around for a few weeks and find something I like, make up my mind, and buy it. I never really get wishy-washy about it. Until now.

I have a number of purses and bags at home, but none of them really do what I need a from a bag. I want one where I can easily carry all the stuff I generally bring with me, as well as serve as sort of a “school bag”, but not be too massive.

At the very minimum, all these things need to fit in the bag…

1. Writing journal 2. iPad 3. Medicines (yes, since my sinus infection over a month ago, I still carry nasal spray in my bag. Sexy, I know) 4. Glasses case 5. Keys, keys, and keys 6. Sunglasses I rarely ware 7. NES wallet 8. Toothbrush (been in my bag since I crashed a friend’s house and she kindly laid these out for me) 9. Pens & sharpie(s) 10. iPhone/Pad charger 11. Purse hook 12. ?? apparently I can’t count. 13. coin purse 14. Umbrella 15. Arm warmers 16. Rubber band

I also sometimes carry: food, iPad keyboard, more notebooks, books, file folders, water bottles, and whatever miscellaneous things I end up shoving in there…

I love my tote bag to death and will probably still use it a lot… But with puffy winter coat season upon us, I need something with a crossbody as well as regular handles. It helps with just being able to carry it—puffy sleeves don’t make for the best purse holding shoulders. Plus I like hands free mobility. Not to mention, something that can withstand snow better than organic canvas would be nice. And yeah, can’t be too massive.

I’ve seen a number of bags I like, but not one have I 100% fall in love with yet and gone “that’s my bag!” … I’m also not one to drop hundreds of dollars on a bag—heck, even $60 seems steep to me. It may seem trivial to some, but this is something I’ll be using any time I leave my apartment, so it’s got to stand up.

What are things you look for in a bag? How much do you carry with you?

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