Good Things:

18 January 2013

→ Silly cat cuddles.

→ Adding cinnamon to my hot chocolate this morning.

→ Revised a story.

→ Pigtails at work.

→ First BluePrint Juice: kale, apple, ginger, romaine, spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, lemon

→ Silly emails with my Mom

Tonight I plan on catching up on my Hulu+ queue, enjoying some Chinese leftovers, reading some stories, maybe a little New Super Mario Bros U, and definitely more cuddles with the kittens.

Not a bad Friday, really.

  • Dan

    How is the Wii U? The closest I’ve been to one was the last time I was in a GameStop and none of my roommates have managed to buy one yet.

    • Erini

      It’s a great system. I love that they’re blending the traditional Nintendo family-play–encouraging family multiplayer & co-playing (way better for sharing TV and games), but also pushing towards new social engagement (sharing messages, forums, sharing art…) as well as titles for “hardcore” gamers. (Which, btw, I hate this whole notion that “real” gamers don’t play Nintendo. BS.)

      Anyway. Loving it so far.

      Only issue I’ve had so far is Hulu+ has been crapping out lately. The ads don’t work, which cause the whole video to crash. Otherwise it’s been amazing.

      • Dan

        Ooh sweet, I’ve always been big on multiplayer titles for consoles; I still favor same-room multiplayer over online multiplayer, even if online is more often the more convenient option.

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