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11 March 2013

Getting the itch to redesign your entire blog is something a lot of us are familiar with. For me, that itch seems to come seasonally. First, there was Summer, with bright bold colors. Then Winter, with something a little softer. And now…


We want our blogs to be an authentic representation of ourselves. And I feel like I’m getting there. I liked my past designs, and they worked well for who I was during those times. But I truly feel like I see myself with this design. (So if you’re on an reader, click through!)

Previously, I sort of ran away from scripty fonts. You have to be careful with display fonts, and for me, script fonts just screamed “OMG WAY TOO OBVIOUSLY GIRLY.” It was like every female blogger was using a script font. (Which, yes, I know is not the case. But it is indeed common.) So I went with big, bold display fonts. But Lavanderia was the perfect choice for this design.

One of my favorite things to do is scour through Pantone colors and color trends. And I’ve been slowly working on redoing all the colors in my home—going from bright bold colors to softer, more antique inspired colors.* Coral and gold are two colors I want in my bedroom. I also love antique mint, which is why I carried it over from the previous design.

It’s mature, it’s soft, it’s still playful, and it’s a little feminine. And I feel like that’s all true of me.

*Let’s be honest, my home decor aesthetic is pretty much my grandma’s house. Which you can see more of that aesthetic here.

  • super cute!!!

    • Erini

      Thanks Michelle!

  • I love it! It certainly feels like spring… and I’m a big fan of coral and mustard colors together. (That sounds really pretentious, but at least I didn’t say “OH WHAT A LOVELY COLOR STORY YOU HAVE ON YOUR BLOG” because then I’d probably have to throw myself off a bridge.)

    • Erini

      haha doesn’t sound pretentious at all. I work with people & students in the design & advertising industry, you should hear the things they say about colors and fonts. cracks me up! 🙂

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