Meeting Felicia Day, getting on Vader’s bad side, and becoming a bigger nerd. (My first C2E2.)

3 May 2013

As you know, this past weekend I joined thousands of other nerds at C2E2. And exactly as you could predict, I love it. Every nerdy, foot-numbing second of it.


» Hanging out with my friend CB throughout the con. While I bought my ticket alone, it was nice meeting up with CB and having someone to walk around with. Plus, CB is a professional photographer, so I didn’t have to deal with my anxiety of asking people for pics — which yes, I know 99.9% are happy to do so. Not to mention, his photos are better.

» This happened:


Ignore my bad acting and awkward face, please.

» And this also happened:


And yes, I squealed a little. Full on fangirl squealed. She’s so freaking nice. And pretty.

» Meeting cool artists. I didn’t find someone to partner with, but I’m not necessarily worried about that. I’m just going to focus on writing. I did however me A LOT of really talented artists.

» So much cosplay. Seriously. People are freaking creative (and brave). One of my absolute favorites: a tiny little girl on Sunday who was dressed up like a weeping angel. Adorable and scary.

I was really looking forward to the panels, but only made it to two. With the setup the way it was, the rooms were pretty small and unless you camped out all day, it was harder to get into the later panels. Hopefully next year they’ll fix that problem.

Since I spent almost all of my time on the showroom floor, of course I was going to buy stuff. I ended up with 5 books (3 Jeffrey Brown, Kabuki Vol 1, Doctor Who*, Mouse Guard: The Black Axe, and a joke book for my niece), a Strong Female Character shirt, Doctor Who tote, and a whole lot of vinyl figures. Like seriously, I have a new obsession/collection. I also got some gifts for friends too.

Mostly, the thing I got was a rejuvenated nerdness. I just want to explore everything. There were so many worlds and stories represented there at C2E2, and so many more out there just waiting. I’m still confused my super heros, and not sure where to start or if I really want to… But, I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve got a couple titles I’m going to start with, and I’m just going to take it from there.

It’s a whole new nerdy world. And I couldn’t be happier.

I’m probably always going to feel a little apprehensive about some of this just because I’m female. It’s a shame, but I know myself and I won’t let it stop me. There has been a big shift in the culture, a bigger awareness of the issue. But between my gender and my short-term memory on story details, well, I’m sure I’ll get the “fake geek girl” label thrown at me at least once. I didn’t feel that at C2E2, and I’m hoping that most if not all the women there could agree.

Regardless, I’m going to continue loving what I love. Going to continue exploring. Going to continue enjoying it. Because being a nerd is awesome, and if you don’t believe me, believe Wil Wheaton.

*I thought I was buying Series 1 Volume 1, but apparently I got Series 3. Oops.

  • Ahh, I love it! I’ve heard such good things about C2E2… so glad you had a good time! My favorite Con was Wondercon in San Francisco like, 2 or 3 years ago. I got to thumbwrestle with Richard Hatch (he cheats), have an incredible moment with Aaron Douglas (he played Chief Tyrol on the new BSG), and hug ALL the cosplayers. My favorite being this guy:

    Followed closely by a pack of Klingons. 😉 Being a nerd is the best!

    • Erini

      Being a nerd IS the best! I love it. C2E2 is still somewhat young, I think this was the 4th or 5th year. But it’s exploded here in Chicago. I’m definitely excited about going back next year. The only others I know of here are Wizards and Chicago TARDIS (which is out in the suburbs, so I don’t know if I can make it). I don’t know if I’ll get to the point where I’ll travel for cons, but maybe. It’d be interesting to go to one of the HUGE ones one day.

      But anyway. Yay! 🙂

  • One of the things I love most about C2E2 is how welcoming the vibe seems to be in comparison to so many of the other cons I’ve been to. Chicago apparently is quickly becoming more and more fertile ground for nerdy events with *safe, welcoming spaces* for nerds & geeks of all kinds. It’s the stated ethos behind the Geek Bar Chicago project and most definitely one of the major driving forces behind Chicago Nerd Social Club & our meet up events (disclaimer: I’m a board member so, kinda a major priority for me to have it be a safe & friendly space for everyone). And I just found out about CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) in Lakeview next month! AHHH! So much awesome nerd stuff in my hometown!

    I really hope you don’t run into any of the stupid fake geek girl nonsense – that can go DIAF and the ashes sown with salt. Were you able to make it to the Exorcising the Spectre of the Fake Geek Girl panel? I’m the one who organized it (also one of the speakers). We were NOT expecting the overwhelming amount of interest that the panel generated, and on a Sunday afternoon, so we’re so sorry to all the people who made the effort to come to the panel but weren’t able to get in (the room size was also disappointing but it’s also the con’s 4th year – also my 2nd year running a panel with them and their programming staff has been wonderful to work with – and apparently this is the 1st year that they had equal attendance at panels and the expo floor so they’re still learning how to balance everything).

    We did get video of the entire thing, which is being compiled together with interview footage with the panelists & audience for a longer video project (we’re hoping to screen it when it’s completed). Bleeding Cool also got audio of the entire panel, which I’ve got linked to on my website entry summarizing the whole panel, along with a link to the pre-C2E2 podcast interview the panel did with CNSC (consider it a supplemental discussion to the panel).

    • Erini

      I wasn’t able to make it to the Fake Geek Girl panel! Just one of those things where fighting to make it up there in enough time was just going to be hard. But I will be checking out the recording of it. 🙂

      I didn’t get any fake geek girl stuff directed at me, which was great! But, sadly, it’s still something on my mind. I got some of those “aren’t you cute” looks because my friend mistakenly said I was new to comics. I’m new to super heroes, but I’ve read enough graphic novels to be familiar enough with comics.

      I’m hoping to make it to CAKE! It sounds really awesome!

      Thanks for sharing, and hopefully I’ll see you at another awesomely nerdy event soon!

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