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29 May 2013

» Starting on Saturday, I’m doing a 30-Day Sugar Detox. And I finally got my June schedule straight in my head and realized for the actual days of no sugar I won’t be on the road. (Also, there’s still time to register if you’d like to join in!)

» But I am traveling in June. I’ll be heading out for a week and really looking forward to it! Details coming later.

» I figured out a way to not drain my entire bank account on comics: Lego City: Undercover. I’m obsessed with this game now. It’s pretty much all I did during the 3-day weekend. I was averaging 12-13 hours a day. No joke. I’ll have my initial review for you on Monday.

» Since this summer is going to be a busy one, I’m getting in a better habit of using my datebook. And I’m actually attempting a blogging schedule too. Hoping this will help keep me focused.

» Still no word from my doctor’s office. I called and left a message with her assistant, who’s voicemail message said she’d get back to me within 24-48 hours. Fingers crossed folks.

» I’ve got to make some big decisions, again, with school. Luckily not right away. The next term isn’t until the fall. BUT, I want to re-evaluate if this is the right program for me and what do I really want from a writing program.

» My birthday is two weeks from tomorrow and I have not even begun to think about what I want to do to celebrate. (Granted, most of this is because I want to figure out what’s happening with my surgery first, but still… this is highly unusual for me.)

  • I read this piece in the Atlantic about writing schools and thought of you – I don’t really have an opinion one way or the other since it’s not in my wheelhouse, but maybe it will help you?


    Good luck with the surgery! I had similar surgery recently and it was quick and (mostly) painless… hope the same goes for you!

    • Erini

      Thanks Jenn!

      Writing is a crazy thing, especially professionally. And MFA doesn’t guarantee anything but more student debt. However, for me, it feels like the closest I can get right now to writing full time (assuming I can find a program with funding). But there are so many people going for MFAs and trying to get teaching jobs.

      I’ve got my fingers crossed for the surgery. Should hopefully be in and out on the same day, but they’re telling me I’ll still need 2 weeks to recover. UGH. Hoping that’s not the case.

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