the big question: what do I want to do with my life now?

8 July 2013

Thanks to tour and the long holiday weekend, unemployment hasn’t felt like unemployment. However, today is the start of my first full week at home with no job.

But in this short time of not working, my parents have brought up — more than once, of course — where am I going to apply for jobs? What am I going to do next? While they want to encourage me to do something I love, they also want me to be able to pay my bills/debt and have health insurance. Traditional employment.

However… I don’t actually know what I want to do next…

I’ve got lots of ideas. But no direction or leadings.

I keep coming back to two main things: writing and education. Those are two things that you could say I keep getting called to, over and over again. Any time I assess what I want to do with my life — whether I’m employed or not — those two main themes of writing and education come up every time. I’m just not so sure of how to turn those two things into some for of career or sustainable income.

Part of the confusion comes from this large group of “non-career” interests that are also trying to take my focus. I really want to travel. A lot. While I love Chicago, there’s so much more out there. I also want to spend more time cooking and learning more about food and nutrition. I want to be a better hobby-photographer. I want to be more active, maybe take up running or biking or kick ball or aerials.  I want to spend more time on this blog. And I really, really want to spend more time with creative activities. Things like drawing, ceramics, crafting… But those aren’t really sustainable income type of pursuits — at least, not for me. Not that I know of…

So at this point… I have no idea what is coming next, or even which way to turn. I want to make the most of this opportunity I’ve been given. Not to just take any job because it’s a job. But I don’t want to disappoint my family by not pushing harder for some sort of “stable” job.

I would say it’s like traveling without a map, except I really don’t know my destination.

  • Since this is the start of your first full week of being at home and not working, I’d say that you have some time to figure it out. Maybe grad school would be a great idea. Whatever you do, though, will be great because you’re that great.

  • Ren

    I’m really picky about what jobs I apply for. If I don’t think I’ll like it, I won’t apply; and I definitely don’t like to make a habit of applying for jobs just to get a job. I did that once in college and it sucked balls (‘scuse my French). I worked at a restaurant as a hostess and the management was horrible. The manager didn’t know what was going on and blamed things on workers that was clearly his fall. But, I digress. I get what you mean. I just did an interview with Sarah from, and she did some freelancing and copywriting work, so that she could travel. She found places to go where her money would go farther, such as India, and went there while still receiving an income. Just something to look into if you’re interested. I’d really like to get more work writing–not just copywriting, but submitting stories and essays and blog posts that will pay something. I’d love to write articles and interview people some day.

    • Erini

      Getting paid to write would be amazing, and agreed: more than copywriting (though might be a decent place to start)… If I could take my cats with me, I’d love to go back to China and teach and travel and write. But since I don’t feel comfortable offloading them with strangers (my family can’t take them), long term travel might not be in the picture yet. (Yes, I’m that cat lady.) .. However, there has to be some good options for paid writing gigs.

      And Sarah from YesandYes is amazing.

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