I need a job, one without all the dread.

So it’s been 5 months since I was laid off. And while during this time I have decided that I want to return to school — and thus further refined what I would be going for — it still doesn’t change the fact that right now, I don’t have a good source of income.

Yes, I’ve been looking for jobs, and applied to a good number. But, even the jobs I know I’d be great at — these really awesome academic administrative positions — they sort of fill me with a little bit of dread. While I know I would enjoy these jobs to a point, it’s just the idea of someone else dictating my schedule, which then in turn would effect other areas of my life, possibly keeping me from things I really love… that’s what fills me with dread.

I’ve come to really love the freedom that I have right now. And while that might change down the road, it’s something that’s important to me now. So, I’m starting to consider that I might have to rethink freelancing. I don’t really mind web development, but not so much interested in the design aspect. (Which, I know, those two aren’t mutually inclusive.)

Here’s some of the freelance services I’m thinking about:
» Ghost writing
» Blogging (I know, we all wish, right?)
» Personal Assistant
» Administrative Assistant (as a freelancer, I will hopefully have more leeway with my schedule/location)
» Educational Consultant
» Desktop Publishing
» eBook designer/developer

It would be amazing if I could make a living as a brand ambassador and merch manager… but that just doesn’t seem feasible. So now I’m going to be trying to figure out how to make one or more of the above work for me so I can hopefully not be as broke as I currently am. Whenever I think about freelancing it always makes me chuckle a little… all this indecision and confusion means that I’d likely never add “life coach” to that list… (Though I will say I make a pretty great personal cheerleader. Now to just redirect that towards myself.)