home, sweet, home… at least eventually.

As one could imagine, moving to a smaller home can provide some challenges. And though I was aware of the basic concept of having less space, well, apparently I wasn’t quite prepared for it.

Before moving I got rid of a lot of stuff. Like 20 bags of junk (mostly letters and bills and school work I somehow thought I’d need), and 14 bags of clothing and shoes. I even got rid of some furniture too. And downsized my bed to a twin bed. Oh, the joys of living in a studio apartment.

Honestly, though, I am enjoying it. I don’t mind living in a studio. It doesn’t bother me that my bed is in the same room as my TV and couch. And desk. Thankfully, with the way this studio is set up, my kitchen is separate, and so is my closet (thus giving me a nice little dressing area).

But currently, I’m in the stage of unpacking that, well, frankly I just don’t know where to put anything. I can fit maybe one or two more boxes in the closet. And I bought bed risers to increase the storage space under there. But there’s still just a few things I’m not sure what to do with. (If I had storage in this building, it would make things so much easier.)

Anyway, this is what my apartment will hopefully look like once I get the final things unpacked/dealt with:

Apartment layout

I really like how my living room area is coming together, though I think I’m going to put storage tubs behind the sofa. I also like my shelves in the kitchen for my small appliances. It’ll hopefully mean I’ll use my juicer more since it’s easier to get to. Is it a little weird to have my bed right by the front door? A little, but it’s not that bad.

I’ll post real pictures (and probably a quick video) once I finally finish. But frankly, it’s feeling more like home each day. The cats definitely feel more adjusted too — they have their own favorite nap and hiding spots. And we’re slowly learning to share a twin bed.

Anyway, here’s seeing if I can figure out what to do with everything before the end of the week.