falling into a very good place

11 April 2014

Remember how I was worried about transitioning out of unemployment and back into a regular job? Well, after a week at a new job, I can safely say I had no real reasons to worry.

I’m really enjoying this new job. I won’t really speak much here as to what it is, other than to tell you it’s still in academic administration (though more in a supporting role than doing much administrating). But this is a pretty good fit for me. It’s a short term position, unfortunately. Which is mostly sad in that I really like this department and my coworkers. It is, however, the nature of our department though.

I feel super lucky that I fell into this position. I was basically applying to jobs in bulk. I needed a job so I went after practically any academic administrative office position I could find. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do this interview because the original position I interview for didn’t start until June. But after a phone interview and a couple emails, my supervisor offered me a different position that started sooner (and paid better) and hired me sight unseen. And her intuition on this was dead on — this is the right position for me.

It’s amazing how in one week, I can feel how my confidence has come back. And I really didn’t know that I had lost my confidence — but it’s that high you get from knowing you can do this, you can do it well, and you get knock things out. I feel on top of my game. And it’s great. I know there will be times when this job will test me, when it will be crazy stressful. But I feel like I can make it through whatever it will throw at me.

I don’t know what I’ll do when this job end. This particular position is not really a career path for me — at least, not exactly as it is. But at the moment, I’m not extremely worried because I’m really enjoying where I am now. And I know by the end of this job, I’m going to be in a great place for whatever comes next. I don’t know if this job will be a turning point in my career path, and I don’t want to put that pressure on it, but I do know that I am very thankful this is where I’m at.

  • Its amazing how down on yourself you can get without realizing when you are unemployed and searching. I’m glad you found something and its making you happy πŸ™‚

    • Erini

      Thanks Sarah! I enjoyed a good part of my unemployment, but I think with the polar vortex turning my hermiting habits more extreme it just got to me more than I realized. Glad to be in a good place now!

  • Congrats on the new gig! I hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

    • Erini

      Thanks Joie!!

  • Dr. Wu

    Are you able to file for unemployment at the conclusion of this job?

    • Erini

      I’m a temporary employee, so probably not. This job, however, will hopefully set me up nicely for a full time gig in another department at the university. (Almost all of us in my department have a 6 month or less contract. So we’ll all be looking for new things come fall.)

      • Dr. Wu

        I see. University jobs are the best. Any advice how to land one? Recruiter, directly through web site, etc? Thanks.

        • Erini

          Good work history, attitude, and luck really. I know some people who went through university temp offices and then got hired on full time. But each time I was hired at a university, it was through the website. Good luck!

  • I’m so glad you found something & that you’re enjoying it so far. Having a job after a stint of unemployment is definitely great for the confidence – & the wallet!

    • Erini

      Thanks Kate!!

      One of the main reasons I started keeping a record of my budget again is because I wanted to know how many paychecks it would take until I had spare income again to do fun things. Luckily, though, my job is wearing me out enough that I’m getting too lazy to go out shopping on my time off. Which is probably a good thing!

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