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25 July 2014

I’ve been getting a little itch lately to redesign this site. I’ve had this design for a while now, and though I still like it and feel it works… I don’t know. Sometimes change is needed. But I didn’t know how much change I wanted — if I wanted to deal with rebranding everything — and was generally feeling uninspired about a concept — only that I wanted to redesign stuff.

If you’re reading this in a reader of some sort, click through to check it out.

It’s not major… and like haircuts, I need to just live with it for a little bit to decide if I really like it. The sidebar isn’t finished yet… but well, I did this in just a couple hours last night so I’ll probably work on it some this weekend.

Some other concepts I came up with… which I still might try to work into here some how…


The circles were fun… But I had a hard time incorporating the logotype into this. Plus, to place there where I had wanted (in a side bar — for a no-header blog layout), the font under my name became too small to be legible.

And there then was this:

Adorkable Me hex logo

I might still use this one… Just not sure how. This was also another idea with removing the header area completely. Going straight to two columns — with a main content area for posts headed by the navigation, and this logo heading up the sidebar… It made the layout feel very text heavy though… and I wanted a little more white space.

Hence, the empty honeycomb (in the header) to change up from the previous comb design (below).

Old Adorkable Me header image

I don’t know. I want something that feels clean, but still whimsical. This new design might stick around for a little bit. But I still want to work through a few more concepts.

  • these designs are awesome and the site looks great! Hexagons are a good shape, maybe my favourite but maybe that’s a bit weird to have a favourite shape? I keep meaning to do a complete overhaul on my blog and it has changed so much recently but I never seem happy with it πŸ™‚

    • Erini


      I love the banners you have for your sidebar headers! They look great!! πŸ™‚

  • I’m loving the redesign. I like the thing with the circles. Shame you couldn’t find a place where it fit! I’ve been working on a redesign for my blog, but who knows if it’ll ever go live at this point haha.

    • Erini

      Thanks!! I think I might end up putting the circles on a business card, if I ever get new blog cards printed. Or possibly on my about page if I ever get around to redoing it!

      Redesigns can be hard! It’s finding that weird balance between sort of wanting to be on or above trend, but also find something that rings true to you… It can be incredibly frustrating. But just have fun with it! And you can always change it if it doesn’t work out! πŸ™‚

  • I love new blog designs and the voyeur in me is enjoying your process. I’ve been thinking about re-branding lately, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I feel like I am not “geeky” enough on my blog to justify the name, whatever. πŸ™‚

    • Erini

      I was curious if people checked in throughout the day yesterday, as every so often I’d start working on changing something else. I think it’s finally close feeling complete.

      And I definitely struggle with feeling not “geeky” enough too! But don’t worry what anyone else might say or think — if your brand feels true to you, screw ’em! πŸ˜‰

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