Life list: the reboot

28 July 2014

So I tried the life list thing a few times. From a master list of oh-so many things, to even just an annual “I’d like these things to happen” list… But the problem is that they were really passive lists. I was just throwing things out into the universe, hoping that somehow, just by voicing them, they’d somehow manifest.

And the thing is, that’s just not enough. If you want something in life, you’ve got to work for it. So, with keeping that in mind, I created a new list. One that not only has bigger things that might happen years from now, but ones I can start working towards now. Taking inspiration from Abby, I’ve broken it up into categories…

life list

» publish a novel or novella
» make a quilt

» hare tattoo for grandpa
» half sleeve tattoo
» run a 5K race
» have a vegetable garden
» memberships to: Shedd, Field Museum
» adopt a puppy

» begin Museum Studies degree

Adventures & Travel
» subsistence camping trip
» take my nieces and/or my sisters to Disney
» move to the mountains
» hike a mountain
» visit major national parks (all the ones grandpa visited)
» visit Bartram’s Gardens, hike Bartram’s trail
» Alaskan cruise
» do a barrel roll in a pup plane
» shark dive
» visit Africa again
» return to China
» visit Finland
» learn to ride a dirt bike/atv
» learn to properly shoot and handle a gun
» rent a houseboat

I’ll definitely add to it over time. These things are meant to live. But going through some of my dreams and priorities, I really look forward to crossing some of these items off this list.

I’m especially exciting about doing some things in honor of my grandpa. He lived an amazing life, and I’d like to go on some of the adventures he went on. But more on that as I finish more planning.

What are some things on your life list you’re anxious or excited to do? Do you keep a life list?

  • I got really excited when I saw this come up in Bloglovin because I love reading people’s Life Lists. So glad mine was ever so slightly inspirational — I only recently broke it up into categories, because organization. The best thing about life lists is that they change and evolve and you do things that are even bigger than what you thought you were capable of. Also, rent a houseboat — awesome.

    • Erini

      I totally love reading people’s life lists too! So much fun to see some insight to people’s dreams — big or small. 🙂

      And the houseboat just seems like so much fun. If I didn’t think the cats would hate it. I’d make it a more permanent dream.

  • I love the idea of a life list. I usually just make yearly goal lists. Finland is totally on my list of places to visit, too. And man, a shark dive sounds exciting.

  • I do better keeping lists of things I want to make happen in a shorter timeframe – like 90 days to 3 months. Doesn’t allow for things like international travel to be on the list, but we made one for “things to do in Austin we never get around to” and have done some very interesting stuff as a result!

    • Erini

      I think once I figure out what’s going on with my knee, I’m definitely going to do a 90-day list because that sounds awesome. The reality that my knee might keep me from doing a number of these items sunk in recently. It was the worst. Trying to ignore all that worry until the doctor tells me what’s going on.

  • Fingers crossed the knee thing isn’t serious or can be managed well!

    • Erini

      Thanks Skye!!

  • Mike

    I’ve been to the doctor repeatedly for my knee. As long as you have insurance, you’ll eventually get to the point where they either do surgery to fix it or tell you to just tough it out. I have shocking pain in my left knee and was worried I would have to stop hiking. Doctor said hiking wasn’t making it worse, and short of a full knee replacement he didn’t see a way to stop the pain, so just keep on hammering out hikes. It’s more of a mental thing, getting used to that grinding pain with each step and trying not to think how many steps are in 15 miles (it’s probably 30,000). It’ll resolve itself eventually.

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