Never let your endometriosis go shopping…

20 August 2014

Forewarning: if you can’t handle human bodies.. well, grow up.

For the second time only this year, I’m on my period. You’re probably thinking? Why is this news, and holy lord only your second period all year, it’s AUGUST?! Yep. Thanks to this wonderful, incurable disease I have, called endometriosis, I’m on medication year round to stop my cycle completely and allow me to function as a normal human being. Or, at least, I’m supposed to be.

For the second time this year, I can’t afford my medication. It’s a three month prescription, but thanks to a lack of insurance and well, decreased hours at work… it’s just not something I can afford right now and quite honestly possibly won’t be able to afford until I can get another job lined up.

Now, if you don’t know about endometriosis here are the basics: the lining that’s supposed to be inside your uterus, well it starts growing outside of the uterus. You’ll sometimes hear these growths called lesions, cysts, adhesions, or endometriomas. It doesn’t take a very big growth to cause a world of hurt. My main one was the size of a dime, on my left ovary. That little sucker caused me to buckle over in pain, basically unable to move.

I’m not exactly sure how long I’ve had endometriosis. Average time from symptom onset to a diagnosis can be up to 10 years. Partially because it does take a laproscopic surgery to diagnose. I had that surgery last summer, but after being hospitalized for 4 days with extreme pain back in 2010 — which was when we discovered the growth on my ovary — we could pretty much assume this was the case.

So now that I’m off my medication — which, yes, is a form of the birth control pill — well… let the fun times begin. The pain’s already back… and with it, it brought fun-time bloating. So now it’s extreme cramps and I look like I’m almost 3-months pregnant. JOY.

On top of this, because my whole lower area is extremely fragile right now… well, it sort of gets to pull rank in regards to, well, everything, but most definitely food. And my endo belly has the worst taste in food… and by worst, I mean OMG sugar and dairy and carbs. I mean, my body doesn’t process dairy well and that was a major thing I bought this week. It’s like the endo wants my body to bloat even more.

Here’s what my endometriosis ended up buying:
» ruffled potato chips and french onion dip
» cottage cheese
» 2 boxes of poptarts (smores and brown sugar cinnamon)
» a box of powdered donuts
» egg noodles
» kraft mac & cheese
» 2 frozen “party” pizzas (aka party of one pizzas)
» Eggo waffles
» chocolate ice cream
» double chocolate Milano cookies
» dill pickles

Do you know what I went to the store for? Potato chips and pads. That was all I really wanted to get, but then the endo beast took over. And guess what, ENDO BEAST FORGOT TO BUY PADS. I don’t have those things in the house because since December 2010, the doctors and I had decided to stop my period indefinitely. So now I’ve got to go back to the store and hope I can make it out without 10lbs of Oreos.

*I wrote this on Saturday morning, and there’s a good chance that by the time this posts, 80% of that list or more will have been consumed. The egg noodles will probably be the only ones to survive.

  • 🙁 One of my best friends in high school had endo and i remember how terrible it was for her. I hope that if you made it out with 10lbs of Oreos, that they were delicious and you’re not hating yourself for buying them.

    • Thankfully I made it through the whole ordeal without 10lbs of Oreos. And surprisingly without having to make another trip to the store.

  • B

    Ugh. 🙁 Are you able to maybe find a Planned Parenthood (or other clinic) to maybe get your medication at a discount or even free? When I didn’t have insurance I went to PP and they used a sliding scale.

    • If I can’t get insurance squared away in the next month or so, I might go check out those options. The hard part is whether or not they could get me the pills I need. Certain brands/strengths of BC don’t work on me, and switching pills might cause other fun things like weight gain. :\ BUT… there’s always the chance they can get me what I need. 🙂

  • Wow, that sounds seriously sucky. on all accounts. If nothing else, I hope the junk food made you feel mildly happy, even if it was temporarily.

    • Thanks. Endo is a bag full of suck, but well, sadly you sort of get used to it and adapt. Thankfully this time wasn’t actually too bad.

  • Ouch, I am so sorry. 🙁 I thought mine were bad, but that’s nothing compared to what you go through. Also, your list is much like my normal list, hah. Especially poptarts… Especially S’mores. Jen and I also get Swedish Fish and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream every time!

    • I should have gone for Ben & Jerry’s! I want to try their new Cored ones.. But I went for the cheap-o brand. Not bad, but not great. OOoh. I should I gotten Edy’s slow churn… MMM. For someone who really cant’ process dairy any more I seem to be a bit occupied with it. 😉

      Thankfully if I stay on the pill, life is pretty good/easy in regards to this. Right now it’s just sort of constant cramps despite the cycle ending. BLERGH.

  • Ouch. 🙁 That’s some serious snackage and I hope it made you feel at least a little bit better. Oreos are a cure-all.

    • Thanks, it definitely did. AND! I still have Eggo’s left! And pizzas. I am feeling somewhat better, though still crampy.

  • Mike

    Have you talked to an insurance agent to make sure you’ve exhausted all your options to get the medication? They usually will sit down and have a conversation for free. It’s good PR and it’s also good for future business if you might be buying insurance down the road or might be referring others to them.

    That sucks, and really shouldn’t be happening these days, so hope you can find someone to sit down and go over all the options. Other possibility would be asking the folks at IDES who are generally very helpful with miscellaneous questions.

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