Casual Cosplay: Princess Bubblegum – Adventure Time

12 September 2014


I’ll completely admit, I’m way late to the game with Adventure Time. I don’t know, it almost just seemed a little too… silly? dumb? … just not me. But then, well, I finally got around to watching The Walking Dead (which, yes, I was totally late to the game with as well)… and I needed something to balance out all the zombie gore. And well, surprisingly, Adventure Time was the perfect mashup for it.

I initially really liked the dress for this, but now I sort of think it’s a little stiff. But, 1) she’s a princess, so maybe it still works, and 2) it’s really the shape I like.

Princess Bubblegum casual cosplay

Top A nice, slightly structured dress with a slight flared skirt.
Accessories Purple belt and chunky necklace to reflect the detail in her dress, yellow headband instead of a crown, and a Peppermint Butler tote.
Shoes Pink flats to match the dress, just something simple.

Again, like all my posts like these, this is just a concept board.

It’s been a while since I’ve done Casual Cosplay posts, but I’d like to get back into them. So I’m taking requests of characters or shows you’d like to see me cover.

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