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16 September 2014

Confessions of a BloggerMore confessions! Why not. This one was introduced by Megan of The Nerdy Girlie. At first I wasn’t sure I’d participate in this one, especially with doing the Geeky Confessions as well. But, you know, part of the blogging community is growing and learning through the advice and example (and maybe mistakes?) of others.

Also, this topic sort of reminds me when I’d get together with my 20SB friends way back when and we’d chat all day about various blogging things. Ok. We’d talk about life stuff too, but blogging was a huge part of our lives as well. Anyway…

My blogging confessions…

» For years, I’d write a post and then publish it immediately. Nothing was planned out. I’m talking years of this. But for the last year, I’ve actually taken to scheduling 99% of my posts. Yeah, I’ll still have my impromptu spontaneous posts, but for the most part, everything’s written a day in advance. Even a few weeks in some cases. A lot of this came up from having a busy work schedule. I’d come home and be too tired to write. So I’d make use of my weekends, writing a few posts at a time and the scheduling them throughout the week. Even though I’m unemployed, I still sort of keep this habit. This doesn’t mean, though, that I’m actually good at keeping to a schedule, though.

» Sometimes I feel like the golden era of the blogger is over. I think it’s just me being nostalgic for my early days of blogging. (Ok, maybe not the early early days, but like, the early 20sb days.) Where we aspired to be vulnerable in our writing, and brands were just understanding the value of a blogger. I don’t really know what’s changed, but something has. Maybe it’s not a bad thing. I love the communities I’m in now, the people I’m meeting, and I feel like my content is stronger. Maybe I’m just out of the honeymoon phase with my blogger and settling into the comfortable routine part…

» I am terrible at commenting on other people’s blogs. This has been something I’ve been trying to work on since I started blogging. I feel like I’m better now, but still, I know there’s more I could do. I love reading blogs, but I need to find a better way for me to show my love for fellow bloggers.

» I don’t really get Bloglovin’… I mean, I’m on it… and I’ve tried to use it… But for me, it’s a terrible way to read blogs. Give me my RSS reader any day. And, well, with the death of the google reader, a lot of things have changed. But Feedly! Feedly is my main source for blog reading. (And please, people, use full posts and not excerpts.) I know, though, if I developed a better habit of using it, maybe that would help with my commenting issue — I could just like the posts when I want to show love but don’t know what to say.

» Personal blogging is the only blogging for me. I tried niching out. I had a food blog. I had a religion blog. I even had an endometriosis blog. But they never lasted. All I know is my life, so what better lens to write through? I could see myself contributing to a niched blog, but this will probably always be my main outlet.

  • Frank

    I agree about the golden age being over, but I too am unsure why that is. I feel like my strengths as a writer have only improved over the years but when I look back at my old blog and dig through the archives I always find myself growing nostalgic for the period around 2008. I don’t want to describe blogging as a fad but it does seem like there was a big swell in interest back then. It was sort of “the thing” for everyone to have a blog. Everyone in my family did at one point and so did most of my friends. But with the exception of a handful of dedicated writers, probably 99% of the people I read back in 2008 have since given up blogging.

    That period also marked my peak “involvement” as a blogger. Lots of my old posts went 40-50 comments deep with people just having discussions. Twitter and Facebook were obviously around then but as they’ve only grown in influence I think they’ve sort of mitigated the community effect that used to form around good blogs.

    • Erini

      I think part of it is blogging just isn’t as new and fresh as it once was. At least not as a thing globally. Social media and blogging are really intwined into the modern world. The new car smell has faded — at least for those of us who’ve been doing it for years. Which is why it feels mostly like the end of a honeymoon phase. We’re still grasping on to that high as much as we can… but the relationship, and living with this thing, is settling in.

      And with brands? Well, with so many people out there blogging, brands can be pickier. So yeah, I’ll admit I do miss some of those perks. But on the other side of that… I am so, so happy that it seems like bloggers feel less entitled to stuff just because they are bloggers. Yeah, we still hold some power and some sway… but this whole “I’m a blogger, give me free stuff” seems to have died down. And I, for one, am stupidly happy that it has.

  • I just started scheduling my posts. I’ve had lots of written but never new how to schedule them! Only took me two years to figure this out and I am in LOVE. I get the drafts out of my draft box and feel accomplished when I see the number of scheduled posts grow! It is also nice because then I can take small breaks and write when the time feels right. Not when I’m under a deadline! Thank you for sharing!! xx

    • Erini

      I still have writing ruts, but scheduling is definitely helping with that. And majorly helping on the days when I’m just in a good writing groove and can knock out a handful of posts in a row. Thanks for starting this fun link up! 🙂

  • I always love scheduling my posts. I am so happy that I found that on blogger right away because it has been a real life saver when I am in class when I usually have my posts come out. It’s also kind of nice hearing you li opinion on bloglovin’ because I wasn’t sure if it was something I wanted to join and I am kind of glad I haven’t bothered creating an account. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    • Erini

      I know a lot of people love bloglovin’, which is why I have an account — for them, not me. But yeah, I definitely prefer feedly so I can read everything all together.

  • I’ve been blogging for many many years. At least 10. My current blog is a baby at 2 years old or so. I know what you mean as far as the “golden age” being over. I think a lot of it is over saturation && people not being genuine anymore. It’s like 90% of posts are sponsored, and there’s some LAME sponsor posts out there. People lost integrity. Blogging about anything just to make a buck or two [pantyliner posts I’m talking about you]. This has made it NOT FUN as a reader. I still love blogging && will continue to do it. I just make it my personal mission to NOT be that person that’ll take every single sponsor that comes their way. I’ve turned down 3 just this week because it wasn’t something I was personally interested in or a company I didn’t stand behind. Again though, that’s the integrity thing that many people are missing.

    On another note… I love that you are a personal blogger as well. I blog about anything && everything that I’m passionate about.

    • I’ve had a few friends who went the route of monetizing their blogs and thus, well, I couldn’t relate to it. I didn’t want to read it because it wasn’t them any more. Just advertisements. I missed keeping up with their lives.

      And personal bloggers unite! 🙂

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