Caturday, no 5: can’t reach

20 September 2014

Caturday: can't reach

“I can has straw?”

The cats are weird about water bowls. Mainly the prefer the bathroom sink, it seems. But I put this little bowl out for them… however, they’ll only drink from it if it’s either in the bathroom or out in the living room. I’ve actually accidentally spilt it more in the bathroom than out here, so… yeah. That’s why I have a water bowl in the middle of my apartment.

  • My kitty has a fountain, but prefers drinking out of the toilet or bamboo plant, it seems. -_-

    • I’ve thought about getting a fountain. My mom got one for her cat, but the motor broke. I’m curious if my cats would like it, or just be freaked out by it.

  • Muffin

    One of my three cats (CCL in the making LOL) likes to put his paw in the water first, lick it off his paw, then drink. Weird.

    • That’s cute! My mom’s cat used to put our dog’s food in the water bowl, then pull it out with his paw and eat it. Just wanted to make it a little softer to eat. He also likes to spin his water bowl to get it moving before he drinks… mom wasn’t fond of that one at all…

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