Geeky Confessions, vol 2

22 September 2014

And now a continuation of my geeky confessions, a link up started by Mariko from the Gamer Wife
You can read my first confessions here.

Geeky Confession: I watch more netflix

» I’ve logged more hours on Netflix on my Wii U than probably all of my games combined. Yep. I am a pathetic video gamer. Though I will say, Lego City: Undercover, Super Mario 3D World, and now with Mario Kart 8, I’ve logged some decent hours on games. It’s just with being unemployed for so many months, well, 8+ hours of Netflix each day really adds up.


» Bowie actually sort of creeped me out at first in the Labyrinth. I’ve grown to love the charm of Jareth, but yeah… at first I just was not having it. You can’t tell me you didn’t feel that way at first too.


» The first time I tried reading The Hobbit, I couldn’t get past the first chapter. Yeah, it actually took until after the movie came out for me to read it. And LotR too — which I’m still in the middle of Two Towers… Ugh. And I love Tolkien. Love. Such a bad fangirl.

Have you joined in on the link up?

  • B.

    I need to do another nerdy confession post too! I still have more dark secrets to share!

    • When I first started the post I realized I just had more and more.. so I split them up. I don’t have any more lined up now, but I’m sure I will soon. 🙂 It’s too fun of a topic not to keep going!!

  • Kendall Ashley

    I love these. I am the exact same way with Netflix over games. It’s just so easy to shotgun HOURS of Netflix. I’ll log on sometimes and be all, “Two episode of Supernatural, then I’m gonna game”. Seven episodes later, and I’m still answering yes to the judgey Netflix question, “Are you still watching Supernatural?” Such a fun post! Love the confessions!

    • I think I totally watched an entire season of Supernatural in one day last week. I’m already on season 6 again. (Third or Fourth time re-watching the whole thing.)

      • Kendall Ashley

        I’ve done the exact same thing! Haha! That show is just so easy to binge on!

  • I really need to devote more time to gaming. 🙁 My Xbox gets used more for Netflix these days, too. I first saw Labyrinth as a kid (YEARS before my Bowie love came about), so Jareth creeped me out a bit. Now the character is on my list of potential cosplays for next year. My how things have changed!

    • I love the Labyrinth because of the Jim Henson Creature Shop. Even the creepy Fireys. But Jareth? Nope. The thought that he and his goblins might come into my bedroom just… nope. Was not having it. But yeah, now? LOVE IT. Well, still maybe not the whole coming into my bedroom thing. That would still be creepy… But Jareth himself as a thing, totally ok with that now. 😉

  • As a non-gamer I am deff on Netflix more! Everyday in fact! I am currently listening to the LOTR audio book because it was too difficult to read 🙂

    • I’m hoping to finish the LOTR books eventually, it’s just Two Towers. Reading the Hobbit was quite fun! I actually instagramed some of it. 🙂 I should get the audio books for trips, though!

  • I am TERRIFIED of Labyrinth.

    • Henson did wonders at making his creatures (and the world) fantastically creepy for this movie. Plus, yeah, the whole concept of this dude coming in and stealing babies?

      • Yepppp. It’s also probably important to note that I’m terrified of puppets & Muppets, in general… this movie is the holy grail of their creepiness for me!

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