Geeky Confessions, vol 2

And now a continuation of my geeky confessions, a link up started by Mariko from the Gamer Wife
You can read my first confessions here.

Geeky Confession: I watch more netflix

» I’ve logged more hours on Netflix on my Wii U than probably all of my games combined. Yep. I am a pathetic video gamer. Though I will say, Lego City: Undercover, Super Mario 3D World, and now with Mario Kart 8, I’ve logged some decent hours on games. It’s just with being unemployed for so many months, well, 8+ hours of Netflix each day really adds up.


» Bowie actually sort of creeped me out at first in the Labyrinth. I’ve grown to love the charm of Jareth, but yeah… at first I just was not having it. You can’t tell me you didn’t feel that way at first too.


» The first time I tried reading The Hobbit, I couldn’t get past the first chapter. Yeah, it actually took until after the movie came out for me to read it. And LotR too — which I’m still in the middle of Two Towers… Ugh. And I love Tolkien. Love. Such a bad fangirl.

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