Big news, big choices. How a spur of the moment decision might actually turn into a major change.

29 September 2014

Ok. So. If you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed a couple of vague tweets over the past couple of weeks. Stuff about big decisions, and, um, mountains.

Let’s go back a bit first… It all sort of started on a lark…

I’ve had the idea to leave Chicago for a while now. Not because I hate it or anything, it’s just some inner sense of longing and such. So, as part of this desire, I sometimes get on PadMapper and scope out apartments in various parts of the country. A lot of it is to see how the cost of living differs — if I could even afford to move there. Most of it’s all just daydreaming stuff. Lots of What ifs that will lead to no where.

But then this happened…

Somehow through my random searches, I found this nice little log cabin out in Montana– 1 bedroom, 2 stories, a wood burning stove, with spectacular mountain views. And, the kicker, the rent was less than my tiny study here in Chicago. That cabin, and subsequently a few others that I found, created a sort of heartbreak for me. And I wasn’t really sure why. I’d never been to Montana. And honestly, I didn’t really know much about Montana other than it was north and it was sort of a popular place for Scandinavian immigrants.

But with that first cabin… something struck me… I needed to check out Montana.

I’m in the market for a job anyway, and I’ve been open to the idea of applying out of state. So, why not Montana? I mean, what harm could it do to just put out a couple feelers and just check it out?

I have the most experience with academic administration. And really, it’s a field I actually really enjoy as well. So, I started looking into various schools and universities.

But then I found something else… And this happened…


Yes. You’re reading that right. I’ve been accepted to Montana State University.

When I found jobs at MSU, I started just checking out their programs. I was bored and curious to see what they offered. And then I started looking into their admission requirements… and noticed they actually talk about post-baccalaureate degrees… And then I decided to check out the application itself. And the next thing I knew I was requesting to have my transcripts from my first BA sent over.

It was just one of those “just go for it and see what happens” moments.

And that’s when I received my acceptance letter.

I’ve been trying to take time to soak this all in and figure everything out. I definitely am excited, and I want to be overjoyed with this decision… But there’s just a lot that would need to happen. I’d need to get a car (which my brother is totally on board for helping). Need to figure out housing, because even though they have student housing for people like me, they don’t allow pets and the cats are definitely coming with me. I also need to figure out tuition, because yeah, that’s a thing. Whether or not I should just go for it now, or look into deferring until next Fall. It’s just… a lot.

That’s my big news. My big choice. I wasn’t really planning on this, but after years of dreaming and letting goals just fade into the background… It feels really good to actually make a step towards something. Like I might actually get another chance; that I might find some direction.

  • B.

    That cabin sounds spectacular! I can’t wait to see where this road takes you!

    • Thanks B! I wish I would have snagged some of the pictures… it was really pretty. 🙂 Glad it got me to give this state a chance!

  • Sounds amazing – & I love the leap of faith! <3

    • Thanks Kate!! 🙂

      It’s sort of scary, but I’m definitely ready to take action and do something with myself.

  • Kendall Ashley

    Congratulations! What an exciting adventure! Good luck!

  • Wow, congratulations! That’s super exciting. Good luck!

  • This all sounds incredible! It’s amazing how one thing can lead to another so easily sometimes. Proof that it’s obviously supposed to happen! I wish you all the luck on your new adventure (:

    • Thanks! There’s still a lot to work out (tuition being the main one), but I’m definitely hoping this is the universe saying “here’s your chance, go for it!” 🙂

  • Arbine

    Awesome! I love stories like this. Can’t wait to see some pictures of life in Montana. 🙂

    • Thanks!! I’ll totally take tons and tons of pictures once I get out there! Whenever that may be! 🙂

  • Mia Moore

    Wow! What an adventure! I wish you all the luck in the world!!

    • Thanks so much Mia!! 🙂

  • Katelin

    That sounds amazing, congrats lady!!

    • Thanks Katelin! 🙂

  • I am so happy for you! What a wonderful opportunity! (The Laura Ingalls Wilder fan in me is SO JEALOUS of the log cabin thing, haha.)

    • Thank you so much, Rachel!! Also: You should totally visit once I’m out there. I’m sure we can find a prairie hill to roll/run down together. AND a cabin to rent for the weekend too! (Assuming I don’t just rent a cabin off campus somewhere… OMG I NEED TO DO THIS.) 😉

      • I would love that! (One of my best friends from college days lives in Montana, so I’ve been meaning to venture out that way anyway.) I’ll start practicing my hill-rolling and my butter-churning right away.

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  • Congratulations! This is exciting. I drove through Montana this summer and oh man, you won’t be disappointed. It’s so freaking gorgeous there!

    • Thanks gRegor!! I’m getting really excited and hoping I can start working on concrete plans to get out there soon! I think I’ll probably spend the first year in complete shock of the beauty. Each season will be a new amazing surprise!

  • Congratulations and good luck in this new chapter of life! Montana seems like a beautiful state.

    • Thanks Jenn!! And I think I underestimated Montana’s beauty… I just started a new tumblr, and already it’s being filled with these amazing photos of Montana ( I’m so excited to see it for myself!!

      • Ah! So many beautiful pictures. I’m actually moving to Colorado by (hopefully) the end of the year. My boyfriend and I have been planning it for years. I can’t wait to be so close to the mountains.

        Also, is the cabin on the first page the cabin you talked about in this post? It looks nice and cozy.

        • I actually can’t find any pictures of that first cabin. Someone must have snatched it up fast. But it was just this really nice, simple, 2-story cabin with a nice porch off the 2nd floor. The first floor was partially in the ground…

          Colorado is absolutely beautiful!! I had been considering their as well for a while. Where in Colorado are you thinking?

          • Denver for now, just because I don’t want to have to make long commutes to the city for work when I first move out there. In the future, however, I totally want a cabin somewhere more remote.

            • I keep forgetting that the states out west are so big. Because at first I was all like “OMG WE’RE GOING TO BE SO CLOSE!”… but it’s still a 10 hour drive. Like, all of Yellowstone is between us and then some.

              But agreed about long commutes! Looking at housing now, stuff near campus is either too expensive or doesn’t allow pets… Stuff in the next town over keeps popping up, but well, I’m not sure I’ll want to make that drive in the winter.

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