Fangirl Fashion: Timeless BFFs

9 October 2014

So last week I joined in with the 5 Fandom Friday and didn’t do a fashion/cosplay post. In an effort to keep up with so many weekly features — which is still a strange and new thing for me — I’ve decided to reschedule my own content in order to maintain the schedule for the community topics.

In other words, rather than doing fashion on Fridays, for the time being, I’m going to be doing them on Thursdays. C’est la vie!

AdorkableMe: fangirl fashion

And to sort of make up for missing a week, here’s a twofer. It’d make a great outfit concept to wear with your BFF, because they are timeless BFFS. Bambi and Thumper.

Fangirl Fashion: Bambi + Thumper. BFF

Top: This adorable sketched Bambi top.
Bottoms: Wine or burgundy skinny jeans. A deep, rich jewel tone preferably.
Shoes: Lace TOMS suit this well!
Accessories: A cute bunny pendant necklace, and a light, pastel-ish floral backpack.
Top: Another great sketched top, only featuring Thumper of course!
Bottoms: Floral skinny jeans. Dark, bold.
Shoes: Dark classic Keds.
Accessories: A gentle fawn pendant necklace, and a pop of color in this Camp Director’s bag from ModCloth.


While Bambi is a classic film that people primarily associate with kids, I felt these were fun representations of the characters and heart of the movie that also brought a little maturity to them. Youthful but not childish. And definitely a cute way to show everyone how timeless your friendship with your BFF is!

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  • B.

    This is super cute! I remember my dad taking me to see Bambi!

  • OMG that Thumper outfit is adorable! I LOVE the flower pants with the tee! I’ve wanted some patterned pants for a while now, but always chicken out on buying them. Thanks for showing me they can go with stuff! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Megan! I have 1 pair of floral pants and I love them! I still sometimes chicken out myself when making outfits, but trying to get better! πŸ™‚

  • The friendship necklaces are adorable. I would definitely wear the Thumper outfit, especially with those patterned pants.

    • Thumper’s is probably my favorite too. I need to find some pants like those.

  • D’awww! Love this set. :3

  • I watched Bambi nearly every day as a kid. It was one of my favorite movies, along with The Lion King. I would totally wear both of these outfits, though I’m a little more drawn to the Bambi one for the burgundy pants. I’m a sucker for wine-colored clothes.

    • I’ve been slowly scouting out a new wardrobe… and keep getting drawn towards burgundy-wine pants. Old Navy actually has a pair I want, so I think I might pick those up soon. Those and I like darker jewel tones right now…

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