Holiday Gifts: Adventure Picks

More gift picks! This time the theme I chose was “Adventure” … which I may have interpreted somewhat differently. I think the shirt in this pick really speaks to my sort of adventure (or at least for this current part of my life).

2015 Holiday Gift: Adventure Picks

» Ladies of the Field by Amanda Adams – This book is all about the early women archaeologist. These are the women who paved the way for the career path I’m heading towards. “In a time when ladies dressed in ruffled petticoats, these women were sporting work trousers, smoking men’s pipes, and riding camels through uncharted Middle Eastern deserts.” It’s amazingly romanticized in my mind, but oh so amazing.

» The Fossil Hunter by Shelley Emling – Another great woman in the field, only this time it’s paleontology. (No, archaeologist do not dig up dinosaurs.) Mary Anning, at only 12 years old, discovered the “first” dinosaur skeleton in 1811. I use the quotations for obvious reasons, at some point, someone before that time probably stumbled across some fossils. But for the most part, Anning is sort of considered the mother of paleontology.

» Harry Potter: The Creature Vault by Jody Revenson – The universe of Harry Potter is just amazing. And this book not only goes into detail into that, but also rare concept illustrations that are just beyond amazing.

» Unnatural Creatures by Neil Gaiman – 1) Short stories, 2) fantastical creatures, 3) NEIL GAIMAN. Need I say more?

» Stuffed Animals & Pickled Heads by Stephen T. Asma – Yes, a completely weird title. But this book is a narrative of the culture and evolution of natural history museums.  This books plays right into my current adventure, with my goal of one day working at a natural history museum.

» Dinosaurs in the Attic by Douglas J. Preston – Another museum book, this time the American Museum of Natural History. This book, written by a former employee of the museum, is just filled with random facts as well as a good history of the museum and its exhibits.

» Mountains landscape tote bag – This is just a fun print from LookHuman. It’s got this beautiful design that’s fun, but also sort of vintage-y.

» “I like to party, and by party I mean read books” shirt – It speaks for itself.

» “Count me in” phone case – A nice reminder of what I want for my life. (Though throw in “decaf” right before coffee.)

» “Wash you spirit clean” print – I seem to be surrounding myself with John Muir quotes. (I’ve got one for my facebook header, and another for my iPad background.) I consider myself a Christian, and growing up I definitely felt a closer relationship to God out in nature (or even just outside in general). So for me, I love this print showing mountains (mountains!) along with this quote.

» Trail Mavens trip – I love Abby for sharing her Trail Mavens experiences. I wish I lived out west so I could go on every single trip. They are very smartly set up and planned. There’s a lot of love put into their details. I would just love the chance to go on one of these trips.

» Multitool – When I was little, I loved my Swiss Army knife. It wasn’t big or fancy, but I loved just all it had. So of course, now, I definitely want a multitool. Some of the guys bring theirs on tour and they’re just spectacularly handy.

In case you missed yesterday’s Fandom list, you can find it here. Tomorrow I’ll have one more, final list.