You know, getting by. Mostly. (and other updates)

16 January 2015

So today caps off the second week of classes. Definitely feels like I’ve been here a lot longer. I think that’s partially due to classes finally getting into the real meat of their lessons. That, and I just had my second quiz of the semester. But regardless, I feel like I’m settling in well and sort of remembering how this college thing works.

Other general thoughts, updates, or marginally noteworthy things:

» This is old news for anyone who knows me through twitter or facebook, but I fell pretty hard this week on my bad knee. Thankfully, the campus doctor doesn’t seem to think it’s anything too major — though they do want me to have an x-ray. Also, they’ve referred me to the on-campus physical therapist. I see them in a few hours to do an assessment and work out our on-going plan. The real holy-wow thankful thing here: All of this — the doctor visit and all of my physical therapy — is included in my health fees I paid with tuition. Of course, I’ve got to cover that x-ray on my own… but… yeah.

» My student loan refund was pretty nice, so I did something I’d been wanting to for about 4 years: replace my laptop. My old one was a former work computer that I inherited when the company went out of business. It was pretty great, a 15″ MacBook Pro. And then, with the help of the cats, it met the floor and the screen began to act up. Zombie Pixels, as I called them. Not quite dead, not alive/functioning though. As the years went on, it got worse. My usable screen space was only at 2/3rds. I had purchased a Chromebook to help out — especially for tours, because who wants to travel with a laptop that cost as much as some cars? But, well, I need me some Creative Suite. (And Scrivener.) So. Now, thanks to the campus tech store, I’ve got an 11″ MacBook Air. And I love it. Now if only I can get those precious applications to migrate over…

MacBook Zombie Pixels  New MacBook
» I’ve taken to only eating on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The rest of the week I get done by 1pm, and so I spend that hour between classes in my second class’s empty room. It guarantees I get the seat I want, plus, cuts down on food spending. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ve got almost 2 hours between classes, and I don’t finish until after 3pm. So, sort of need to eat something in between. I’m slowly learning where microwaves are on campus, so I’m trying to convince myself to bring my own food and save even more money.

» I’m also slowly starting to meet people in my classes. It feels all weird getting excited and wanting to tweet “I MADE A FRIEND!” Makes me sound way more introverted and hermit-ish than I really am. Mostly it’s just a really nice surprise to make connections with people, and you know, not feel so isolated in classes.

» G is coming over this evening to stay with me for part of the weekend. This is the first time she’s ever stayed with me on our own. It’s the first time she’s ever really had that chance because she couldn’t go to Chicago by herself, and any time we stayed away from her home here was at my mom’s. I imagine it’ll be a lot of movies and video games… and hopefully she doesn’t hate my cooking.

» Last summer I had a random dream about an old friend — one of my really close friends from summer camp. It had been over 10 years since I’d seen him, but it just got stuck in my mind that I wanted to catch up with him. I tried a lot of mutual friends and former camp counselors and directors… and no luck. Well, this past Sunday I noticed his name on one of those counselor’s facebook pages. Sure enough, it was him. We’ve been catching up ever since.

Anyway. That’s what’s new with me. I’d like to get into better blogging habits, but right now I’m also in a weird funk in regards to my blogging voice, purpose, and authenticity. (Yeah, those are fun ruts/dilemmas to get into.) What’s new or noteworthy with you?

  • B.

    That’s awesome that the medical stuff is covered! It sounds like you’re off to a great start!

    • INDEED. It’s really the only way I could afford this.

  • School has only been in session for a week or so for me as well, and already I’ve had a quiz almost every class period. WTF.

    • Eek. I’ve just had 2, so only half of my classes. But my first exam is next week. Should be interesting since it’s a history class without a required main text. He’s a fun lecturer to listen to, but I’m really curious how the test will be structured.

  • I like it when you get a quiz on the first day “to see what you know” and I’m just like… Um, I don’t know any of it. Isn’t that why I’m here?

    • Oh goodness. I fear those. Glad I didn’t have anything, but we did have a few times when the professor was desperately waiting for someone to answer their question. Pretty clear they were going to move on until someone volunteered as tribute… I put in my time at least once just to keep things moving and put the prof out of their uncomfortable misery. 😉

  • Mindy Nickel

    Glad to hear that your semester is going well so far! And oh man, student medical coverage was amazing. I so miss student health centers.

    • Thanks! And agreed! As someone who’s been through so. much. medical stuff, and has been in and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals and ER so often, I feel like these kids in school don’t understand how amazing this is.

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