home, sweet home: the apartment post, part 2 – living room & dining area

16 March 2015

I’ve been so caught up on setting up my apartment, and you know, school stuff, that I didn’t realize how long it’d been since I’d first shown off my apartment.

Still working on the living room and dining area, but it’s feeling pretty home-like and in a good spot for sharing.

living room

Here’s the overall of the living room. That chair is “new” — $5 from a thrift store. The TV tray next to it is one of my DIY projects. I put a faux marble contact paper. Going to paint the legs gold soon, just been waiting for it to get warm.

entry table

Entry way tables. These are those two LACK tv stands I got from ikea for extra storage in my old kitchen. Trex lamp, family pictures… and then the copper tins from the Target dollar section — $3 each. I wanted something for the miscellaneous stuff, like gloves and hats and random paper stuff. I’m planning on getting more family pictures printed to hang on the wall, possibly around a mirror or something.

entry bookshelves

Also sort of entry way -ish. I’ve got all my dvds, any sort of collection of stories or poems, photo albums, and all my Harry Potter books. That lamp was a thrift find. And that print is my favorite piece of art I’ve ever spent money on.

study nook

The study nook. Also known as the “dump everything from school” nook. I still need to get my grandpa’s desk to replace this one. It’s a corner desk that he made for my mom when she was young. Eventually I might need more bookshelves. On the left I have the “academic” books. On the right is all the fiction (drowning in bright light from the sliding glass doors). The pennant light is from Target, and I’m in love with it.

entertainment area

My entertainment area. I wouldn’t mind getting some frames for those prints. I’ve also got other prints I want to get for that wall — which is becoming my nerd wall. I just brought that radio up from my mom’s basement. Wanted to be able to listen to NPR without always blasting it from the stereo in my bedroom. I also need to do my DIY thing on that tray table.

pass-through window

Pass-through wall into the kitchen. For right now I’ve got some photos I took from when I lived in China. Not sure I’ll keep these up long term, but for now it’s nice to have something up there. I’d like to get a small bar cabinet for underneath them, just a space to store the booze where it’s out of the way, and maybe function as a service area for drinks when I have guests over. Or a good bar cart type of thing.

dinning area

The dinning area. That table my mom and I picked up from a flea market for just under $20. As you can see, I desperately need chairs. I love the flowered placemats that I found, and will be using that as a color palate for curtains. The plates I picked up from Target, thought they were cute. I’ll post a better picture of them below. Looking to get more fun artwork for that wall — especially some good Chicago prints. I also want a good sideboard or credenza for that wall. I have a few ideas… just not rushing into any sort of costs.

Bike plates

See, aren’t they cute?

I’m still getting used to having so much space. But I love how it’s shaping up and it truly feels like home now. I’ve got a lot of work for the guest room, but I’ll have that done soon. My own bedroom is basically done. So I’ll share those soon.


  • Kay

    Looking great! I love that old TV picture frame you have – so cute! I too need to work on framing prints of art I have…it’s just so expensive if you can’t find a frame that fits! Though I have definitely cheated and used cardstock as mat board and just made it fit a bigger frame haha.

    • Even the basic frames add up! $2 for a 5×7 frame seems ok, until you realize how many of them you need! I also need to measure that map because I have a feeling it won’t be a standard size and I’ll end up doing that cardstock trick of yours… πŸ˜‰

  • B.

    It’s looking awesome! I love that Rex lamp!

    • Thanks!! He’s a great lamp. Sort of wish I would have gotten the others in the series when they were available. (A triceratops and a pterodactyl.)

  • Celeste

    Progress! The t-rex light and Moby Dick painting are my favorite pieces so far. Can’t wait to see the next update. Ikea the best place to get large frames if you’re looking to hang some larger pieces of art. : )

  • Quasia Brown

    Just a random curios question.. I’m considering this Lack TV stand in black also butttt… I’m not sure how small it will look with a 42” TV. so I’m wondering how big your TV is? Also, if it is too small I may just buy two and just sit them side by side.
    You have a great large space! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Quasia! I’ve got a 32″ TV on it. The stand itself is 35″ wide, and can hold 66lbs. They have a few other TV benches that would work for larger TVs, but it appears the cheapest is $50. A good ikea hack would probably be your best bet! πŸ™‚
      Thanks for checking me out! πŸ™‚

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