Countdown to 31

13 May 2015

One month from now I’ll begin my plunge into being a “30-something.” No longer simply a 30-year-old, but in my 30s. And as I’ve mention before, I’m pretty ok with all of this.

I have no idea what I’ll be doing on the actual day — whether I want to try to go up to Chicago or stay here and lounge with the cats. But I’ll figure that eventually. Anyway. What better way to kick off the countdown than a wish list?

2015 Erini's Birthday Wish List

» Batman car emblem. I’ve been cleaning up the Lancer, and well, have decided on the name Bruce, so well… I mean, obviously.

» Marvel Funko Mystery Minis. How adorable are these? Although, I’ve got to say, they sort of aged Thor a little bit…

» Jenny Parks Catvenger Prints. I have Thor Kitty and Hawkeye, but really want Captain Americat and Iron Cat. I like her Black Widow too, but Hulkitty never really screamed to me. Lokitty is also pretty great. (I also have her Batcat and Bane, which are amazing.)

» LEGO Jurassic World Game and Sets. Well, I mean, the movie is coming out on my birthday weekend… And it’s going to be freaking awesome. The video game looks so great, it’s definitely something I will own. I love the sets, but well, have been hesitant to get any sort of Lego sets because holy wow can they get expensive. But, well, I’ll find a way to at least get the dino figures.

» Grill pan. This has been on my list for a while. I just want a better way to cook my meats on the stovetop.

» Vacuum. I have my grandma’s old one… but… well… it leaves more dust kicked around the house than it picks up. I need something that’s good on both carpet and hardwood and can deal with cat hair. Preferably bagless.

» Target’s Clownfish plate. I spotted this recently and thought it’d be a perfect addition to my wall. But I hesitated a little bit because I was afraid if I didn’t leave Target soon, I’d spend my entire loan refund. But, the more I thought about it, the more I really want this plate. Slowly and surely that wall is getting some color. I’m excited about my plans for my walls. They’re going to be fun.

» Paper Source’s Succulent Wreath. I like paper flowers, and I like the idea of a wreath on my entry closet door as a neat way of saying “ignore the door!”

» Actual succulents. And let’s just hope the cats don’t destroy them.

» Patio set. I finally have my own little outdoor space… but no good way of enjoying it. Well, I’m borrowing a chair from my mom, but I want my own little set so I can sit out there with coffee and books. I also want to get some string lights, hanging plants, a rolling blind to block out the neighbors, and of course my own little garden.

» Sideboard/credenza/buffet. So that awesomely fun wall I was talking about? It needs some furniture. I love the idea of a midcentury one. Heck, I love the idea of mostly having midcentury furniture. But I might go with an ikea hack or a thrift find. I’d also like a little bar cabinet or cart. And dining chairs, because I still don’t have those.

I could also use a lot of picture frames for all these plans I have for my walls. And you know, gift cards for clothes and such. Oh. And a spa day would be nice. Just saying.

  • B.

    I have two of the little Funko Minis and love them! Hope you get some of the items on your list!

    • Thanks!! I love minifigs — they’re one of my weaknesses. I’ve yet to see the Marvel ones around town though! I need to keep searching. (If not, eBay!)

  • Ari Carr

    That succulent wreath is a great idea! Hope you get plenty of these things and have a lovely day!

  • Kay

    I must own some of the Jenny Parks illustrations. Just perfection.

    • Jenny Parks is AMAZING. I’d been eyeing her stuff since I saw it at Wizard’s World 4 or 5 years ago. Finally picked some of her prints up last year at C2E2.

  • Celeste

    Mid-century furniture is the best! Home Decorators Collection is releasing a mid-century inspired collection soon if you’re interested.

    • I’ll have to check out that collection, I haven’t heard of that brand before. Mostly I’ve been searching thrift stores and flea markets.

  • Great list! I love those little succulents. Watch out, they’re addicting!

    • Thanks! Hopefully once I get started with succulents, my cats won’t kill them all.

  • It’s so cool how okay with your age are. I really don’t get the problems women exasperate over because they’re turning thirty. Thirty is an awesome age! I’m still a couple of years away, but I know it will be here sooner than I think, and I’m also totally okay with it!

    Also, in love with succulents. Nice selection.

    • I think a lot of what’s helped me has been all my amazing older friends. I get to see how happy they are in their 30s — regardless of jobs or relationships, but just as happy people — and it helps me realize that it’s not so scary. So far, 30 has been great in terms of just feeling more confident. I don’t let the small things I used to fret over get to me or control my day. It’s freeing. 🙂

  • Mindy Nickel

    Happy early birthday! Hope you get some of your wishlist items. I love the mini Funko Pop figures!

  • Iron Man kitty. =^o^= LEGO sets for the win! Succulents are so gorgeous, and I think life gifts are such perfect gifts. (Like, succulents, or a cactus, or a tree over cut flowers. ^_^) Happy almost 30-something!

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