It’s not every morning you call the police…

3 June 2015

Yesterday morning felt normal. Started off that way at least. I was going through my morning routines: NPR, reading my emails in the bathroom (like you don’t do it too), trying not to trip over the cats, open the blinds… notice that the screen door is open… realize what that means… become concerned.

Ok. So some people might think I’m over reacting to a screen door being open. But first off, let me say that this is on a sliding glass door, it can’t blow open or anything. And I always, always keep it closed because of my cats. Hell, I keep an old shelf between the screen and the glass door so when I open the door the cats can’t either push through the screen or try to pull it open with their claws. So the only way it could be open is if someone left it that way. Someone who is not me. And all of that happened while I was in bed asleep.

There was no damage to the property. Doesn’t even look like the plants on my porch were bumped. The only thing out of place was that screen door.

Last week I put a call into my building maintenance regarding my sliding glass door. Neither the screen nor the glass door latch properly. Now, I’ve got a rod on the door to keep it secure. But it didn’t feel like enough. So maintenance attached another lock for me. Thankfully, that all worked.

After I discovered the screen door, I waited for my landlord’s office to open. Left them a couple of messages so they knew what was going on. Then I called the police. Not 911, just the regular station line. Shortly after an officer was at my apartment to check things out.

There’s a few ideas between my family and I over what might have happened: someone thought it was a different apartment and was just mistaken; someone was drunk; someone was checking to see if any apartments in my complex had unlocked doors; someone had malicious intent. It could have been nothing. I might be overreacting. But it also could have been something else.

The cop said they’d do more patrols. The maintenance guy said the door is secure and it would take some extreme methods to get in. While both of these reassurances did give me a peace of mind, it’s not the only reason I called. I wanted a record of this. In case this was a case of something else, I wanted it on file that something happened. I wanted people to be aware that I was concerned. Because regardless of intent, someone who wasn’t me tried to open that door.

So it might have been nothing, but I wanted to make sure I took the steps so it didn’t become something serious.

  • That’s frightening! I would have definitely called the police as well. Plus, outside of being recorded for you, this can help others in your area as well! Jen and I each have cold steel training swords, which we practice with. They can do serious damage if need be. Jen also has a shinai and I’m getting one soon, and we each have a Viking axe. Half of this is for fun, because we love weaponry, but the other half is so if anyone does try anything, they’ll get seriously messed up!

  • B.

    Oh man! I think you did everything right! It’s super important to have a record of stuff like this! Here’s hoping it doesn’t happen again!

  • You were right to call the police. Hopefully there was no malicious intent and just a mistake or something, but its good to have this on record.

  • Ari Carr

    I got burgled last year, so I totally understand where you’re coming from. It can be really, really disturbing to find that your space has been intruded upon like that and you definitely did the right thing by calling your landlord and the police! Hope everything’s okay!

  • Yikes, that’s scary! We were robbed once while on vacation because a faulty sliding door gave someone easy access to our beach house. Glad you’re taking the right steps & that police & your landlord are taking it seriously.

  • Thanks for all the well-wishes, friends! I’m SUPER happy to report there’s been no more incidents since this. Though I haven’t gone out on my porch since then. Going to have to get over that if I want my garden to survive! Anyway… Thanks again! 🙂

  • That’s creepy and I think you were right to call the police.

    I made a call to maintenance a couple of months ago because we had a growing wasp nest above from my front door. Somehow, this prompted them to enter my apartment and touch things – despite assuring me that all they needed to do was spray above my front door and knock down the nest. I work all day and I sometimes get home at 9:30pm. Imagine my surprise when things in my apartment didn’t look right and the blinds were wide open while my boyfriend was out of town.

    Just… NO. I backed out of my house, quietly shut the door and called a friend over to come inspect my apartment with me. I called maintenance and found out they had gone into my apartment and sprayed my patio as well. No, no, and no. I raised hell.

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