Let’s give this “healthy” thing another shot…

11 August 2015

Ok. So I’m not an overly active person. And I may not always make the best food choices (cookies for dinner, anyone?)… I don’t consider myself to be worrisomely unhealthy… but I’m also not in the best shape, nor am I at a weight I’m happy with.

As I’ve discussed before, my endometriosis played a lot into this. Between the condition and a medication both known to cause weight gain, and then becoming less active, and comfort eating… Well. I’m about two sizes from where I was before my diagnosis.

Back almost two years ago now, during a bout of unemployment, I partook in a fitness challenge with Nintendo. I ended up with the most miles walked. 161.3 miles in 4 weeks. Averages out to about 5-ish miles a day. I felt good during that challenge. Even my mom noticed the change. I’m definitely ready to get that feeling back.

Once school starts back up, I’ll be walking about 3 miles most days. And hopefully I can get myself to use my new-to-me exercise bike more often. But I’m also doing one other thing: keeping myself accountable.

My Fitness Pal

I’ve used myfitnesspal.com before. I can’t remember how long I stuck with it, and I have no delusions that I’ll really stick with this for any sort of long term fitness. But, I do feel like this is a good start to keeping myself on target and establishing good habits.

As I mentioned not too long ago, we get a whole lot of food, and typically not healthy food, at my new job. I was curious to how it was all adding up. Well, sort of curious. I kind of really don’t want to know. But I figured if I’m counting it all out, then I might be able to keep myself on track with eating better. I mean, the amount of fried chicken they bring us — even for breakfast — is ridiculous. And then all the sweets.

Yesterday I was good, though. The rep brought in right wing supporting fried chicken and cinnamon clusters (and cookies) this morning, I just got a cup of fresh fruit. And coffee. (Mmm.. coffee.) And side note: who the heck thinks that is an acceptable breakfast?! (And this is the second week we’ve gotten it.) For lunch, salad… and fried chicken nuggets (it gets in your head). I haven’t been eating much for dinner, but I decided to make quinoa and top it with some cauliflower, broccoli, and a tiny bit of kale. I still had calories left over in my daily allotment. It also helped that I rode my exercise bike, so I “earned” more calories by burning more. (Which meant popcorn! Even the buttery kind!)

MFP Day 1

Anyway. We’ll see how this all goes. I’m hoping to reach my goal weight (aka pre-diagnosis weight) by my next birthday. Should be doable. I just need to stick with the good habits.

Have you tried My Fitness Pal? Did it work for you? How about wearables (like FitBit, etc)?

  • Desiree

    I’m on and off with My Fitness Pal. When I remember to use it I love it because I see exactly what I did wrong or right. It also makes me really stop and think about my choices. But again that’s when I use it. I’m back to it fairly regulatory the last two weeks. Fitness trackers are great. I was using the Jawbone Up, not the latest version an older one and found it useful. It helped me keep on track as far as activity. It has a nice little community too and everyone was so motivating and helpful. It broke and I’m not sure if I’m going back to it or going with another. I tried the Leaf by Bellabeat and wanted to love it so much but it just wasn’t cutting it. The Fitbit seems pretty good and right now it’s on the top of my list. Let me know if you get one and your thoughts. Good luck on your journey and sorry for the super long comments.

    • I’ve been thinking more and more about an older Jawbone Up… I like how sleek they are. My stepmom has a fitbit and I might ask if she’s ok with me trying it on just so I can see how it feels. I’m not a bracelet or watch person, so I’m not sure how I’ll like something on my wrist all the time.
      (And no worries for long comments!!)

  • Ari Carr

    Best of luck!

  • Kay

    I used to use My Fitness Pal, and then I just fell off the wagon and never got back on. At the moment, I’m semi-happy with my activity level, but I certainly haven’t been eating as healthy as I should be lately. It was really nice for food intake accountability.

    • That’s what’s happened with me the last time I tried it. I just got annoyed feeling like I *had* to track every single little thing I ate. But so far things have been well and it’s almost like a game. I have X-number of points (calories) and how can I spend them in fun and tasty ways? Also: How can I earn more points to eat more foods! That mentality is helping a lot. 🙂

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