18 September 2015

FEELING: Tired. Sick. The adjustment to my new meds hasn’t been a fun one. (Pain, extreme nausea.) But hopefully my body will get used to the new levels of hormones and I can start focusing on other things. The entire past week has been like this every day:

Hawkeye today sucks going back to bed

WATCHING: Supernatural and Sons of Anarchy for the umpteenth time. The Layover. ANTM, though I don’t know why — those people are just mean.

LISTENING TO: NPR. No surprise there. Also back on my 90s Alt Rock kick.

READING: The Kiss of Deception. Not sure how I feel about it. Was looking for a super light read with some romance (reading’s the most action I’ve gotten in a long while). Oh, and a whole lot of stuff for school. Like, a lot a lot.

WORKING ON: Trying to manage everything. School. Work. My health. It’s not been easy, and I’m sort of afraid something’s going to have to give. I had 2 exams this week, and I missed them both due to this adjustment. Thankfully my profs are letting me reschedule. (All of my professors this term have been way more than understanding about my condition and have all offered to work with me to make sure I don’t get behind.)

THINKING ABOUT: Everything mentioned just directly above.

CRAVING: Not much really. This nausea thing is a jerk. So really what I’m craving isn’t food related… right now I’d just like to be held. That’s about it. Just have someone to share my bed with — not even sex, but just to know someone’s there.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting everything back on track. To not have this condition be the center of focus.

MAKING ME HAPPY: Sleep. Classes. Friends. I know it seems like I’m all down and out because of being sick — it’s frustrating, for sure — but you know, you get through it. The rest of my life isn’t shit just because this one aspect is.

  • I hear you on feeling like something’s got to give with all the stuff being managed. I hope you start feeling a bit better. That alone will help a ton, I’m sure.

  • Ah, new medication, such a wonderful experience. -_-; I often get the extreme nausea whenever they change mine. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, and hopefully you’ll feel better soon!

    • It was tough, but my appetite is at least back, so that helps. Just need for the residual pains to go away…

  • I love that you’re on a 90’s alt rock kick. I go back to that kind of music often, then feel really old but love it so. <3 I hope you get to feeling better sometime soon!

    • It’s my favorite music kick. 🙂 Third Eye Blind to NIN to Fiona Apple. I hear you on the whole making you feel old thing, but it just makes me happy.

  • Geeky Brunette

    I hope you’ll be feeling better soon, sweety!
    x Angela //

  • Kay

    I really hope once you adjust you feel better, that’s got to be rough. Hopefully it’ll help with managing everything too! I feel you on that…I’ve started home schooling with my daughter, and it takes so much time and planning that it’s hard to balance my other life activities!

    • Thanks! The intensity seems to be lessening. Hopefully it’ll continue on that route.

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