Upping my gamer status. (aka my first livestream)

I have a weird relationship with videos on the internet. Not weird in a bad or gross way… more weird in the mixed feelings way. I enjoy some YouTube videos, but I’m not someone who really watches a lots or even really follows that many people. Even if they’re my friends. I kind of feel a little bad about it, but at the same time, I know not all my friends read my blog even if they know about it. And that’s ok.

Anyway. One of the video things on the internet Iย do actually enjoy and participate in is through Twitch — video game streaming. I’ve been watching my friend TJ stream games for a few years now. As he was playing SOMA, I started searching around for other streamers to watch. Not because SOMA was bad or anything. Quite the opposite. It was a really enjoyable game. It’s how I found the other relatively new streamer that I now follow.

Watching people play games about 5 days a week got me wanting to play more games. And it got me wanting to stream myself. I had set up my channel a while back, but hadn’t done anything with it because I don’t have a capture card. Without it, I can’t stream or record any of my Wii U game play. However, after a little bit of searching, I found some interesting games for Mac on Steam. Now, I still don’t have a capture card, but I could (and did) download a free streaming software like OBS.

And so.. well… Now I’m streaming. I still haven’t quite settled on my schedule. The best times for me are Tuesdays and/or Thursdays after my class (so around 1 or 2pm EST). And of course that will change next semester. Anyway. ย I had my first stream over the weekend. I think I’ve been going a little stir crazy with being sick all week. I recorded one of my play throughs. Though I’m sort of regretting it because I most definitely sound sick. I’m just happy I don’t have my cam and green screen stuff set up so you guys can’t see how sick I actually am…

I’ve never really been a PC gamer. I guess I’m still really not, given that I’m using my MacBook Air for this. BUT. I am really enjoying it so far. It’s different being on this side of things. The delay between the stream and the chat is real. And definitely a challenge. But it’s fun having your friends join you as you play a game. (And as someone who’s been stuck in sickness isolation, it’s been nice having some company even if it’s virtual.)

I’m going to start a new game on Tuesday*, so if you want to swing by and say hi that would be super awesome.

*Assuming I’m feeling well enough and I don’t have too much going on school-wise.