My life isn’t glamorous, and that’s A-OK.

2 February 2016

It’s not easy being a citizen of the internet. We feel this need to only show our best. To show everyone we have this wonderful, adventurous life. Sometimes, there’s even this unspoken competition between ourselves and others. The jealous game is strong. The imposter syndrome is real.

I definitely fall into it! I read about other people’s lives, see their photos… and all I can think about is “UGH! I want that!” You can spend all your time wishing and hoping you were the star of someone else’s story, but then you miss all the good things in your own.

My life is not fancy. I laugh all the time at my friends who marvel over the food I cook, because they don’t see the hours and hours I waste puttering around my kitchen just trying to figure out what to make in the first place. No one sees the pile of summer/fall laundry I never got around to. The christmas tree that is still standing, though undecorated, in my guest bedroom. Or the copious amounts of cat fur that is on every surface of my home and belongings. I live in east central Indiana, in a college town surrounded by corn fields. A place where people seem confused on the fact that Indiana was never in the confederacy. Where Target is the “hip” place to get things, and your only other options are Walmart, Kohls, or a mostly defunct mall.

I spend most days attempting to keep up with the mountain of reading assigned to me — all the assignments which I’m not having a good track record with the deadlines. Most evenings I’m online watching friends play video games, making dumb jokes, and trying to encourage myself to take breaks so I can get whatever work I have left done. If I’m not doing that, then I’m dealing with some stupid symptom of endometriosis. Most days, this is my view:My Daily View

We try hard to make it seem like we’re living some great life — something grand and worthy of being on the internet and taking up other people’s time. But you know what, my life, while it does have it’s amazing and adventurous and even grand moments, is mostly simple. I’m doing something I love. I’m in mostly tolerable health. I have amazing friends. My cats. My family. And am currently able to support myself, mostly.

It’s not fancy or glamorous by any means. But it’s mine. And that makes it OK.

  • TOPolk

    I like this post. All bloggers (or YouTubers or Instragrammers, etc) would be well served to make a post like this every once and a while.

    • Thanks, T., that means a lot to me. <3

  • Indeed. I think the truth is, most of the glamour that we perceive in the lives of people we encounter on the Internet is just that…. perception. Most folks lives are remarkably more simple and mundane than we tend to want to assume. With a picture, we’re only getting a split second of much larger more complex picture.

    • Agreed. We’re only getting one small window into their lives. On the other side of it too, we need to accept that we don’t always need to only show one side of our lives. 🙂

      • Exactly. I’m thinking of a woman I know who runs a coaching business and blog. She has this beautiful loft style apartment in a refurbished mill building that when you look at pictures you think they ought to be in a magazine because of how thoughtfully it’s decorated. I’ve been to her place a couple of times, and it’s totally striking in person as well. It’s easy to assume that she has this perfectly charmed life based on what you see.

        And then, you get into her mini van and the illusion falls straight apart. It’s sticky, dirty, and gross like every other mini van owned by a mama of three children. There’s crumbs in the seats and trash on the floor. Sure, some parts of her life are curated for beauty…. but not everything is. Nor does it need to be.

  • B.

    I love this post! It’s easy to get caught up in how ~wonderful~ everyone else has it but it’s just a tiny view into someone’s life.

    • Thanks! 🙂 It is definitely easy. Working on turning around that jealousy into joy for my friends.

  • Kay

    Every word of this post is wonderful. And 100% true for my own life as well. I live in a small town in mid/north New Hampshire. There’s a lot of woods, and not much else. And I love it. Wouldn’t change it for the world. Lovely post Erini!

  • KatyRochelle

    Lovely post! There’s a lot of competition and pressure online to be living an Instagram or social media-worthy life. In reality, it is fairly simple but still amazing.

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