Sunday Lately #04/58

I keep forgetting to link back to the Blogger Tribe for these posts, and I apologize. I’ve enjoyed getting to know these ladies in this group — even if I don’t really fit any of their niches. (A lot are sewing/crafting bloggers, and I’m, well, just me.) But I appreciate their support and encouragement and camaraderie nonetheless.

Blogger Tribe - Sunday Lately

This week’s words are: Creating, Finding, Switching, Forgetting, Craving.

Creating: A mess. My home is so cluttered right now, I need to just spend a day and take care of it. My kitchen is still piled up from last week’s stream, and will likely be a mess after this week’s… My coats are scarves are strewn about the living room, as are some of my shoes. The PC has been dismantled and just sitting on the floor with all it’s components. There’s boxes from things I’ve bought or ordered. Papers everywhere. Hell, I even have a tied off bag of trash that’s just sitting and waiting for me to take it outside to the dumpster. And those are just the main areas! I still have the bedrooms and bathroom to deal with. I would very much like a maid for my birthday. But maybe as an early birthday, so I can have someone else fix all this stuff for me before June.

Finding: Myself? This is going to sound ridiculous, because it sort of is, but I had some profound moments of self reflection during Wednesday night’s Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert. I don’t really care what you think about his music or style or anything. I needed that night.

Switching: Well, still in the process of switch endometriosis medications. My body’s still not happy with it. And the nurses said it could take up to two shots before my body fully adjusts to it. Which means not until summer. It’s not been easy, and has even been straining my relationships with my family. Not to mention the fun side of depression that likes to pal around with my endo.

Forgetting: Deadlines. Like whoa. Part of this is because I’ve been sick the last 3 weeks on and off, and have missed at least one day of class each week — and when you only have classes on two days of the week, that’s a lot. The rest of it is because I really dislike my online class. The course itself wouldn’t be bad in an actual classroom, but it’s an online course and it has way too much group work. Even one assignment where she expects us to meet together in person. Not everyone in this class is even in Indiana let alone near BSU to meet with their team members. Also, this course doesn’t have a flow to it that feels logical. Deadlines are just scattered through the week. I need order. Group discussion posts should always be on certain days, and other papers always on another… Having them willy nilly throughout the week just throws me off completely. I can’t create a routine around this class and it’s beyond frustrating. I never thought I was this structured of a person until dealing with this professor’s online classes.

Craving: Mashed potatoes with brown gravy from Mac’s. It’s a greasy spoon diner that’s in old fast food buildings. In fact, I think two of them are in old Rax’s buildings. It’s cheap. It’s not fancy. But it is so good. I’m also craving sushi. But options are limited in this corn-locked city.