That time I got a concussion.

A lot has happened since you’ve last heard from me. A lot of school stuff, some family stuff, and now even some home stuff… But all of that has been overshadowed by one event: I got a concussion.

We hear about them a lot with athletes — heck, there’s A LOT of changes in sports right now as people are realizing the dangers of concussions. Did you know it’s really not that hard to get a concussion? And a lot of people get them? All you have to do is give your head a pretty good whack and then your jello-like brain sloshes around… and yep. Concussion.

For me, all it took was standing up quickly when I was cleaning out my grandma’s fridge. This is one of those many things that’s been going on. My grandma’s been forgetting things, like eating, or confusing her pills… or how to use the TV… and frankly, she really just shouldn’t be living alone any more. So we’re moving her to my dad’s. Now that school has sort of slowed down, I’ve been trying to help my dad with all of this. When they left for the first part of this process — just getting grandma up and settled before we start dealing with furniture — I stayed behind to clean up the kitchen. Part of this was also so I could raid grandma’s fridge and pantry and take home any perishables for myself.

Well, during all of this, I was going from the ground to standing… and majorly bashed my head on the handle of the freezer. The bottom of her freezer handle is flat, and pointy… and it met the top of my forehead with a lot of force. It rattled me pretty bad. I made sure it wasn’t bleeding, found an ice pack, and made my way through the day.

I drove home. I put together some ikea shelves. I chatted with friends online. Outside of a headache and a nice bump on my head, I thought I was ok. As the night went on, the headache got a little worse. I got dizzy. Decided to just sleep it off, maybe it’d feel better in the morning. Halfway through the night, I woke up nearly puking. My head felt weird. Something was wrong.

I called my mom, who promptly came over. I was confused, emotional, and pretty scared. My head didn’t feel right. And any time I barely brushed that bump, I felt like I was going to immediately puke. We went to the ER. Which, let me just say, was its own terrible experience. The triage nurses weren’t attentive–twice they didn’t even notice that there were patients waiting on them while they just chatted at the desk. After waiting to even get in a room, the nurse attending me there only asked my history, allergies, and where it hurt. Nothing else. Then we waited over an hour (at least, that’s all I can remember). It was just after midnight after we first got there, and was 3am by the time I saw a doctor. All while having a head injury.

The doctor was quick, but thorough. He confirmed a concussion. My mom stayed with me until the following evening, and has been checking up on my periodically.

Having a concussion is frustrating, and also really boring. You’re supposed to let your brain rest. So no reading, no moving around, no tv, no cell phones, no laptop…  Basically you can’t do anything that might risk a second concussion. You can’t do anything where you could get too dizzy and hurt yourself again. And you really are not supposed to tax your brain. So I’ve spent the last few days listening to netflix and hulu, and sleeping.

It’s been weird. The pain and headache and nausea are one thing… but the confusion, dizziness… pressure in my head, ringing in my ears. I’m sensitive to light and noise. I’m tired a lot. Especially that first night, it was hard for me to remember things–slow coming to answers. It’s taken a lot longer than it normally would for me to type up this post. Some of that is because I keep having to take breaks. I still can’t look at screens for too long before I get a lot of pain behind my eyes. I’m also having way more mistypings and misspellings than I’m used to.

It’s challenging. It’s only been a few days. It could take a week or month or… we don’t really know… until I’m back to normal. Some things are healing better than others. My bump is doing well, still sore to the touch, but I no longer want to puke if I accidentally brush it. Ultimately, I’m ok. Tired, sore, fuzzy… but I’ll be ok. Just wish this would have happened after finals week, and not before.

Not sure when I’ll get back to blogging regularly–I need to keep resting for a bit. But hey, when I come back, it’ll be my 1000th post! Fun, right? No pressure at all on that one…