Crushworthy: Things I’m loving #2

21 September 2016


Time for another round of Things I’m Loving!


1. Face masks. I tried a paper one a few weeks ago, and it felt like it was burning my face off. Thankfully I didn’t completely give up, and just switched brands! I’ve tried a couple mud masks since then and am loving them. I even just picked up a clay mask from L’Oreal that’s meant for my complexion, and I’ll let you know how that goes. I also want to try a peel-off mask, as that looks really fun. Bonus perk: feeling like Mrs. Doubtfire.

2. All the s’mores. Unfortunately,  a lot of places have put their s’mores stuff away for the season — apparently people think it’s a summer treat? I mean, I love them all year round, but I’d see them more as autumn than only summer. Anyway. At least Steak’n’Shake still has them.

3. Buddhify2. My counselor introduced me to mediation as a means of helping with my anxiety. There’s one particular one I listen to, for grounding and mindfulness. But I wanted a few more, to cover more areas of life. A lot of meditations apps have really high subscriptions! Buddhify2 is just $5 and has, what, 80-some mediations. I’ve only just started using it, but hoping it will help bring some calm and centering to my life. (You can also test out some of the meditations, to see if you like the voices of the speakers — which feels odd testing for that, but, with meditation it’s sort of appropriate.)

4. Tikka Masala chips. If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you’ll see that I decided to share trying out this year’s batch of specialty Lay’s chips. The tikka masala ones were my favorites, followed by the Sichuan, then probably the tzatziki. This one just translates to chips very well, and are exciting without being too weird (some people don’t care for chips that taste like meat).

5. Orange Tangerine water. I love these littler flavor enhancers. (In the last list, I mentioned another brand I love.) These ones I get from my local discount Kroger store. A few squirts and I’m all good to go. There’s also a strawberry watermelon one that’s pretty good, too. I will say, though, I am drinking at least one full 24-oz bottle of water, without flavor, each day — and that is a huge accomplishment for me. But to keep from sodas and stuff, I’ve been sticking with these enhancers.

6. Chunky oversized cardigans. I feel like I can’t get enough cardigans in my life. Especially now that the weather is finally cooling off (yay first day of Autumn tomorrow!)… Basically all I wear are cardigans and leggings now. Comfort is now my uniform, and I’m 100% ok with that.

What are you loving right now?

  • Kay

    I can’t wait for the weather to be consistently cool so I can live in sweaters. And I definitely want to try out some more fave masks. I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve tried, but never remember to keep any around the house.

    • I think Target’s Cartwheel might have certain face stuff on sale? I’ve been getting the individual packets, which you can sometimes find for around a buck. But be careful if you get the Yes 2 brand, their calming paper mask felt like it was burning my face off. After checking review on amazon, apparently it’s common. : I also saw one that could be used as a mask or a daily scrub, forget which brand though, but it was at Walgreens.

      • Kay

        Thanks! I’m headed to Target this weekend so I’ll have to snag some!

  • I love sheet masks but I always feel like I can’t move around too much with them on haha. The Sephora ones are only a couple of bucks and feel really nice!

    • I’ll have to snag some of those next time I find a Sephora! (Small town woes.) Hopefully it treats me better than the Yes 2 one.

  • Those chips sound amazing! I’m dying for some cardigans; weirdly, I have, like, NONE.

    • I get a lot of mine from Target. I love their boyfriend cardi. I think I have 3 of them in different colors.

  • Desiree

    Cardigans are my fave! I can’t wait to bust all of mine out. Face masks are such a nice quick self care thing.

    • I’m also finding face masks are a good quick pick-me-up. Because I can never take myself seriously when I look in the mirror and see my face covered in colored mud. 😀

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