Meet my planner! One month with the Ink & Volt planner, and my new infatuation with planner stickers

I’ve been a Pen + Paper planner person for a while. And as such, I’ve constantly been on a search for that one system that just works as close to perfectly for me as possible. (I feel like a lot of us are on this quest.)

During Holiday Council, a friend from my 20SB blogging days, Nicole, recommended the Ink + Volt planner. After giving it a good look through their website, I decided to go for it. I love my planners, but I needed something more to help keep me on track for my goals this year.

So far, the Ink + Volt planner has everything I need.

The beginning of the planner has space for my year’s theme and big goals. I also have space to write out the why’s of my big goals and theme. This is carried out for the monthly goals, as well. Creating an action plan to help you through the month. I’ll admit, I’m not the best at going back and looking at mine yet — but this is where the dual bookmarks help. Each week also has a place for specific goals, a place for reflection, as well as a weekly journal prompt.

At first I didn’t like the way the weeks were setup, but I’ve made it work for me. My “evening” space often turns into just a personal section — but given that most of my personal time is in the evenings anyway, it works. I’ve also been making use of my mildlighters (which I love so much more than highlighters) and, of course, my stickers!

I hate admitting it, but I’ve definitely spent more on stickers than I did on the planner itself. (And not pictured are the three booklets of stickers.)

Because of my pseudo perfectionist tendencies, and jealousy and comparative nature, bullet journaling — as much as I love it — just isn’t something I can do. Or, isn’t something I will stick with. I love look at all the gorgeous spreads on instagram and pinterest… but I know I will not take the time to create those myself.. so… stickers!

I tried to think of ones I would use the most: things for bills, certain chores/errands I’d like to track, meetings, birthdays… And it’s really easy to fall down the rabbit hole once you get going on these! But between these and my mildlighters, I feel like they give my planner that bit of pop it would lack otherwise. I’ve also learned to forgo my beloved Pilot G-2 pens for mechanical pencils, because mistakes DO happen.

Overall, the system is working for me. I can think about the big picture, but really focus on and be active with my smaller weekly tasks in front of me. I think my only complaint is that I have too many stickers for the pocket in the back so it won’t close flat completely, and the fabric of the cover does pick up fuzzies, so I do have to lint roll my planner every so often.

How do you plan? What system have you found that works best for you? Are you a digital planner or pen + paper?
Also, for anyone who would like to know the shop names of any of the stickers I have, just leave a comment and I’ll send you the link!