April Goals

As always, let’s start off by looking back… at the goals I absolutely forgot that I had written. (Good job, me. Good job.)


  • Complete 75% of my thesis. NOPE. Given the scope of the coursework and tasks for my assistantship, I’ve come to realize that defending my thesis this semester was not going to happen.
  • Finalize my CV and apply to 3 jobs. Half. My CV is updated, but I haven’t applied to anything yet.
  • Outline my Europe trip. DONE. After getting some suggestions from friends and family, I figured out my plan. AND I bought my tickets!
  • Weekly blog post and twice weekly bike rides. Nope. *Shrug*
  • Not miss any assignments for my classes. I missed one, a couple were late… BUT I got things done.
  • Not rush my upcoming new side project. Done. Because I decided it wasn’t a project. It’s just a for-me fun thing. (Thank you Kate for reminding me that not all things need to be monetized!) — if you’re wondering what it was… I designed my own planner stickers, and bought a Silhouette cutting machine! I’ll post some pictures after I get a few printed and cut.


  • Low Spend/No Spend. Now that my Europe trip is booked, I need to make sure I am saving my money! Also, come May 3rd, my assistantship ends, which means I need another job. Complete prohibition of things typically does not work for me, so small things that I could use that are affordable (i.e. cheap), can be ok. But small things add up, too. Currently my facial, which was scheduled last month, and this month’s Stratejoy Circle are approved.

And basically, that’s my only goal.

After my Holiday Council Quarter 1 reflection call, I realized a lot of things I’ve had as “goals” were really more of tasks. Now, when it comes to these posts, there aren’t always big differences. But for looking at bigger things like HoCo? Yeah, I need to start sorting these out. Tasks just need to get done. Period. Goals? Those are the ones that I work towards, where I aim.

I have 5 weeks of school left, and then I’m done. All that’s left is my thesis. So all I really want for these 5 weeks is to not keep going feeling like a walking pile of death.

Sounds manageable, right?

What are your goals this month?