Hold on to your butts! – LEGO Jurassic World review

If you’ll remember, LEGO City: Undercover holds a special place in my heart. It’s also one of the few games I’ve ever 100%-ed. Though, yeah, the 3DS version isn’t as good because you loose the witty banter. And the script really makes the game. Anyway. LCU is what sold me on the LEGO video games. I tried LEGO Lord of the Rings, and was really excited about it… but… well, it’s a Wii game and not a Wii U game and yes there is a difference. I’m not so fond of the Wii menu interface on the Wii U. So, well, I sort of gave up on the game pretty early into it.

There have been a number of LEGO games that have come out since LCU, ones that have definitely caught my eye… but I never budgeted for them. But when I heard that TT Games & LEGO were putting out a Jurassic World game? I knew I had to find a way to get my hands on it. I mean, just check out the trailer!

(Also, for an actual gameplay trailer, you should watch this one.)

Anyway. I’ve had the game for over a week, logged roughly 19.5 hours, and completed the entire storyline mode. I spent 11 hours just on the story — which covers all 4 Jurassic movies. And after completing all of them, I was just over 34% done with the game. My guess is that if you don’t accidentally miss stuff, you might be about 35-36% done after the storyline… but yeah. The scripted part following the plot of the movies is only a small part of the game.

Lego Jurassic World Storyline Complete

Now, after LCU, this was not surprising to me. I think after you finished the story in that you were only about 40% done with the game, so this was par for the course.

Ok. So the rest of this review will have spoilers. So if you want any sort of surprise with the game, just move along and come back when you finish. I won’t mind, I promise.

The games follow fairly well with the movies. Some things were cut for time, and others were changed for various other reasons. One of the things that had me curious was how to deal with this whole obvious “dinosaurs eat man” issue. If you’ve seen the movies — even just one — you know that the dinos chow down on a couple of people. LEGO games, however, are the opposite of this. There is no blood or death, really, in the LEGO world. Sure, things bust apart, but it’s a very kid-friendly universe. I think, if memory serves, there’s only once or twice in this game that it’s hinted that people are eaten. For the most part, they’ve reworked this so it still remains a very kid-friendly game. So maybe your kid or younger sibling isn’t ready for the big screen dinos, but still interested in playing around as one, this game would be a perfect fit.

While knowing the movies’ plots does help some — it mostly just lets you know what to sort of expect. However, I will say that I have actually not yet seen Jurassic World… I’ve been lazy when it comes to getting out to the theater. Rather than wait until I could finally see it, I decided to go ahead and play through that part of the game. It spoiled maybe a couple things for me, but by this point the internet’s done enough of that anyway.

Since you’re playing through 4 movies, there’s a pretty big cast of characters that you’re going to interact with. One thing that I was pleasantly surprised with was that a good number of the actors from the movies voiced their characters in the game. Some stuff was definitely taken directly from the movies, but in general it was a nice touch. As is typical with the LEGO games, the different characters have different skills. Only certain people can deal with bones, only certain others can do the acrobatics (which, omg gender stereotypes), and only certain ones can shoot or throw things. One nice thing, once you’re in the free play, you can take any character from any movie and play any level. So if you want Jurassic World’s Owen Grady with Jurassic Park’s Ian Malcolm (in his torn shirt “survivor” mode), then you can have it.

Lego Jurassic World Owen & Ian

If you noticed, there’s a hexagon up in the top right — local 2-player option. So you can play with a friend or just switch between the two on your own. I haven’t tried the 2-player mode, but apparently it does a split screen. Otherwise, what’s on the screen can be mirrored on the gamepad, which is typically how I prefer to play. Which also means a single player can do off-tv play and let someone else watch something on the tv while they’re playing — or you know, marathon the movies while you’re playing. If you want to double up on your dinosaur mania.

Lego Jurassic World TRex and Jeff Goldblum

And one thing that I found out… since some characters have different variations, you can make your playable characters all different variations of that one character. So, I mean, how could you not just make everyone Jeff Goldblum? Also, if you notice in that picture… you can play as dinosaurs. And like the people, each dinosaur has their own special traits. Like other LEGO games, you can customize your minifig people and also the dinosaurs. I’ve yet to reach this part of the game but I am super excited to play Henry Wu and make my own dinosaurs. Some of the dinosaur play in built into the storyline, the rest can be done whenever you want in free play — or almost whenever you want. Some dinosaurs can’t go into certain areas. That’s just how it is.

Anyway. I’m completely sold on this game. I can definitely tell that I’ll want to 100% this game. It’s just too much fun and I’ll be sad when it’s done. But that’s what other safe files are for, right?

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

(Maybe having too much fun making Firefly references…)

*Yes, the links to Amazon are affiliate links. Though I have (had?) an affiliation with Nintendo, I purchased this game myself and of course all view points are my own.

Staaay Fresh! Understanding the hype that is Splatoon.

If you’re into gaming, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of this game. Heck, you might even own it. It’s the quirky, and definitely addictive “shooter” game from Nintendo, Splatoon. It’s been out since late May, but during the birthday weekend (13th), I finally picked it up.

MKGL Splatoon They see me rollin'

I remember when I first heard about it, I was like “what the heck is this game?!” And not in a “OMG MUST HAVE DAY 1” sort of way. I seriously couldn’t wrap my head around it. Even after it came out, I was a little hesitant. I knew it looked fun, and some of the others in my gaming league were raving… but… I mean. Squid people?!

I’ve had the game for less than a week, and I can tell you, if you have a Wii U, you should definitely pick this up.

Ok. So here’s the background that you need to know: Yes, this gets labeled as a “shooter” game, but really it’s more than that. It almost feels like some sort of old school playground game mixed in with elements of shooting games. I’ve never played paintball, maybe it’s like that… but we did A LOT of variations on capture the flag style games at summer camp. And this brings back those memories.

Now, I don’t like traditional shooting games. Running around killing things doesn’t really get me going. Running around trying to paint the entire map, defending your area, and taking out the enemy? Yeah, I can get behind that. And that’s basically what you’re doing in Splatoon. Your kill count doesn’t effect the final score. It’s all about who got the most paint on the ground. The battles are quick, just 3-minutes. And it’s so, so easy to catch yourself saying “just one more” for a couple hours before you finally put it down.

There’s also a 1-player story mode. I haven’t really gotten into that much yet, mainly because I keep working on leveling up and increasing my rank in battles. But I’ve heard many awesome things about the story mode, and if you want to take a good look at it, TJ‘s started filming them and you can check out the first video here.

Here are some of my initial thoughts regarding Splatoon’s battle mode:

» This is a game of percentages. It’s all about how much of the map you covered. Sometimes you’ll win big, sometimes you’ll lost hard. (As you can see below.) You can have 25 kills, but it doesn’t mean your team is going to win. Focus on the map and take out other players defensively. Don’t be that dick who lies hiding by the other team’s base sniping people right after they’ve respawned. (Not cool… just not cool.)

Photo Jun 15, 5 45 16 PM Photo Jun 16, 4 53 16 PM

» Definitely experiment with the different weapons. Each work for a different kind of game play. After about 10 hours I think I’ve found what works best for me, but a lot of times winning just depends on team work. Sometimes you get teamed up with people who really know how to support others on a team. Other times you get people who just go solo and don’t assist.

» Watch the map when you can. You’ll be able to watch your teammates, super jump to them if need be, and see the opposing team’s activity. Obviously, if you’re in the thick of things you can’t always spare a moment to look down. You can get a general idea of how your team is doing from the top of the screen. If your squids are big, it means you’re in the lead. If any squids have an X over them, that means someone was splatted (aka killed). If you’re not keeping an eye on your map, you can lose major ground.

» This may seem obvious, but for the love of Judd, COVER THE MAP. Get your base and the areas near by. Last thing you want to do is spend the last minute scrambling to cover land you could have gotten in the first 15 seconds, and it leaves it open for the opposing team to nab it. Seriously, nothing frustrates me more than seeing rollers run out to the middle and get in tangles with the enemy while the area by the base is left bare.

» Getting away from tactics and such… This game is just fun. It’s all bright colors: neon green, yellow, pink, bright blue, dark blue, fuchsia-y purple, bright orange… And then you’ve got all the weapons. Giant paint rollers and brushes, various squirt guns, even an NES zapper. There are special weapons like a missile launcher that creates a paint tornado-waterspout. Or one that creates a sonic boom and knocks out enemies in range (called the Killer Wail). The arenas have a surprising amount of places to explore. Also, I actually really like the music. You have all these bright colors and cute characters doing a silly thing like painting everything, and there’s this pseudo-metal in the background. I love it.

Splatoon: Inkling Rini

And then there’s the inklings. At first you’re all like “squid people? really?” … But yeah, the inklings grow on you. I mean, check out my girl. So fresh! (And yes, I’m #TeamCats.)

To Cute to Fail: #ShyGuysInCatKarts and new Mario Kart 8 DLC

You know those times when you suggest something really silly, that you just have to go with it? Recently, I purposed just that and my friends in my gaming group — The Mushroom Kingdom Gaming League — joined right in with me.

We held the first Shy Guys in Cat Karts tournament for Mario Kart 8.

Ok, so maybe everyone won’t find this as silly as I do… but, really? All Shy Guys in the Cat Cruiser Kart? It’s incredibly adorable.

First off, if you haven’t played Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U, or haven’t used Shy Guy yet in the game… Well… He meows. Like a cat. Well, like a little Nintendo guy would meow. And there happens to be a kart that looks like a cat. A pink cat. So combine the meowing guy in a cat car… Well. It’s awesome.

Shy Guy in Cat Cruise Kart, Mario Kart 8 for Wii U

What really brought this on, though, was the addition of a new DLC bonus that allowed us to change the color of our little Shy Guy, thus giving us 9 options of Shy Guys.

To get this bonus, you had to pre-order the 2 new DLC bundles. Which, frankly, are pretty exciting. DLC opens up a whole new level of possibilities for Mario Kart 8, and will be a super easy way to keep the game fresh. (Plus, hello brand partnerships — Nintendo’s already teamed up with Mercedes to offer 3 new, free, carts that look like some of their cars.)

But these new bundles? Super sweet and totally open up the game. You get 3 new playable characters and 2 more course options in each bundle. And we’re finally getting out of the Mario universe with these new additions. Link, Isabelle, and the Villager are joining the racing roster. As well as Tanooki Mario, Cat Suit Peach (YAY!), and Dry Bowser.

Mario Kart 8 DLC bundles

For roughly $12, this is a pretty sweet bundle. Though the waiting for these to be released is going to be killer. But in the mean time, not only do you get color options for Shy Guy, you get color options for Yoshi too. (So yes, I can see an all Yoshis on Yoshi Bikes race happening some day too.) And this is all available to you in the eShop as well as in the game menu.

In case you’re curious about the adorableness of our #ShyGuysInCatKarts tournament? Well, here’s a couple videos for you… And in case you’re curious,  I’m the dark blue Shy Guy.

Do you play Mario Kart 8? What are your favorite characters and karts?

100% complete: Victory, Lego City style.

So earlier this week, I reached a milestone. After 70-ish hours, I finally finished Lego City: Undercover.

I’d beaten the storyline last May, after 30-some odd hours of playing. Basically, I spent Memorial Day weekend doing nothing but playing this game. And it was a blast. But, after the storyline was done, well, some of the excitement was lost on me. So I put the game away.

At least until about a week ago. I had taken my Wii U with me to visit my family back in November. Lego City Undercover was the biggest hit with my brother and niece. Watching them love the game re-sparked my interest in it. Then life hit… but, things settled down a bit so I decided to give it another go.

The storyline only really consists of about 30-40% of the total game play. The rest is made up through accomplishing challenges throughout the districts. Things like stealing cars, capturing car thieves, arresting gangs, putting out fires, time trials, acrobatic free runs, catching aliens, smashing boulders, finding pigs (and then shooting them off in a canon), watering flowers, drilling thrill challenges, and rescuing cats. Also, hidden throughout the districts are various character and vehicle tokens. (Which you can also get for accomplishing some of the above.) All-in-all there are 290 characters and 110 vehicles. (Oh, and you have to collect all of the gold and red bricks too.) Some of these are found by going back through the special assignments and free playing.

Oh, and did I mention all the fun little Nintendo surprises they hid in there too? Yeah.

It all makes for a lot of fun, even with the missing storyline. Granted, of course, I wish there were DLC additional storylines, because I really don’t want this game to be over. And really, thinking back, I think this is the first game I’ve actually gotten 100% on. I’ve beaten a good number of games, but never with 100%.

Lego City Undercover 100%

So what do you do after completion? Use the mega-figure extra that comes with 100% and recreate scenes from movie monsters.



It’s frankly a proud day, but well… I’m sad it’s all over. So I bought Lego Lord of the Rings* with a giftcard I got for Christmas. It should be here on Tuesday.

*I wanted The LEGO Movie Videogame, but well, it’s currently out of my budget. Not that I’m not excited about the LOTR game, though, since I’m slightly obsessed with Tolkien right now. (Also: apparently I’m obsessed with Lego video games. Or rather, all things lego.)

Also: I received Lego City Undercover as a gift from Nintendo and Brand About Town. I’m still not being compensated to blog about the game, and as always, all thoughts are my own.

Wii Fit U Challenge Update: Final results are in!

WiiFitU Brand Ambassador Challenge Green TeamSo as you know, one month ago myself and 59 other Nintendo Brand Ambassadors (and our partners) began a Wii Fit U Fit Meter Challenge. Well on Sunday we wrapped everything up and the results are now in!

The winners of the Brand Ambassador challenge in both distance and altitude…

Green Team (#OnLikeDK) – 1673.5 miles (distance) and 88,848 feet (altitude)
2nd: Blue Team (#WiiFitBlu) – 1528.3 miles and 57,238 feet
3rd: Yellow Team (#TeamYellow) – 849.4 miles and 25,279 feet
4th: Red Team (#TeamRedHot) – 799.9 miles and 25,132 feet

As for individual and partnership honors… Me and Joey took both for distance (161.3 miles individually, 273.5 miles combined); and Katie and her partner took both for altitude (9,685 feet individually, and 20,557 feet combined).


I joked around with my team that since I didn’t have an actual job, I might as well walk like it was my job. However, while it wasn’t job-like, this challenge definitely added value to my days. Rather than sit around and shuffle around the house (or, more accurately, glue my butt to the couch all day)… I had something to do. Before that winter cold front hit, I was going outside and walking, sometimes twice a day. Getting out of my apartment and being active really did a lot of good for me.

I’m not the most active person. In fact, on Monday after the challenge was over, I gave myself a much needed day of rest and basically loafed on the couch all day (something I was doing before the challenge quite often). I only got 143 steps that day. When I was home a few weeks ago, I went walking with my mom and she commented that she noticed a change. She said last year I had a hard time doing one lap around the park, and here I was doing over 3 miles no problem! And at a better pace too.

Over the last few years, I’ve really let the endo take over. I stopped being active because often I felt too sick or was in pain. Even post surgery I’d be hesitant because I wasn’t sure what would cause pain or not. This challenge really gave me the motivation I needed to get off my butt, stop worrying, and take care of myself. While I haven’t lost any real weight (need to work on my stress eating still), I can tell I’m toning up a bit. And, I just feel absolutely better.

161.3 miles is a lot. But you know, it was definitely manageable. Yes, I went into #beastmode a couple of times… but really… we had a 28 day challenge, so it’s only really 5.76 miles a day. And that’s completely doable. And now that I know it’s doable, it’s something not so scary. Since I’m out of competition mode, I’m going to scale it back a little — mainly because YES, my legs were definitely tired by the end of the month — but going out at least 3-4 times a week and walking 5k (3.1 miles) is something I can definitely manage. If it’s too cold, I’ll happily just walk a mile. But I’ve started a good habit of being active and it’s something I’ve come to really enjoy. Not to mention if it wasn’t for this challenge, I don’t know if I would have had that final push I needed to sign up for my first 5K race.

This has been an absolutely fantastic challenge. The Fit Meter for the Wii Fit U is a great addition that I think a lot of people are going to enjoy. And the “workouts” in Wii Fit U are great too! I say “workouts” with the quotations because really, Nintendo’s done a fine job making most of them feel like games. Though one round on the core luge run and YES you will feel your abs burn. (And also, you still have until January 31st to pick up a Fit Meter and get the game for free!)

So congrats to my fellow teammates: Jenn, Terence, Terry, TJ, Doni, Mikey, Sam, Olga, Brett, SizzleSays, Kristina, Katie, Ef, and Sugar Jones! I <3 you all and am so glad to have been on a team with you! GO GREEN!

Once again, as a Nintendo Brand Ambassador, I received two Wii Fit U Fit Meters for free (one for me and for my partner). The Wii Fit U game was a free download from the eShop, and as mentioned because of the Fit Meter I now have the game forever. All opinions are my own. And many thanks to Nintendo for this great challenge!

Wii Fit U Challenge Update – Week 3: SO. CLOSE.

WiiFitU Brand Ambassador Challenge Green TeamWeek Three results are in! It’s definitely a close race. The challenge is going strong, and we’re currently in the middle of the final week… and the Green Team is ready for this final push!

But before we get to that, it’s time to share the results!

Blue Team (#WiiFitBlu) – 1223.9 miles
Green Team (#OnLikeDK) – 1217.5 miles
Yellow Team (#TeamYellow) – 712.13 miles
Red Team (#TeamRedHot) – 672.2 miles

6.3 miles behind the Blue Team! So it’s definitely going to be a strong race to the end. I’ve now managed 117.5 miles, passing the first check point in the game, and once again took the individual honors in distance. Also, Joey and I took partnership honors.

Wii Fit U week 3 check in

Green Team (#OnLikeDK) – 61,565 feet
Blue Team (#WiiFitBlu) – 45,137 feet
Yellow Team (#TeamYellow) – 21,289 feet
Red Team (#TeamRedHot) – 20,126 feet

Yet again, we’ve dominated the altitude. And yet again, Katie has taken individual honors with 6,548 feet total. She also snatched up the partnership honors too, with a combined total of 13,539 feet.

This current week is proving hard to me. A storm pulled through town last weekend, and with it came winter temperatures. It’s hard motivating yourself to go out and do your daily 5k walk when it’s 13° F out, not including the windchill coming off the lake! I’ve got my first official 5K this weekend, so I do need to get out and prep at some point. But I’m waiting until midday when it’s in the 20s.

But regardless, I’ve got it in my head that I’m going to get to the second check point this week, Venice. It’s doable. But yeah, I’m just being a baby about the cold. Also, walking for 5 hours at the Field Museum wore me out a bit. (But hey, it’s one way of getting in a lot of step inside where it’s warm!)

Again, as a Brand Ambassador, Nintendo sent me and my partner Wii Fit U Meters for the challenge. All opinions are my own.

*Also, originally I thought the Yellow Team’s hashtag was #HelloYellow, but I’ve most recently seen #TeamYellow. Not sure which they’re using.

One year with the Wii U and the games that are topping my wish list

So it’s be a year now with the Wii U, and, yes, I still absolutely love it. As a Nintendo Brand Ambassador, I had the opportunity to wait for one, as part of a champaign we would be doing… or I could buy one on release day. As you’ll recall, I showed up 3 hours before Best Buy opened and was first in line. I don’t regret a penny of that purchase. The Wii U is a part of my daily life now.

I have a small game collection, around 14 titles (including eShop purchases), and while I’m enjoying them, the holiday season is approaching… So, here’s my list of Wii U games and accessories that are on my list this year.

Super Mario 3D World – I was sold on this game from day one. Cat. Suits. Of course, there’s a whole lot more than just cat suits… For one, Princess Peach is a playable character again. The free world game play has been said to be reminiscent of Mario Galaxy. I mean, yes, it’s Mario vs. the bad guys again… but you know, that argument is old. GTA-Whatever is always the same in each game too.

Anyway. Mario’s back for another fun adventure that looks to be awesome for either solo-play or multiplayer. It comes out this Friday, November 22nd.

And I’m going to trust all the reviews and just tell you now this game is going to be amazing.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD – Ok. Confession time: I haven’t owned a Zelda game since the NES. But I’ve always loved Link and have eyed the games from the sidelines. I guess I felt a little intimidated to just pick up and start, but seriously, that’s all I really need to do. And I want to start here. (I mean, I also want to start with the new 3DS Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, too…)

Wind Waker originally came out for the Game Cube in 2002, they remade the game and released it in early October.

Pikmin 3 – Ok, so Pikmin is another series I’m just now getting interested in. My first introduction was through Nintendo Land, however, I am indeed aware that the game play is completely different.

The graphics look great, and the story sounds adorable. There’s puzzles and battles and an in-game camera. Plus, weird creatures. I love weird creatures.

Pikmin 3 was released in August.

Wii Party U with Black Wii Remote Plus – I loved the original Wii Party. I feel like this game will partner well with Nintendo Land and RabbidsLand for group game nights. I mean, yes, I live alone currently and most of these games are best suited for 3-4 players. But this just means I need more game nights.

Given the current cost of Wiimotes, the bundle is definitely worth it. Wii Party U came out in late October.

Mario & Sonic Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games with Blue Wii Remote Plus – I had the 2010 Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics game for the Wii. It was a lot of fun. It’s like other sports mix games, you choose your event and compete for the high title. The 2010 game was such a big hit between my younger sisters that I recently just gifted my copy to them. So, now I need my own copy for the Wii U. Naturally.

Again, always go for the bundles when you can. (Which is another reason why the Deluxe Wii U is the best way to go. And there are bundle options there too.)

The 2014 Olympic Winter Games just came out last week on November 15th.

Rayman Legends – My first introduction to Rayman was through the world of rabbids… You know, those crazy rabbit-like things that mostly just ran around screaming and scratching their butts… Yeah, those.

Rayman Legends was hyped up to be a huge hit for the Wii U in the Spring… But then Ubisoft decided it wouldn’t be a Wii U exclusive any more. Ok, no big deal. A lot of games are cross-platform. But then Ubisoft, much to the dismay of fans and developers, decided to push back the release so it’d come out for all the platforms at once. This initially caused me to be very grumbly. But you know, I’ve just heard too many things about Rayman Legends, and otherwise had positive things to say about Ubisoft in the past, to just let this one go.

Due to the above mentioned delays, Rayman Legends didn’t come out until September.

Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller
– So many games mostly just require the game pad and maybe some Wiimotes, but some games are somewhat better suited for the pro controller. Like ACIII and ZombiU. I don’t necessarily need this controller to play the games, but it would be nice to have around.

There are a handful of others that I wouldn’t mind… but those top my list of the games I don’t own yet.

If you’re looking for a game suggestion, definitely feel free to hit me up. I can help out with pretty much any Nintendo system game recommendation. Or if you’re curious about the different systems (including the 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS), just get in touch with me. I’m more than happy to help!

Though I’m a Brand Ambassador, Nintendo did not compensate me for this post. They didn’t even ask me to write it in the first place. So, yes, all opinions are my own. And, yes, the links are affiliate links. I’m unemployed and broke… You buying games helps me buy games later.

Wii Fit U Challenge Update – Week 2: Going strong like Donkey Kong!

WiiFitU Brand Ambassador Challenge Green TeamWe’re at the midpoint(ish) of our challenge! The weeks are just going by so quickly. We just got our results of week three and we’re only a few days away from reporting our data for week 3!

Here’s the team standings after week 2:

Blue (#WiiFitBlu) – 795.7 miles
Green (#OnLikeDK) – 745.9 miles
Red (#TeamRedHot) – 522.9 miles
Yellow (#HelloYello) – 397.7 miles

Second week we’ve taken 2nd place in distance. However, we also had a couple people not able to report their data due to traveling. So, we’re not sweating it too bad. It’s the final total that counts!

Individual honors for distance actually go to myself. I’ve got a total of 72.7 miles under my belt now. And with Joey‘s miles added in, we’ve taken the top partnership as well. I pushed myself like crazy last weekend. I don’t plan on letting up! This challenge has definitely brought out the competitive side in me, and being unemployed actually works to my favor in this.

Green (#OnLikeDK) – 39,642 feet
Blue (#WiiFitBlu) – 29,416 feet
Red (#TeamRedHot) – 16,206 feet
Yellow (#HelloYello) – #11,980 feet

And second week in a row we’ve dominated the altitude! I’m so proud of my team! And pretty in awe of my teammates! Because we all know I’m not making much of an impact. (My most recent update informed me that the distance I ascended was that of 150 eggs.)

Individual honors went to my teammate Katie again, with a total of 5,311 feet! Team honors went to TJ and Kathy Sue, who’ve done a 9,330 feet combined.

Overall, I know I said this a lot this month, but I am indeed feeling great. Even after my crazy, #beastmode day of non-stop activity. I think if my eating habits were a bit better right now, I’d actually be seeing some evidence of all these miles taking affect. But I’ve definitely started a habit of walking daily, and that’s a really good place to be.

The other thing that’s been really great has just been getting to do this experience with my teammates. I’ve got some really amazing people with me on the Green Team. I’ve loved joking around with them and encouraging each other. The only thing that could make this challenge better is being able to actually hang out with my teammates in person.

Again, as a Brand Ambassador, Nintendo sent me and my partner Wii Fit U Meters for the challenge. All opinions are my own. Also: you can read this post for a recap on the challenge perimeters and my teammates.

#WiiFitU Challenge Update – Week 1!

WiiFitU Brand Ambassador Challenge Green Team(For a quick refresher on the Wii Fit U challenge, read this post.)
The challenge is starting off great! And before I get into to much about it, let’s get to the results:

Blue (#WiiFitBlu) – 408.6 miles
Green (#OnLikeDK) – 382.4 miles
Red (#TeamRedHot) – 281.7 miles
Yellow (#HelloYellow) – 177.4 miles

Individual honors go to my teammate, Kristina, with 32 miles! Her team also took the partnership honors with a combined 62.1 miles. Though I don’t have my partner, Joey’s data since my WiiU and I were out of town on Sunday, I think we were close. I personally had 30.3 miles.

Wii Fit U - Italy Week 1

Green (#OnLikeDK) – 17,657 feet
Blue (#WiiFitBlu) – 13,848 feet
Red (#TeamRedHot) – 9,414 feet
Yellow (#HelloYellow) – 4,623 feet

Individual honors go to my teammate Kate, who had 2194 feet. The partnership honor went to my buddy/ teammate TJ and his partner Kathy Sue who had a combined total of 4806 feet. I think I personally had 229 feet… Which sort of surprised me since I live in the midwest and it’s just really flat here.

So an awesome first week and start for the Green Team! We’re all really pumped and determined to take first next week. I’m still keeping up with my 10,000 steps a day goal. Only missed it once, on Thursday when I was traveling to Indiana. And honestly, I am feeling great.

While visiting my family, I also managed to complete my first 5K walk. I finished it in 54:33, and had my fastest walking mile to date, 17:26. 5K always seems so intimidating. I mean, runners do 5Ks, and I’m not a runner. But I did it, and I felt great afterwards. And suddenly 5K seemed really obtainable. So now it’s my daily walking minimum goal. Which is great because at the beginning of the challenge I signed myself up for my very first official 5K run/walk. Now, I still plan on walking it rather than running, but it’ll be a fast walk. Yesterday, I did another 5K walk and already bested my previous record. 51:26 total, with a 16:14 mile. I couldn’t feel my face after mile 2 — it was 30 degrees outside! — but I did feel great for keeping up a good pace!

11-12-13 fastest 5K

I’m using the Nike+ app to help me track my walks, and I really like it. It’s sort of the perfect partner to this challenge. At least the distance part.

Like I said, overall, I’m feeling great. And I actually am seeing some results. My BMI is steadily decreasing, which is great because I’m so ready for the Wii Fit U to stop telling me how overweight I am. The fact that the Wii Fit series have always puffed up “overweight” Miis has not been one of my favorite features. (Seriously, I’m not that big.) But that small frustration is quickly forgotten once you’re into the games. I’ve mostly been doing the balance games. Which has also paid off because my balance has finally gotten to an even 50-50! (Ok, so I wasn’t too far off to begin with, but hey, it’s still a cool accomplishment.)

So week 1 went well and week 2 is starting off great! I’ve got an amazing team and I can’t wait to see how awesome we do this next week. It’s safe to say we’re all slightly competitive and ready to step up our games to get first place. I mean, look at (most of) us. We’re awesome and adorable. (And yes, I am wearing a scuba outfit.)

Wii Fit U green team

Again, as a Nintendo Brand Ambassador, I received a Wii Fit U meter as part of this challenge. But as always, my opinions are always my own. Also: Go Green!

#WiiFitU Brand Ambassador Challenge: It’s On Like Donkey Kong!

WiiFitU Brand Ambassador Challenge Green TeamToday I’m beginning a really fun challenge. I’m joining 59 other Nintendo Brand Ambassadors for a month-long fitness challenge. Well, ok, I’m joining 14 other ambassadors competing against 45 others.

I’m part of the Green Team, which includes: Jenn, Terence, Terry, TJ, Doni, Mikey, Sam, Olga, Brett, SizzleSays, Kristina, Katie, Ef, and Sugar Jones. I love my team. We’re awesome. I already know half of them personally. And needless to say, we’re all pretty pumped for this.

The challenge works in two ways: measuring the distance we’ve walked/run, and measuring the altitude we’ve climbed/hiked. This is done with a Fit Meter. We wear this as we go about our day, and it keeps track of all of that. It’ll also tell you what time it is and the temperature. Oh, did I mention it also displays a little 8-bit version of your Mii’s face? It’s adorable.

The Fit Meter syncs up with the WiiU game pad and transfer your data into the game. One of the cool things about Wii Fit U is that the game has a Fit Meter Challenge actually as part of the game. So anyone can do this! In either the Walking Challenge or the Altitude Challenge, you pick a course from the map — and you can pick from a selection around the world. We’re doing a tour of Italy and Everest, but I couldn’t help but check out Chicago’s walking challenge…

WiiFitU Fit Meter Challenge Chicago

The more active we are outside of the game, the better we do in the challenge. For a hermit like me, it’s slightly intimidating. I spend all my time at home, mostly on the couch. However, this also means I have all the time in the day to get out and be active! I’m actually considering using this challenge as a means of starting the Couch to 5K program. I’m so not a runner (or really in shape at all, other than helping the band load gear), so you know, I’m almost 30 and I wouldn’t mind taking care of myself a little better. Of course, I have to wait until my health is slightly better before I start jogging… but, still, this could be a good time to do it. (But no promises.)

Regardless, I plan on walking a lot. The altitude part is going to be a little harder, since well, the Midwest is super flat. But you know, there are plenty of stairs to help with that.

While the official challenge hashtag is #WiiFitU, you can follow the Green Team by using #OnLikeDK — because, of course, It’s On Like Donkey Kong. We’ll be checking in each Sunday through December 1st to report our progress, so you can most-likely expect updates from me on Mondays. (Or randomly throughout the challenge on the AdorkableMe Facebook page.)

Also: WiiFitU is available in the eShop from now until January 31st for a free one-month trail — of course you need to own a Balance Board first. And as a bonus, for those who buy a Fit Meter and register it with their WiiFitU, they get to keep the game for free after the trail is over! (Now, Fit Meters have been sold out many places, but keep checking! You can find them in 3 colors: white/green, white/red, and black/silver.) WiiFitU officially comes out December 31st.

*I received 2 free Fit Meters from Nintendo as part of this challenge. One for myself, the brand ambassador, and another for a partner. Brand About Town selected and assigned the teams. All thoughts are still my own.