Home from LA, now BlogHer bound!

Our LA tour was amazing. It was such a blast! … and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, next week. Because for now, I’m getting ready for BlogHer13.

Who knew my unemployed life would be so full and busy? Regardless, I’m loving it. And soon I’ll work out that whole income thing.

But yes. Tomorrow BlogHer starts, and thankfully for me it’s here in Chicago — so no more traveling, for now at least. (It is still tour season after all, so I’m leaving for the east coast in a matter of weeks!) I’ll be live tweeting some of the panels, and sharing as much of BlogHer as I can. As will the other lovely ladies of the 20SB Chicago crew of the Exec Board, Jenn & Renee. Click here to find out our schedules. If you’re attending BlogHer, come find us and say hello!

What I’m looking forward to at BlogHer

» Networking. I want to meet bloggers. I want to meet brands. I just want to meet people and really get my name out there. I mean, I’m looking for some form of employment/income, so the more people who know me, the better. Not to mention, it’s been a while since I’ve expanded my blogger community, so it’s about time I got out there and discovered new people/blogs myself!

» Panels. Ok, so I’m a huge nerd and I love anything with even the slightest hint at academics and education. At first I thought I’d hit all the writing panels, but well, the writing I’m going for isn’t quite covered here so I’m going to save those things for my actual writing program. I’m interested in some of the marketing (and yes, monetizing) ones, but I’m really torn because it feels like as a personal blogger if you’re going to make money from your blog you either have to become a life coach or some how make it to Deuce level with advertisers and book deals.

» Focus. It seems like whenever people go to one of these massive blogger conventions/parties/whatever, everyone leaves supercharged with so many ideas about what they want to do with their blog and life and just are ready to tackle all the crazy challenges and push themselves further. I’m still in that crazy limbo area of being able to do whatever I want with my life and sort of unsure which way to go because there are too many options before me. So hopefully I’ll get a little bit of focus on what it is I actually want to do with my life now.

» Swag. Be honest, you’d go for the swag too. Last time, in 2009, I got like a pound of Play-Doh. Ok. So back then a lot of it felt like it was geared towards mommy bloggers. I’m really hoping that’s changed this year. But who doesn’t love free stuff?

I might check out some of the parties, but I really don’t feel like I know much about what’s happening in the evening hours. There’s no big Nintendo Ambassador meet up this time, so I guess I’ll be playing this by ear. (Also, Low Down Brass Band is playing at the Hideout on Friday night, so there’s that.)

Are you going to BlogHer? Let me know! Let’s try to meet up at some point. You can always find me via twitter, @myadorkablelife.

All These Things (October Edition)

– Last weekend I spent the day with my friend Sharon. It was awesome. We went to a Pug Party. An absurd number of pugs and their owners—and the three of us who were there just to see a room full of pugs. So. Many. Pugs. And pugs in costume! One of the owners tried to apologize for their dog affectionately jumping all over us as we sat on the floor. That’s sort of exactly why we chose to sit on the ground.

Oh, and the weekend gets better. We headed over to Aloft Circus Arts to check out El Circo Cheapo‘s new show. Hoping this week to dedicate a whole post to it… but the short of it, if you’re in Chicago, you need to check them out.

A super awesome friend of mine and I are communicating using pictures of our cats. It gives me the giggles every time.

– This is the first October since I lost my stepmom that I’ve held it together. It’s been six years now. It’s still hard. But I don’t really feel guilty about our lives moving forward without her. I think she’d be proud of the women & young ladies her daughters are becoming…

– This past Friday I read a facebook status that made me amazingly pouty and grumbly. But a few hours later I got a really awesome email, completely unrelated, which put the biggest smile on my face.

– Friday night I also wore my Tanooki hood most of the night, marathoned RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 4), ate an entire bag of Snickerdoodle cookies, and enjoyed some bourbon & ginger ale. I may have also dyed my hair soft black and painted my nails Mango Bango.

– Writing Class is kicking my ass. There’s just so much reading, and people keep turning in more than one story for workshop… just adding to the amount I have to read (and then also write a written response/critique to)… It’s like half an inch stack of paper each week. Luckily my next story isn’t due until a week from this Friday.

– Two Mucca shows this month! Otto’s on the 27th, and then Double Door on the 31st.

– 20SB is keeping me busy! Lots of exciting things, but first: we’re speaking out this month against bullying. Find out how you can help!

– I know that I’m an adult, but sometimes certain things just hit that feeling home. Like buying a new TV. (Which, major thanks to gRegor & Joey for making this happen!) I know pretty much everyone has big flat screens now, but I really saw no reason to get rid of my perfectly good tube tv—even if it only had mono audio input… But it was finally time for a new TV, and sales and discounts and all that.

– I used to have this great positive confidence—that rock star feeling of “I can do anything/not going to let small shit get me down”, and I don’t really know when I lost it, but it came back… and I’m not letting it go.

Being part of the joke (20SB Blog Swap: Childhood Summer Vacation)

Hi!  My name is Jacque, and I’m the blogger over at The Dapper Lass. I mostly write about books, tea, and my life in general. Erini and I are partners in 20sb’s 2012 Blog Swap. You can find Erini’s post over on my blog.

The idea is to write about our favorite childhood summer vacation. To be honest, I feel like it’s been so long ago that I will never be able to remember all the details of any of my summer vacations. I’m only 22, but that childhood amnesia has already set in.

Every year, my dad’s side of the family usually gets together for a week long family vacation. Because of schedule conflicts, we haven’t been able to make it the past four years, but we went a lot when I was little. Nowadays, we all meet up in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. The amount of lighthouses I’ve toured at this point has become completely ridiculous. I’ve had three or four different surfing instructors (I’m still pretty hopeless at it).

The traditional vacationing spot when I was little, though, was whatever Jellystone Park we picked that year. Does Jellystone Park sound familiar? It should. That’s Yogi Bear’s park. There are even pictures of us posing with wooden cutouts of Yogi, Boo-boo, and Cindy Bear. Boo-boo was my favorite. He even came to our camp one year.

The places aren’t really what stick out in my head. Every year, we always have a bit of a Christmas in July (or June, which is when we’ve taken to meeting up) where we all get assigned someone for whom to get gifts. We call it Pollyanna. I don’t know if this is a thing that other families do; I’ve always just assumed it’s a thing in just my family. We do it because there’s so many of us. My dad is one of ten. So when you add in spouses and children, the gifts start getting kind of crazy. It’s much easier to do the Pollyanna thing. When we get old enough, we don’t just get normal gifts… We start getting gag gifts as well. And I think gag gifts are the best part. For example, I remember when I was ten, and one of my uncles had my grandmother. He got her a box of condoms with a card that said “Oops… Too late!”

That was my favorite summer vacation as a kid. Not because of that joke (I didn’t really get it at the time; I just laughed along because everyone else seemed to find it so funny, and other people laughing usually makes me laugh). It was because that was the year I received a gag gift. Another one of my uncles gave me a Harry Potter action figure with a note that said “your first boyfriend” because I had the biggest crush on Daniel Radcliffe at the time. The jokes have certainly gotten more adult (and almost always about the amount of real boyfriends I’ve had over the years), but being a part of the joke for the first time made that year really special.

What about you? Does your family have any crazy traditions like this?

Definitely make sure to check out all the other blog swappers (I’ll update late with the forum/blog link of the post list). And of course, many thanks to Jacque for being such a great swap partner! (Remember, you can find my post about one childhood summer memory on her blog!)

5 years back

Twenty-Something Bloggers, that massive network of personal bloggers, is turning 5 this week. And as part of the celebration, we’re hosting a blog carnival (sponsored by GlassesUSA.com).

As part of the Executive Board, we shared our carnival letters to ourselves from 5 years ago on the 20sb blog. So, you can read my letter there… However, I do want to share some highlights from the past five years…

I moved to Chicago. Yep. Five years ago this month I moved to Chicago. I had just graduated from college, and was super excited about moving to Chicago with (but not as roommates) my friend Chrissy. Granted, Chrissy moved back home about a month into it… but I stayed and Chicago definitely has become my home now. I absolutely love it here.

I adopted the kittens. Though they’re a handful, I love these little furballs. It’s kind of weird now, because every so often I look at them and go “YOU’RE A CAT!”… I still picture them as my teeny tiny kittens…

I met Mucca Pazza. Four years ago, also this month, my friend Josiah invited me to Andersonville’s Midsommarfest. “There’s this band you’ll love…” A bit of an understatement. You’d have to be absolutely new to my blog to not know that I consider this bunch of band nerds my Chicago Family. (LYA, Muccas!)

I gained another mom. We welcomed Cynthia into our family, and I am so grateful for all that she brings. I know my (half) sisters miss their mom, as I do too, but I do believe that Cynthia has opened them to new worlds and possibilities.

Oh the jobs I’ve had… From working as a nanny, to working in a biological imaging lab with lasers and liquid nitrogen and a 56″ poster printer, to managing a toy store, to running a school… There were ups and downs and some really not pretty moments, but there was some fun times there.

Hello, Endo. Not a happy thing, but still a big part of these five years. It tested me, and still does. I’m learning to adjust not only my diet, but just my regular habits. I still have hard days, painful days, but overall, I’ve pushed through it and I can definitely say my self-esteem is a lot better.

I pursued passions. Summer writing conference. A Stanford writing course. Writing workshop. Portfolio School. The Graham School’s Writer’s Studio. Not to mention all the crazy side projects I’ve started over these 5 years…

I don’t know if I would change much. There were definite not-good moments. But I’m happy. I’ve got some pretty awesome people in my life. I get to do some pretty cool things. Life isn’t that bad.

“These next five years in Chicago are going to be amazing, once you get to look back on them.

Relax, you’re amazing”

let’s get excited

Things to get excited about:

→ Food Trucks. Today I’ll be hoping on the Leather Bus and heading to Indy with the Muccas for First Friday Food Truck Fest. 30 Food trucks. Including Der Pretzel Wagen. I want food from all the trucks.

Tour de Fat. New Belgium kicks off their amazing beer & bike festival tomorrow in Nashville. And yes, we’ll be there too. I love TdF. Even if I can’t drink beer. It’s an amazing time, lots of great performances… you should definitely not miss it.

→ Lit Fest. Writer nerds unite.

Tweetup Brunch! Lots of bloggers and twitter-ers gathering together for the best and most important meal? Yes please. (Especially 50% off brunch!)

→ Safety Fifth. Mucca’s new CD will be available June 12th. CD. Vinyl. Digital download. Get on it.

→ MY BIRTHDAY. (13th)

→ MP Birthday Tour. 3 of us have birthdays right in a row. Like we needed a reason for a non-stop party.

Mucca east coast tour: NYC & DC (14-16).

→ 20SB’s 5th Birthday.

→ New bikinis. ’nuff said.

→ Oh, and I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo.

How’s your June look?

Erini in Real Life: this is who I am. (a sort of reflection from the 20sb summit)

This weekend was amazing. Exhausting in the best way. Or as we used to say, epic.

I took part in the inaugural 20SB Summit. Around a hundren bloggers all here in Chicago, doing more than just drinking. It was a great weekend of inspiration/aspiration and application–aka we listened to a lot of our fellow bloggers kick our ass with motivation.

There were many applicable lessons to be learned, but one big one that’s stuck with my throughout today is about being authentic and being willing to truly expose yourself, good and bad.* To take risks. As Jenny Blake put it, there are three pilars to blogging: vulnerability, courage, and community. This will take hold of two of them, hopefully involving all three.

In taking a quick inventory of my life, there are three big things that are holding me back. I may have hinted at them, or mentioned them briefly in the past, but it’s time to face them. 1) I’m in a financial mess. 2) I’m afraid of being alone, and never finding love. 3) I may have many passions, but I have no idea what I’m doing or what I should do with my life.

Ever since I quit my job at Northwestern University in 2009, I’ve been in a financial mess. I’ve been struggling to get by–mostly I’ve been able to do it, but there’s definite times when it’s come to “pay rent or buy groceries.” I’ve been trying, but I haven’t been able to get myself out of this hole. When I was starting to get a little bit stable, I ended up in and out of the hospital a lot. And then I quit a job for another one, only for that company to fold three months later.

While I tend to live my life somewhat okay despite my financial situation, there’s a lot going on in my life. I’ve been generally happy, but that underlying fear is still there. I wonder who’s going to love me. Hell, it’s just who’s going to date me. I seem to keep falling for guys who don’t fall for me. Or in one case, someone who’s in a happy relationship. Regardless, I’ve spent more time than I’d like feeling alone. If this were a romantic comedy, I should have gotten the guy by now. Even beyond the dating, I have uncalled for insecurities regarding friendships too. I’ve never felt like I’ve had a best friend. I always feel like I’m just that girl people like, but if I left their lives it wouldn’t be a major upset. I know that it’s this fear that’s held me back from getting to know people.

In that same sort of floundering feeling… Guys, I don’t know what I’m doing in my life. I left the summit thinking “well what the hell?” I just don’t know what I want to do. I have so many passions, but very little direction. I love writing, but it’s hard to make a living on writing. I love design, but I’m struggling with some things–like whether or not I want to actually work in advertising, or the fact that I’m not that fond of logo design. I’d love to open a restaurant or cafe. I have a (not-so?) secret ambition to be a rock star, but I have major stage fright/anxiety. I’d like to teach, but in what? I mean, I think I just want a job like Craig Benzine’s (Wheezy Waiter), getting paid to be awesome. I wouldn’t call this a quarter-life crisis, but it’s been taxing.

I’d much rather pretend that everything is okay. It doesn’t fix the problem, nor does it really do any favors for me and the people around me. I’m not sure how I’m going to solve any of these issues… But this is who I am.

I don’t know if I’ll write a real re-cap post of the summit here or not. (There’ll be one on the CPS blog, though.) But I will say that I went into it not expecting much–not because I didn’t think it’d be awesome, but because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t look into any of the panels before the summit. I just knew I’d be spending time with some awesome bloggers and that’s about it. I met some really cool people, and I wish we had more time to spend together (especially since I wanted to get to know some people better). But overall, I deem the summit a great success. If not for anything other than it’s taught me not to be ashamed of what’s holding me back.

*okay, well, the real thing that was said was something about the value of truth posts. I honestly can’t remember the wording that was used because I was busy being all 20SB/CIA and listening to the voices in my ear. Seriously, how did I not get a picture of (volunteer) CIA Rini this weekend?!
**CIA just meaning that I was wearing an ear piece for my walkie talkie.
***ugh, sort of lame post title. this is what happens after late night blogging. 

Blog Swap #9: my Brazilian summer

Hey Everyone!

I’m Poly and I’ll be your Erini for the day today! For 20SB, we were given blog partners for the 9th Blog Swap to post today on something summer related as the season comes to a close.

I guess what’s most interesting about my “summer,” is that it’s technically still winter where I am! I live in São Paulo, Brazil, and for almost 4 years now, I’ve been free of the harsh New England winters I grew up in to the mild southeastern Brazilian ‘winter,’ where cold is low 50s and windy. My blog is pretty much about my experience moving back to Brazil, and is aptly entitled Disseram Que Voltei Americanizada (They Say I’ve Returned Americanized).

Since for me summer is on the horizon, I thought I’d talk to you guys about what we typically do here in São Paulo in the spring and summer months and share a few pictures of my past few summers in the city and nearby towns and beaches!

Living in one of the biggest (size and population wise!) cities in the world and add being in Latin America to the equation, you can imagine how insane the city life can get here! Mostly what we tend to do here on weekends in the summer is escape from Sampa City, or find our own little escapes inside the city.

So what am I looking forward to this summer?

Running in the park
Can we all come to an agreement that people who run in the winter aren’t normal human beings and possess some sort of super power genetics where they’re able to face cold wind on their faces for the pleasure of being in shape in the winter?

Um, yeah. No thanks. I’ll do the inside the building pilates thing, thanks.

But I do like to run in temperate weather. And the weather’s just getting bearable enough for night runs in Ibirapuera Park!

Escaping to the Shore
There are fabulous beaches just an hour away, but the weather at these beaches is iffy. It’s way too chilly in the winter and it can rain during the summer. So the best thing to do is just wait for a Saturday morning when you wake up, call your bestie and say, “It’s sunny out. Let’s take advantage!”Rush to the beach, traffic pending, and make the most out of the day with a guaranteed refreshing breeze, beach volleyball or soccer (or futevolei – a combination of both! also way too complicated for me…), and drinks at the kiosk watching the sun set behind the hills before reluctantly heading back to the city.

New Years Eve
In the SUMMER! Ok, for those who don’t find this fascinating, skip this part. For those who live in cities where New Years Eve is f*’in cold out and all you have is getting wasted with your friends watching fireworks on TV, at the club you paid way too much for (hors d’oerves at NYE parties always seem to suck, no?), or snuggling with… your mom… then you understand me. And in Brazil, people make it a point to go to the beach because there are all sorts of superstitions that involve jumping in the ocean at midnight… which pretty much gets me excited for it every year. So much that I’ve already booked flights and an Airbnb apartment in Rio. Holler.

Outdoor Arts & Antiques Fairs 
One of my favorite things about this city is how eclectic it is. And one arts fair has different things from the other, unlike most bigger toursity type cities. I love waking up late on a Saturday afternoon, hitting up a local farmer’s market for groceries and then after bringing my stuff back home, pretending to be such a hipster and finding a new fair nearby or really far away and pretend to be able to afford the incredible antiques and paintings and overall knickknacks I come across.

Oh, and of course it’s worth mentioning all these fairs here have food stalls too. Yum.

Last but certainly not least, Carnaval for Brazilians is almost like Labor Day for Americans. It’s our last chance to party before, well, reality. It’s an ongoing joke that Carnaval is the real Brazilian New Year (hey, if other countries can pick a date…). This year,  I headed to the Northeast for Carnaval in Pernambuco, where I had tons of fun at the beach, jumped like crazy to Afro-Brazilian drum bands (aka, Maracatu),  went scuba diving, and caught national rock bands at night!

Now that I’ve made you all jealous and you hate me… I have to admit, I do miss the leaves changing colors in the fall!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my tiny cultural summer blog post.

Beijos, and take care 🙂

From Erini: Can I just say that I’m completely jealous of Poly’s summer. Or everyone in Brazil’s summer. I mean, I’ve got a beach, but she’s got a real one. Anyway, you can read about my summer over on her blog!

getting ready for awesomeness, the 20sb summit.

The 20sb Summit is inching, no, RUNNING closer and closer. The count down is in days, that I can count on one hand. It’s big. The last time we had a huge group of 20sb bloggers in Chicago was 2009 for the Ultimate Meetup.*

20sb has come a long way since that weekend party. For starters, pretty sure we hadn’t even reached 10,000 members then. Hell, probably not even 7-8,000… We’re over 18,000 now. More every single day–I know, I’m on the admin team and I can see how the application list changes. Also, this is a real summit. We’ve got speakers and panels as well as parties.**

Now, thanks to CPS, I’ve been sort of “on” in terms of readiness to meet new people–what with all the various design events I’ve been going to this summer. So I’m good to go for the summit. It also helps that I know a good handful of the bloggers going. But that first time I met a large group of bloggers, yeah, I was super nervous. I tried to mask it, and I tried liquid confidence (booze, people)… but what really got me through is the simple fact that we’re a group of awesome, open, and inviting people. We’re personal bloggers, it’s in our nature.

I love when conferences and events like this are in Chicago. For one, I’m too poor to travel anywhere–seriously, had Mucca not taken me on tour, I might not have left the city this summer. Also, I love Chicago. This city is awesome. It’s not too hard to get around–though if you need tips, I wrote some for the 20b blog here. There’s always some sort of show/concert going on. And the lake, which truly does make a huge difference. (Hell, I’m a fan of the river… I’ll be even more of one once they clean it up.) So, I’m super excited for a lot of bloggers to come and enjoy my city. Not to mention, August in Chicago is quite nice.

School’s kept my away from the blogging community. And I cannot wait to spend all weekend immersed completely in it. So, to get ready for that… here’s some visual treats from that epic 2009 meetup…

If you’re going, say hi! I no longer have pink hair (or much hair really), but I’ll be there in all my dorky, awkward glory.

*It was just a long weekend of touring Chicago and drinking. But it was awesome.
**You might be asking why that’s important… It shows that yes, we’re 20-somethings but we also take our blogging lives seriously. 

awesomeness overload: concerts, free stuff, summits, and VEDA.

So. Life? Hectic. I think we’ve got that.

I’ve been sick all week with some sort of cold-bronchitis thing* that’s been going around school. It’s meant crazy coughing fits and a raspy voice. Sexy, right? And of course, there’s the never ending work load from school on top of it. (Who got 80 logo sketches, color palette, 4 mood boards, 4 wrapping papers, 5 mocked up bag designs that I hand built, and 5 mocked up can labels all done for Thursday’s class? Oh yeah. Me. Were they perfect? No where close. But they were done. Next week I have 90 logos, 15 mocked up pieces, and a revised color palette… and that’s just one class.)

Anyway. This is all about previewing good news, as well as sharing some highlights of awesomeness.

Awesomeness that has happened:
  • I had maybe my best week in my typography class (even outside of finishing my absurd crazy “use a word repeated to create an image of an actual heart” piece.)  My instructor (whom I love) said one of my layouts was possibly one of his favorite pieces he’s seen that day, that it reminded him of something from McSweeney’s. Given that I struggled so. freaking. much. in typography last quarter, this was amazing for me.
  • I’m crossing off something from my life list. It has two wheels and is very pretty. (post coming soon)
  • I won a blog contest!** And then I get a tweet from the company of the product I won saying they’ll send me a second one! (post coming soon)
Awesomeness to come:
  • I’m getting a job at school starting next quarter which will take a chunk out of my tuition balance. (Still gotta get another job to pay rent/buy food.)
  • Mig Reyes is speaking at school on Friday. He’s amazing. He works for Threadless, is a former instructor at CPS (I hope he comes back so I can attend at least ONE class with him), and an awesome designer. If you’re in Chicago I suggest coming. It’s free and will be great–I saw him speak at HOW Design Live this year, and immediately told our school director he should do the same at school. And so he is. This Friday, August 19th at 5:30pm at the Chicago Portfolio School Annex (25 w Hubbard, 2nd Floor). Be there.
  • The 20SB Summit starts next Friday! I’m volunteering at the event and am looking forward to seeing so many of my blogging friends as well as meeting new ones. Are you going? Tell me so I can look out for you!
  • Mucca is playing that Friday night too. (Busy day!) Though I’m sad because this venue has their merch booth outside of the concert hall, well, I’m glad to be hearing my nerdy friends play again. I never get tired of these guys. Love them all. Hopefully having a girls night with a couple of them (and some girls from school) in the near future.
  • Monday I’ll be heading over to see Hot Grits and Ssssnake at The Hideout after class.
Other Awesomeness:
  • If you didn’t know, VEDA is happening. (Vlog Every Day in August) I sat down and watched a straight marathon of Nico yesterday. He’s just one of many amazing people participating. I’m not. I’m going to use my whole being sick and not having much of a voice as my excuse. (And did you see my work load for just my Thursday night class?) You should really check these people out and give them some commenty love.
That’s a whole bunch of awesomeness.
*My mom’s convinced that I’m going to get pneumonia since I haven’t seen a doctor.
** I’d love to do a giveaway sometime… but all I have to give right now is my love. Which you all win. (Seriously, someone hook a dork up and let me show my readers some giveaway love!)

20SB Vlog Day

So technically yesterday was the 20SB Vlog Day, but with everything going on with school and AIGA, I couldn’t get a video done by then. Granted, even today I’m not doing so well — I’m just exhausted. There’s one last week of this quarter, one final class for each course. So hard to believe, but it means I have a lot to do and not much time to do it.

But in between these nap attacks that have sort of taken over my day — if I wasn’t so exhausted I’d fight back — I was able to get this little 3 minute Vlog out…

In the wake of a design hangover, that’s what you get.

Oh, and I guess things I didn’t expound on because hey, I didn’t say a damn thing…

  • I’m 26. Only for the next couple days.
  • I’m from Chicago (I think I’ve lived here log enough to say that? probably not, I’m “from” Indiana, but dude, Chicago is my home).
  • For those who don’t know, 20SB (Twenty-Something Bloggers) is this awesome and MASSIVE community of personal bloggers, majority of whom are in their twenties… (you have to be 20 to join, but we don’t kick you out once you’re 30…) But yeah… there’s almost 18,000 members worldwide now. And I’m slacking on my Community Mod Lead job.
  • I go to school at the Chicago Portfolio School.
  • Here’s the link for my portfolio blog (one you can actually click).
  • I actually have a shark tattoo… and sleep with a stuffed hammerhead. (What?)
  • I’m a Nintendo Brand Ambassador.  It’s awesome. I love Brand About Town and Nintendo.
  • I forgot to wear my dino costume hat… which is basically a dino head. Sorry. Next time. Just for Nico.
  • That pop-up book I made needs fixing because the Yes! Paste acted crazy.
  • Okay, so it’s a bell-front, but it’s still a euphonium. Some might call it a baritone, but I did the measurements. (The difference is conical vs cylindrical — euphoniums have conical tubing, it gradually increases in size throughout the horn.)
  • Nerdy girls are awesome. Seriously dudes, you’re missing out.

If you’re new here, whether I already know you or not, say hi! Introduce yourself — share the link to your 20SB Vlog Day post, or just leave a little comment. I’ve had fun watching the other videos so far, and will hopefully be a good blogger and say hi to the new (to me) people.