feeling like summer (also: new site design)

First, if you’re reading from a RSS reader, I highly recommend clicking through to see the site. New colors.

Been wanting to have some fun with the site design, but not wanting to do a complete redesign (just yet, at least)… so BAM. Summer colors. New font. New pictures. Same pink dinosaur.

I know Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20th… but with tour season well on it’s way, it sort of feels like it to me. Plus lovely weather, music festivals, bikini shopping…

This last weekend we were in Nelsonville, Ohio for the annual Nelsonville Music Fest. It was great. Super hot on Saturday, but well, lots of fun. Festival sold the merch, so I was on crowd duty. Got to meet a lot of cool people & fans. Mucca’s good friend Andrew Bird was there as well, so I finally got to see and hear his full set! This time, however, his large band was gone and it was just him. I’ve got to say, this guy is crazy talented. It was exactly the Andrew Bird show I wanted to see, and I got to see it from backstage!

There was also a nice little surprise for the audience. Bird invited Mucca to join him for his last two songs. I’m always proud of my Muccas, but I was just beaming for them. So much joy! (And yeah, tiny bit jealous, but in the best way possible.)

Our cheerleaders had an important question for Andrew Bird… “Will there be snacks?”

It was a really great weekend. Camping in some nice cabins. Campfires. S’mores. So much laughter… Just lots of fun with some great people. Oh, and finally getting to actually meet Andrew Bird along with rather than just staring at him awkward and looking away quickly once I realize I’m staring again… so awesome.

I just can’t stop smiling. (highlights of the week)

This past week brought me back from DC and amazing shows at the Lincoln Theater and Kennedy Center, to more amazing shows at the Filmore in Detroit and the Auditorium Theater here in Chicago. Both with Andrew Bird.

Pretty sure this was my first time in Detroit. It really wasn’t too far off from how I pictured it–though, I will say we were in nicer parts of town. The fans that we met were super nice though. As were our hosts from the Detroit Party Marching Band. (And also the folks at the Avalon Bakery and their neighbors with the amazing green smoothies!)

I ended up “getting stuck” in the city overnight. I was supposed to go home, but well, when both cars going back wanted to leave before I was able to leave, it meant I stayed. Given that this is how I was introduced to Avalon Bakery, I’m not too sad. I still have half a loaf of (very tasty) brioche at home.

Saturday morning, the band and I celebrated the 100th birthday of Chicago author, Studs Terkel. It may have been raining, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time.

Afterwards I got to have lunch with an amazing person I don’t get to see very often. I can’t even remember when I first met Dan, or what tour we connected on… but I just know whenever we see each other now, we just light up and give each other the biggest hug ever. It’s pretty awesome. We have some plans we’re going to collaborate on, which I’m excited about.

Saturday night really was the highlight of the week. The Bird show was amazing. And I’m not just talking the music–though both Mucca and Andrew Bird were great. I got to meet so many amazing fans. I toot the Mucca Pazza horn a lot–y’all know I love them–but they seriously are quite the sight to see and band to experience.

Drinks with another really awesome person topped the evening off, and I really can’t think of a better way to end my week. I just can’t stop smiling.

Cue dance party…

This week I’m off to Indiana to spend some time with my family before heading to Ohio with Mucca for the Nelsonville Fest. Looking forward to yet another amazing weekend.

How was your week, and what are you looking forward to?

some nerdy love for your wednesday morning…

So while I was perusing the interwebs this morning, checking out a local venue that Olly is insistent that I go to one of these days (first round on him)… and well, I got a nice .. nay.. AMAZING surprise….

Yes indeed those are my favorite nerds playing along with Andrew Bird. It just brought so much joy to my morning to be all like “OMG It’s Jim! Tony! Mark! Small Ronnie! Elanor! Paul! OMGOMGOMG!” And of course everyone else too.  (I’m seriously such a little fan girl.)

In more nerdery… Reading Band was last night and we’re continuing to improve and still drawing in new members.  I will have to say too, I’m not as terrible as I normally claim to be.  I do need to continue working on my reading skills.  And that whole brain to finger coordination thing… But my tone is coming back as is my strength/stamina in my embouchure.  Last night we missed some of our usuals, but had some returning people (Jim McB and Andy T) as well as some new MP folk joining us — Paul and Small Ronnie.  And as is becoming tradition, we went out for drinks afterwards where Tabs and I made plans on a music writing night with the goal of arranging video game soundtracks.

What can I say, band nerds are simply awesome.  (And full of win!)