and then I got on etsy… (with a Dastardly shout out)

Being at my dad’s has given me a lot of free time.  My sisters aren’t really allowed to watch TV, which means I can’t either since at least one of them is always in the living room too.  I also don’t have my tv set up in my room yet — which wouldn’t have cable, but I’d have my Wii & dvd player.  However, the basement is extremely cold and I’ve made really good friends with the wood-burning stove upstairs.  Thus.  Free time.  Lots of it.

So, I made good on one of my goals.  I opened an etsy shop.

I only have a few 8×10 Tweet. prints listed — and I’ve already had my first sale!  I plan on posting more, some 5x7s as well as new designs.  But for now, you can totally buy my stuff.  And I completely have this diluted vision that I’ll be able to completely support myself from my etsy sales and I’m going to be this amazing artist and get to finally live this unconventional life I’m almost sick of reading about.  It’s totally going to happen.

I also want to give a quick shout out to a band, but not just any band.  (And no, it’s actually not Mucca…)  I’ve really been enjoying the music by a Chicago group called Dastardly.  The lead singer, Gabe, happened to be my first kiss of the New Year… followed by their drummer, who happens to be one of my friends & bandmates, Andy T.  (The night was filled with Happy New Years kisses by musicians.)  Anyway, I’ve been enjoying them quite a bit and think you should check them out.  (and then go buy my stuff.)

Still smiling (or: tales of a first date!)

As I previously mentioned, I met up with sweaterboy Friday evening.

Due to some bad timing on my part — aka I watched the bus drive off while I was across the street waiting on the light — he actually managed to beat me to the concert.  (He had a faculty reading to go to that night as well, so he wasn’t sure if he’d make it on time or not.)  But only by a few minutes, and by the time I showed up he had just finished getting a drink from the bar.

I really had no idea how to greet him.  We’d only exchanged a small handful of emails for a short period of time.  A handshake seemed too formal, though could have worked.  Normally I’d go for a hug, which I contemplated, but didn’t really act soon enough to do anything.  So instead we just sort of said hi and I went through the usual motion of pronouncing my name for him — I would have never thought that “Erini” would be so intimidating to say, but more often than not people always ask me how.

We got our tickets and our wristbands, then made our way into the concert area of the bar… (Where sweaterboy bought me a cider.  I love bars that have hard cider on tap.) I had contacted Andy T to let him know I’d be late, and that I hopefully would only miss one song, however, we made it there before they started so I got to see the full set.  His band, Lyon & the Notary, is pretty decent.  So it was fun to listen to them.  Andy checked in with me after the set to make sure I was all right and that sweaterboy wasn’t some crazy abductor.  After getting my tshirt and hearing a few songs from the next band, we decided to head out to the main bar area.  Concerts aren’t really conducive to conversations, and I don’t think either of us were really wanting that kind of first date.

We talked and talked and talked.  Andy came out a few more times to check on me, and just to meander too.  He’s attending my first choice grad school right now in the writing program I’ve applied for — so we talked about lit and writing for a while.  I also talked about the reading band some; he had once played baritone & euphonium as well… He’s a year younger than me, about 4-5 inches taller, and dresses pretty well.  I sort of wished I would have put more effort into my outfit rather than just jeans and a long sleeved Nolly v-neck.  I left my jacket on the entire time, so I guess it didn’t matter.

Eventually I noticed that the employees were stacking chairs and blowing out candles.  It was almost 1:30a.  The concert started at 9p.  We decided that we should probably go and made our way towards the train station.  However, after we had gotten to the platform, we were informed that we had just missed the last train of the night, a surprise to us because what train line stops running before 1:30a on a weekend?  Since the 9 bus runs awkwardly at night (as I found out with the Canadian), we decided to get a cab and head downtown to the red line.

We sat together on the train, possibly the closest we’d been all night.  Right as we pulled in to my station, I turned and asked if he would like to come over.  He gladly agreed.  I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to ask him — I really enjoyed hanging out with him, and wasn’t ready for the night to be over, but was sort of unsure of myself and his interest (aka I was being a wuss).  We walked through the masses of drunks that accumulate in my neighborhood (something I had forgotten about), and made our way back to my messy, little apartment.

I had received a couple text messages on the train, so I went to the bathroom to check them.  Dani was checking in on me as well, and providing an out to the date if I needed it.  Though I appreciated it, I didn’t need it.  I headed back out, cut off our wrist bands (my first physical contact with him the entire evening), and let him finish a text message.  Thirty seconds later and we were making out.  We stumbled into my bedroom, and then into my bed…. I still plan on getting a door at some point — I had to push away a curious kitten for a bit until she got the hint.  Luckily he didn’t really care and found it sort of amusing.

Anyway… He stayed in bed with me until 11a Saturday morning.  Yep.  I had a 14 hour first date.  And I enjoyed every second of it.  He kissed me before he left, then was out the door… And I walked around my house with a big grin on my face for the rest of the day.  I’m really looking forward to seeing him again…

we meet again… (my return to internet dating)

So about a month ago I disabled my okc account.  I was just tired of it, bored really.  Which given that I had signed up as a means of something to do when I was bored, well, it had defeated its purpose.

I had been getting some decent messages.  That is how I met* the swell guy, the virginian, Dan the Catholic (who I mentioned has up and moved to LA and cut off all his hair), and another guy who lives in my neighborhood who seemed interested, but has dropped communication with me.  However, I decided that I didn’t want to deal with it any more.

Two days ago I reactivated my account.  Since I’m in a new neighborhood now, I decided to go ahead and see who was out there.  I began getting emails quickly — yay for a confidence boost.  So now, basically, I’m corresponding with a small number of men from different areas and neighborhoods.  A good number of them seem to be impressed by my nerdery and geekiness.  (I’m a lipstick geek… and yes, I would wear a skirt to a LAN party.  Probably a short one.)

Anyway.  I’m very selective about who I message — I’ll reply to people based on content, attractiveness or mood, but for me to initiate means that I’m generally pretty interested in getting to know that person.  (See: Musing on my (internt) dating life) So far, since reactivating, I’ve initiated contact with only two guys (who surprisingly share the same name).  One of whom, sweaterboy, I’m planning on meeting tomorrow night at Andy T’s concert.

I’m looking forward to it.  But yes, I do realize that other than his profile and the handful of emails we’ve exchanged, I really don’t know this guy.  But we’re meeting in public and I’ve got a drummer on my side.  He seems like a pretty awesome guy, so I’m not terribly worried.  We’ll see.  We’ll see.

*met meaning that I’ve really only met two of them in person — the virginian and dan.

some nerdy love for your wednesday morning…

So while I was perusing the interwebs this morning, checking out a local venue that Olly is insistent that I go to one of these days (first round on him)… and well, I got a nice .. nay.. AMAZING surprise….

Yes indeed those are my favorite nerds playing along with Andrew Bird. It just brought so much joy to my morning to be all like “OMG It’s Jim! Tony! Mark! Small Ronnie! Elanor! Paul! OMGOMGOMG!” And of course everyone else too.  (I’m seriously such a little fan girl.)

In more nerdery… Reading Band was last night and we’re continuing to improve and still drawing in new members.  I will have to say too, I’m not as terrible as I normally claim to be.  I do need to continue working on my reading skills.  And that whole brain to finger coordination thing… But my tone is coming back as is my strength/stamina in my embouchure.  Last night we missed some of our usuals, but had some returning people (Jim McB and Andy T) as well as some new MP folk joining us — Paul and Small Ronnie.  And as is becoming tradition, we went out for drinks afterwards where Tabs and I made plans on a music writing night with the goal of arranging video game soundtracks.

What can I say, band nerds are simply awesome.  (And full of win!)

deadlines and craziness

Just thought I’d inform everyone that I’ve got a grad school application due this week… in a few days actually…

So… well… I’m more than a little distracted and am attempting to focus all energy there (minus the energy required to do my work tasks..)  .. But with essays to finish and edit and rewrite, and portfolios to polish… and letters to wait and wait for… yeah.  I’m distracted.

I skipped reading band last night and more than likely I’ll be missing Andy T’s band perform tomorrow as well as attending a spoken word event with Dani and Neemer.

The things I do for this strange love of education… and writing..

Buy U a Drank, aka Chrizzle's visiting!

so today’s the day I’ve been waiting for…  months, waiting for months… or at least a hell of a long time.

My rockstar, Chrissy, is coming to town!

She left the city a while ago… way back in 2007… and went off to pursue her MSW… which should hopefully be complete this year.  And now, it’s my task to convience her to move back to the city, and more importantly, to move in with me!
While some people don’t recommend close friends living together, Chrissy and I have discussed this and think we’ll work things out pretty well.  If she doesn’t decide to come back, then well, I’ll be mighty lonely and out a roommate.

But forgetting all of that for a moment!  She’s arriving tonight! And of course I’m freaking excited about this.

Not sure what’s planned for tonight… but Andy T, a friend from Reading Band, is having a show tonight… so that’s an option… Tomorrow we’re going to go see her friends in Bottle of Justus play at the House of Blues… and then sadly, Chrissy’s leaving me on Saturday…  (Sunday, Dani and I are going to meet up with a friend or two of hers and hit the Green Mill for a poetry slam.)

Anyway.  work work work.  Hopefully I can get Chrissy to come in tomorrow for a bit so she can meet the girls (Dani, mjjb, and Neemer)… and maybe distract me from my tasks for a bit…