where Chrissy and Rini babysit…

Chrissy’s visit was all too short.
It was great, but she had some things to do at home…

The concert was great… an amazing number of attractive guys there.  It was also a really interesting line up… all 4 bands were a bit different… and they were all somewhat enjoyable in their own measure.  Personally, I liked the last two — Munroe and Bottle of Justus (who we, aka Chrissy, were there to see).  At one point early on in the night, Chrissy had given me some numbers to store in my phone in case her batteries died… and well, thinking I was texting one of her other friends we had met up with that night, I accidentally texted on of the guys in BOJ.  Oops.

Now, onto the matter of the friends we met up with there… three guys… They started out hanging with us… and then as the night continued we saw less and less of them… well, we saw them, but not with us and not coming towards us… They had found some entertainment in the forms of some blondes.  Whatevs.  I was mostly miffed because I had hoped they would have bought us drinks that night…  Chrissy was pissed for other reasons, and rightfully so.  Anyway… they boys drank, a lot. .. One of them even got tossed out… which we didn’t know until we found him outside after the concert… They were in no shape to drive anywhere… so we took their car, and I graciously allowed them to crash at my place.  (On the drive there, two of them vomited out of the car… while we were driving…)  Luckily they didn’t trash my place.

It was just sort of sad.  Even though I had just met these guys, and indeed they did ditch us to chase some tail, I could tell that there’s potential for quality there.  For a group of guys nearing 30, well, the drinking to excess isn’t a turn on at all… and no 20-something wants to babysit you, though we did.  If they would get their acts together, get their lives in order, well… then at least one of them would be a quality guy and a sweetheart… right now, with the drinking, flirting/ho-ing, and obnoxious comments and teasing, they’re heading into the land of Douche Bagia.  (Heck, well, I don’t know them well enough, they’re probably there already.)  But at least they have the potential to be something better… and hopefully they do so…

I know I sound judgey.. and yeah, I guess that’s what I’m doing.  But it’s disappointing when people don’t recognize the good in themselves  and become so self-absorbed into this image they think they need.  It makes you take a step back and look at yourself.  How into an image am I?  Is it even a proper representation of who I am?

Oh, House of Blues doesn’t allow camera… so I didn’t get a picture of my outfit like I promised.  It was a black and white, sheer halter top… I wore a black cardigan with it for part of the night…

wardrobe malcontent

In a few hours my lovely Chrissy and I will be making our way into the city for a night of giggling, drinking, and flirting (though not with each other on that last one)… I’m not the only one with friends in a band who’s got a concert tonight (Mucca Pazza is playing the Empty Bottle tonight), she’s become acquainted with members of Bottle of Justus and so we’re going to see them at the House of Blues.

Originally I thought I’d wear my white dress shirt with my suit vest (as seen here: this wench…), but well, now I’m not sure.  Chrissy’s got a hot top she’ll be wearing — sophisticated, yet flirty and sexy… it’s going to be awesome… But I’m not so sold on my vest.

I’ve looked through the various photos I have of me, mostly from my vanity album on facebook (which is mostly the same pose with different outfits)… and well, I still can’t settle on an outfit.  Just a top to wear with jeans.  That’s all I need.  And I’m half tempted just to throw on a fitted tshirt (something like my hurly, DC, volcom or other brand/style of that nature) and wear my pink and black checked faux fur-lined hoodie.  I love wearing clothes like that, and I do look hot in them, but well… maybe I’m looking for more than just damn cute tonight.

When it comes to my wardrobe, I’ve got my various tees, loungewear, dresses, hoodies, basics/casual, and work wear.  I’m definitely missing the whole “party/bar/club” aspect to it.  If I had truly noticed this before, I might have attempted shopping before tonight.. but well.. honestly, though I know I can pull of the whole club look, it’s not really me.  Granted, as Dani would point out, I’m a gemini and therefore crazy with multiple personalities/sides and maybe the club scene could be me… meh.  Who knows.

Basically, I need to scour my closet (and floor) for some sort of top I can be satisfied with tonight.  With any luck, Chrissy will be home when I get there and can assist in my mission.

Pictures by Monday with what I finally decide to wear.

Buy U a Drank, aka Chrizzle's visiting!

so today’s the day I’ve been waiting for…  months, waiting for months… or at least a hell of a long time.

My rockstar, Chrissy, is coming to town!

She left the city a while ago… way back in 2007… and went off to pursue her MSW… which should hopefully be complete this year.  And now, it’s my task to convience her to move back to the city, and more importantly, to move in with me!
While some people don’t recommend close friends living together, Chrissy and I have discussed this and think we’ll work things out pretty well.  If she doesn’t decide to come back, then well, I’ll be mighty lonely and out a roommate.

But forgetting all of that for a moment!  She’s arriving tonight! And of course I’m freaking excited about this.

Not sure what’s planned for tonight… but Andy T, a friend from Reading Band, is having a show tonight… so that’s an option… Tomorrow we’re going to go see her friends in Bottle of Justus play at the House of Blues… and then sadly, Chrissy’s leaving me on Saturday…  (Sunday, Dani and I are going to meet up with a friend or two of hers and hit the Green Mill for a poetry slam.)

Anyway.  work work work.  Hopefully I can get Chrissy to come in tomorrow for a bit so she can meet the girls (Dani, mjjb, and Neemer)… and maybe distract me from my tasks for a bit…