when it snows it…

Well, nature definitely brought it.
I have no idea how much snow we got, but it’s enough to make walking a good workout.  It also makes me love my boots so much more and the fact that I got nearly-knee-high so the snow drifts are no issue for me.  Well, minus the awkward attempt to stumbling through said drifts.

Anyway.  Shopping with Dani was indeed successful.  OK, well, I got a new dress which I’m wearing today.  Finding a dress for Dani was a bit more challenging.  So in the end she gave up on dresses and got a nice sweater.  I got the dress I’m wearing, two pairs of shoes, two pairs of underwear, and a pocket/compact mirror.
We’ll be all prettied up with Tasneem for the department party this evening.  And I am definitely happy to be helping with the setup since Tasneem will be driving us over there.  We’ll make the place look great and festive, and try not to cause too big of a giggling ruckus while doing so.

Returning to last night… Nature was kind enough to not bring the sucky weather until I was already in Lakeview, where I finally met up with the Virginian.  We had a good chat at the coffee place, and he was definitely jealous of my nintendo systems.  Since the place was starting to close up, we headed back to his apartment and watched some Lewis Black.  It was then that the storm hit and it was sort of decided that I wouldn’t be going home that night.  Despite the storm, all-in-all it was a very good night.

I got up this morning, made it to the 77 bus right when I got to the corner.  Took that to the Belmont station, just in time for the first Purple Line express of the morning.  Ended up at home by 7a, and at work by… 8:40a… What? I had to shower and make myself look pretty (okay, prettier).

I’m not sure what’s up for me after the department party this evening.  The Virginian is throwing something tonight, so that’s one option.  But I also have my own party to help prepare for with the roommates for tomorrow, and then Zach & Morgan will be having their party Sunday evening.  So there’s bries to bake and wines to buy… and seriously, there’s got to be some sleep to be had.

the tale of the four hour haircut…

Don’t prep yourself for a horror story, I look damn cute (as always).

So yesterday, I had a 5:30p appointment at the cosmetology academy here in town…  My normal hair stylist said it’d probably be the best place to do color.  (I tend to go to a cheap walk-in place, which happens to have fabulous stylist which I completely trust — and tip well.)

I’ve been toying with the idea of pink hair for a while… and had been searching for a new style too… For a bit I was tempted to use the same style I had for my character on Guitar Hero… but then, a few weeks ago, this salon from Portugal contacted me here on Wench.  Since I obviously can’t just hop on a jet and go to Europe for a new cut, I browsed their images and printed out a few to take with me to the academy.

I didn’t do anything too dramatic… but I had a little fun.

But the four hours?  How can that be?  Well, there was some consultation because me being me wanted pink hair.  They didn’t have pink dye, so we had to come up with a plan B — which includes me acquiring pink dye and doing it on my own (aka probably going back and paying to have them put it in).  OK, so we have the consultation done… now it’s time to bleach out the highlights for where the pink will eventually go…   Then we put on the full color….  then that all sits.   Eventually the bleached part is ready (ish), and so we take off the foils and examine them and prep them for toner.  After the color has set, then I can go and get an amazing head massage/shampooing.  I absolutely loved this.  If I could afford it, I’d have my hair washed by someone else every day (hence the disappointment in not needing a man-slave anymore).  When the wash is (sadly) over, we do some chair hopping and eventually I’m back at the sink for toner.   Once that’s in and set and washed, then I’m back in the chair and ready for my cut.  It’s 8p or after by this point.  So we begin the cut… and then there’s styling — about 15 minutes of styling it with the blow dryer.  At this point I’ve got my student stylist plus at least two or three more there, with a couple instructors popping by every now and then.

So it’s not complete…. and it’s not uber dramatic…. but still, after 4 hours (and missing my chance to hang out with the Virginian Dan that night)… I look damn cute.   But can we expect anything less from me?

not too dramatic of a change
not too dramatic of a change
from the back, from below
from the back, from below
yep.  still damn cute.
yep. still damn cute.

anti-pro-stupidity, or something of the sorts…

so. this could be interesting…

Mennogirl’s clued me in on some decent blogs before, as has my Megatron.  So I started, recently, reading dooce.  This isn’t a shameless plug for her, but I have found it to be somewhat entertaining to read.  But this could just be a phase (I used to read iCiNG, but now find gala… well, too “look at me”/I wanna be famous, but I still check the site every now and then)…

Recently, dooce wrote about politics, more importantly, advising women voters to really look into some issues before voting.  To consider the greater group of females, pretty much.  And this sort of turned into talking about McCain’s views on abortion, and that a lot of people are calling him anti-woman.

Now, I’m not fond of McCain, but those are my own reasons.  (look at the right: these people win — obama ’08)  And I’m not one to really vote based soley on one issue, and typically abortion isn’t a key issue with me.  I will admit that in the past I will have said that I probably wouldn’t choose an abortion myself, but didn’t want to make that choice for others.  (I will also admit to actually considering it at one point in my life, but I was never faced with that decision — aka I’ve never been pregnant.)  So, that makes me pro-choice.
One person who left comment on dooce’s post asked a really good question….

When did being “Pro-Choice” turn into being “Pro-Abortion”?

Like I said, I’m not typically “pro-abortion”… I’d like to think, baring any health problems of my own, I’d be willing to take care of any child I brought into this world.  But as also mentioned, there was at least one point in my life when I thought that abortion could be an option — but I didn’t have to make that choice.  But that’s the thing, I have that choice.  I am pro-CHOICE, it doesn’t mean I will choose it.

Anyway…. right now, I’m mildly anti-baby.  Or at least, mildly anti-having-a-baby-myself.  Babies are fine.  As long as I can hand them back to their adult.  At this point in my life, I’m big into the idea of adoption.  There are plenty of kids out there who need families.  But well, that’s years down the road.

Right now… the only baby I’m interested in is an amazing toddler who happens to be my niece.
Talk about damn cute.

Lil G
Lil G

I’m damn cute.

some days.. you just know you look good.

I change styles a lot, or at least, I dabble.

According to a fashion horoscope, I keep up with fashion and switch between looks.  The latter at least holds true.
“Keeping up” with fashion for me is merely noticing what people are wearing, and noticing what’s in the stores now.
I don’t have any magazine subscriptions at all right now.  (I am tempted by Paste though, seeing as Mennogirl moved out taking her subscription with her.)

Probably since high school, I’ve been told that my style was unique.  Well, back then I was either wearing bright orange pants with bright green and blue shirts, or pin stripped/plaid bondage pants with suspenders and tight tshirts with various phrases or cartoons images.  One person stated that regardless, I always looked comfortable.  Which was pretty true.  … still pretty true today.

I’m not necessarily talking comfort in the means of actual this feels good physically when I wear it.  More of, I feel good when I’m wearing it.
Some days, I like to dress up a bit… look a bit more feminine… jeans and tshirts are still pretty key though.  I tend to be less fond of cookie-cutter looks or limiting my wardrobe to just one style.  I wear what looks good, and what I enjoy wearing.

I think the other point regarding me and clothing is my shopping habits.  My roommates have been impressed that I will buy clothes without trying them on.  This has been a habit since my childhood.  Since I also don’t have a really good habit of returning clothing, I’ll actually try a few things on every now and then.   I generally know what cuts look good on me, so just holding something up in front of a mirror is enough to convince me a lot of times.  I also buy things online, which has been mostly successful.

One good thing about not trying on every item of clothing that I’m somewhat interested in — it makes shopping less painful.  For me and whomever I’m with.

Regardless though… I’m damn cute.

this email wins.

So… I’m on this other website… and generally I get typical messages… which, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate.
It’s always fun to get emails from random males telling you that you: seem cool, are awesome, are beautiful, are sexy, look like Tina Fey (dark hair, dark eyes, and glasses, that’s all it takes)…

But this message that I got today wins.

“ello ello,

well, i was jogging on the internet one day, today as a matter of fact, and stumbled upon your profile, and proceeded to fall down quite a steep hill…so that sucked. But in anycase, after cleaning myself off and apologizing to the geese that i knocked into, i thought i’d say hi, so…*ahem* hello, *waves*

soo ya, not sure what else to write here besides that you seem like you do the ass kicking pretty well and are hip and with it, as the kids say these days… and ummm ya…i think this is where the creepers and potential stalkers say more detailed things about one particular picture or fact…butttt i got nottin…sorry

sooo if your bored or would like to chit and chat, feel free to give me a massage or someptin….okie dokie”

Okay.  Minus the spelling and gramatical things… this email still wins.