so, you want to be a writer? (a conversation with myself)

I sometimes feel that is a loaded question, “So, you want to be a writer?”  It’s like saying “So, what are you really going to do with your life while you pretend to be a writer?”  The whole, “how are you going to support yourself/your family?” issue.  I get it.

Being a writer is challenging — just like being any other sort of artist.  People who think they’re going to break out with a top selling novel and make millions are sort of delusional.  I’m glad they’ve got goals and are aiming high, but man, they need to be prepared that it probably won’t happen.  I mean, it’s not something you really tell a small child when they proclaim they want to be a writer when they grow up.  You pat them on the head and cheer them a long.  But for any one considering this as a career in their adulthood needs to know the risks.

So with that being said, knowing that breaking into the writing scene isn’t easy, why the hell do I want to be a writer?  Furthermore, the question I’m sure my mother is thinking, why am I going to spend money earning a degree in writing — creative writing at that, as opposed to technical writing which seems to be more stable when it comes to marketability.  Well, I’m going to answer it with the simplist, most unimaginative answer a child could give, because.  Because I want to, because I can, because I’m not half bad, because, because, because.  I’m just doing it.  Or at least, I’m going to try.

However, I can definitely say at this current stage I am not prepared for MFA level writing.  Not necessarily because I don’t have the skill, but I’m not afraid to admit that I need to work a bit more before I get back into it.  I haven’t written seriously or published anything since college.  I took an evening writing workshop offered through the university here, and that was the last time I wrote anything creative.  Having minimal writing experience outside of college (just that course and my summer working for a magazine), and not really doing much in the writing community for the past two years did not help my application or portfolio.

Dani’s been a big help, and asset, to me lately in my quest to become a writer/get back into seriously writing.  She herself is planning on applying to an MFA program soon and has basically been my personal writing and application coach through this whole process.  We’ve been discussing programs together, gone to readings, she’s even looked through my applications, essays and portfolio.  I definitely feel lucky, and am very grateful, for all the help she’s been giving me.

So beyond my amazing friend Dani helping me out, I’m also making some major steps in getting myself ready for a program.  This summer I will be in a 10 week course offered by Stanford, taught by a former Stegner Fellow.  I’m also going to retake the workshop here on campus with Dani, and attend a summer writers’ conference here as well.  So it’s looking like this could be a summer of writing for me.  And while I already feel slightly exhausted just thinking about it, I’m also getting a rush of excitement.  If I’m serious about writing, this will be a good step for me.  For someone who likes to talk and dream big, to do something concrete, to make an actual step towards one of those dreams… well, this is just huge.  And it feels great!  (Let’s just see how I feel after writing from now until the end of August…)

it's okay, I'm with the band… (my gold mask concert)

Back in February, Dani and I stumbled upon a concert while joining up with some friends at the bottle…  Through the wonders of the interwebs, I have been able to sort of keep tabs on one of the bands and then recently found out they would be playing in my neighborhood… last night…

No worries though.  Not only did I make it to the concert, but my name made it on the list…  Though it was only my second show, My Gold Mask has been a joy to follow musically and online.  After that first show, we became myspace friends, and then there was some blog stalking, and then some twitter following… and then it all culminated in meeting last night after their set.

I can definitely say that Gretta and Jack (and their friends) are good people.  And having met a few musicians, and then finding that we get along, that’s made some of these experiences so much greater.  I love getting to see them preform, and to know that not only are they awesome performers and musicians, but also just kick ass people as well… it’s just too much, really.  (I can’t listen to my Lyon & the Notary album without smiling when I hear some great drumming, knowing all too well that it’s my friend Andy T playing… For me it makes me love the album more…)  Who knows, maybe it’s just that whole “artists are people too” thing…  I’m not saying that you should go out and bombard your latest aural crush and become besties with them.  There’s a good chance that may freak them out.  I think basically, what I want to say, is that if you like a band or an artist, tell them.  If you’re enjoying the concert, rock out.  Your energy and excitement will feed back into them and only good things can happen.  (Just don’t be the drunken dickwad who ruins it for everyone else… Please.)

Oh and fear not.  I accomplished what I promised to do… Behold, videos…. (more can be found via my youtube channel)

Also, I’ve added a new feature to the blog… There are a lot of happenings going on here in the Second City and so I’ve made my date book public.  You can check it out by the link in the upper left sidebar, right under “ticket stubs”…or right here.  I’ll only post “Wench Approved Events”…

dating – I'm still trying (or: explaining Dani's two call rule)

When it comes to dating (not necessarily relationships) and pursuing people, I’ve had some interesting experiences since my last relationship (which ended 4 years ago).  For a while, I wasn’t ready to date again — not necessarily because I was “so heart broken” but because of some other life events as well.  However, when I was ready to start looking again, it seemed I just didn’t have any luck.

I’ve had guys interested in me, and I’ve gone out on dates, but nothing’s really panned out (as you’ve probably already noticed).  It wasn’t really for lack of trying either — which, honestly, probably hurt me more than it helped.

I am a semi-aggressive woman when it comes to dating.  I’m okay taking the lead and asking someone out or giving my number to someone.  Hell, I’ve even included it in my tip before at a restaurant or just taken the guy’s phone and programmed it in.  Granted in most cases, I’m pretty sure that they dude has at least some interest in me, even if it’s just for the moment.

However, when it comes to longevity, or even just getting a second date… Basically you can just stamp a big ol’ FAIL on my dating file.  I just haven’t found someone who’s connected with me enough, has been interested in me enough, to stick around.  Now, normally this is where, for many women, we insert the long, whiny, emo rant about how nobody loves us and how we can’t understand because we’re not “unattractive” but apparently we aren’t enough.. blah blah BLAH.  It’s bullshit and that’s all there is.

My friend Dani has a rule, a Two Call Rule.  Granted it was established before cell phones were the norm — which, hey, really wasn’t all that long ago… I got my first cell, which I shared with my mom, when I started driving.  Anyway.  Dani’s rule is simple.  She calls twice, and if she doesn’t get a response, she moves on.  When you had to sit around the house, waiting for someone to call your land-line, you really had to establish some ground rules otherwise you’d never leave your house.  Dani would make two attempts to connect with the guy, and if he didn’t respond, then that was it.  It’s pretty fair really, even with today’s connectivity.

While I’m not the absolute best at following it — I have a bad habit of thinking the best of people and making excuses for why they haven’t gotten in touch — I do follow it myself to some extent.  I’ll try a couple times to get in touch with a guy, and if he doesn’t respond or doesn’t make any indication that he actually wants to hang out, then all I really can do is just leave it be.  As Dani’s mentioned to me a couple times, if a guy’s interested he’ll let you know.  He’ll make an effort to get a hold of you.  Anything less and it’s not worth it.

From the other side, as I mentioned, I’m a semi-aggressive woman.  More often than not, I’ll let a guy know I’m interested.  I don’t feel that it’s all on the guy to do every bit of the pursuing — however, I do feel that I should be pursued to some extent.  Mutual pursuing.  If I’m going to make an effort, you should too — assuming you’re interested.  David, from The Rest is Still Unwritten, has some decent advice in his post “Love in the Digital Age“.

So, for those at home keeping score:

  • The swell guy and I have not, and will not date.  Even though he’s moving and will be living decently close to my mom’s, it’s just not going to happen.  He is still a good friend though, and hot.  Hot friends are good, right?
  • The guy I didn’t really talk about, and never created a nickname for, who lives in my new neighborhood… well, after dropping off all contact with me for a long time, he finally IMed me, but hasn’t responded since.
  • The virginian and I went from casually dating, to not talking, to friends.  It all worked out in the end.
  • Sweaterboy has stopped talking to me.  Never called back.
  • Sebby wants to declare his undying love for me, but is just too shy…
  • My bandmate is just that, my bandmate.  Just a friend I see every so often whom I happened to make out with (and then get attacked by a post-make out pink fluffy brain goo high)…

And where does that leave me know?  Still single, really.  It’s not a negative thing, it’s just a fact.  I’m one hell of a woman, and though rejection may suck, it’s not the end of the world.

puppy love (or: why I really don't *need* to adopt a puppy)

[singlepic id=41 w=320 h=240 float=center]

That handsome boy is my Dexter.
Also known as The Best Dog Ever.

I got my DexterBoo* for my 14th Birthday.  All those years of having “puppy” on my birthday and Christmas wish lists paid off.  I don’t know what my mom was thinking or why she caved, but what kid is going to argue — I WAS GETTING A PUPPY!  We headed off to our local animal rescue fund (yes, it’s actually called ARF) and headed towards the puppy rooms.  There was so much adorableness your head could explode.  I was on puppy overload.

My brother, Timmy, and I began playing with a few of them, and soon we had our options narrowed down to two different pups.  One was a copper-brown more active, smooth coated dog… and then there was this little mutt with his 3 siblings (two of which were fluffy and black!)… He was a little shyer, but loving.  Timmy and I fell for him instantly.  And that’s when “Cute 4” came home and became “Dexter” — my brother had a large role in picking and naming him.. I regret nothing.

Doodles was awesome.  He took to housing breaking really well, with only a short period of “oops’s”… He was, however, a chewer.  He chewed on the wooden furniture, on any toy you’d give him, and also on my brother’s hats and his marching band jacket (he opted for that rather than a letterman).  We forgave him — as all cute pets generally can get away with ANYTHING — and he eventually grew out of the teething phase.  He also grew into his ears and legs too — gotta love that awkward “I’m a growing puppy” adolescent age.  Dex’s hair also lighted some, and grew out into this beautiful feathery coat… which soon began forming dreadlocks.

[singlepic id=42 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Unfortunately, Dexter’s life hasn’t been all sqeaky toys and walks in the park…  Dexter developed seizures.  I don’t remember when they first started happening, but I know they’ve been going on for a while now.  I was horrified.  Here is my precious puppy, contorted and seizing, eyes glossing over… We didn’t know what to do.  We’re not the type of family that can really afford expensive medical tests and treatments for our pets.  We sit with him, calming him, and wait it out.  Even Bear, our large beast of a cat, sits with him too.  Afterward, he’s dizzy and a bit dehydrated, but he comes out of it well.

I haven’t lived with Dex for 6 years now (excluding about 3 summers).  Though I’ve got my kittens and they are very loving and “I need attention now! Pet me! Pet me! Pet me!”, I have seriously missed living with my puppy**.  I look forward to going home to see him for holidays, and lament that he doesn’t travel well enough to come see me.

I don’t know if it’s the warm weather, or living alone (okay, yes, again, I’ve got the kittens), but something’s got me desperately wanting to adopt a puppy or an older dog.  Normally I like medium to large sized dogs, but well, I’m not really wanting a dog that can overpower me.  So in the recent years I’ve started looking at smaller, more compact dogs.  I’m a huge fan of Cardigan Welsh Corgis… They seem like a fun dog to have around.  But I’m not one to go find a breeder and adopt a purebred dog right away.  Dex is a Collie-Lab-Shepherd mix and as I’ve mentioned, The Best Dog Ever.  So I think if I were to get a puppy or an older dog, I’d want to go see who needs a home.

However… This is where reality sets in.  I live in a small one-bedroom garden apartment (that is currently a huge mess).  I have no bedroom door.  I have no yard.  I have two rambunctious little furball kitties, who honestly might not do well with a dog (though I want to schedule play-dates with dogs of various sizes and breeds to slowly aclimate them to other animals)…  I also am gone for at least 11 hours of the day and well, I really can’t afford to take care of a dog at the moment either.  But I still want one!

My solution?  Puppy play-dates!

[singlepic id=43 w=320 h=240 float=center]

That little adorable guy is Franklin Eugene.  Phil has kindly agreed to let me come over and play with him some time…  Granted, Franklin is one of the reasons why I’ve been in puppy-mode… I mean, come on, he’s just cute.  I’m also planning on visiting some with Dani’s mom’s pup, Archie.  Though, from previous encounters, Archie LOVES me and pretty much thinks that I’m his new chew toy.  Dani’s brother Greg also has a pretty cool dog, Archie’s uncle Puck (the Wonder Mutt). (See below for Archie and Puck.)  And well, I’ll definitely be seeking out any other friend with a pooch that’d be willing to let me come over and spend some time doting on their canine companions.  If I can’t have a dog… then I’ll just love on someone else’s!  (Bonus points if I end up dating someone with a dog.)

[singlepic id=44 w=320 h=240 float=center]

*Please note that I constant feel the need to append Dexter’s name or just outright give him whatever nickname feels appropriate at the moment.  He honestly is indifferent and loves me all the same.  (My guess is that he’d do the same for me.)
** Yes, he still is a puppy.  Okay, maybe not in age, and yeah he’s calmed down a lot… but he’ll always be my puppy.

Lastly: This in NO way means that I love my kitties any less.  But dog and cats are completely not the same thing.

greetings! from… not new zealand….

Well I’ve returned from my short-lived affair, gallivanting with kiwis… Though my love for Jemaine will never die, there are just things here in the Second City I can’t abandon… not to mention the whole long-term girlfriend/WIFE that he’s got…

I’ve got responsibilities to my kittens (who celebrated their first birthday a couple weeks ago… well, we sort of forgot the celebration part, but they’re a year old now)… And I also could not turn my back on my truly amazing nerdy bandmates just before our first show!

Yes, indeed, my community Reading Band had its first show on Friday (5.1.09).  We were a part of the May Day AREA Chicago #8 release party.  And can I just say, what a crowd.  I don’t think any of us had any sort of idea what to expect (well, aside from maybe David, one of our trumpet players)… The scene was full of a lot of hipster kids, pretty much all of them there for the release party.  One of my Northern Territory friends was there as well, didn’t realize that the release party and my show were the same thing… The virginian along with Dani and her boy also showed up to support me.  There were some amazingly stellar solos (though, sadly, no bongo solo), a good bit of dancing, and an overwhelming sense of merriment.

From what some of my bandmates are telling me, we’re getting some amazing feedback, and even some requests.  So it looks like there’s a lot in store.  One of which will have to be determining and settling (possibly compromising) on a name.  The farthest we’ve gotten is the “_________ Brigade”.  (For those of you wondering, The Reading Band is a near-50 member community group out of which smaller ensembles are being formed… well, basically we have about 12 regulars which formed the members of that concert.)

All I know, is despite how cute I dressed (and I’ll post pictures and videos soon), it’s very challenging to look damn cute while actually playing a baritone.  At least I had the damn awesome part covered.

Still smiling (or: tales of a first date!)

As I previously mentioned, I met up with sweaterboy Friday evening.

Due to some bad timing on my part — aka I watched the bus drive off while I was across the street waiting on the light — he actually managed to beat me to the concert.  (He had a faculty reading to go to that night as well, so he wasn’t sure if he’d make it on time or not.)  But only by a few minutes, and by the time I showed up he had just finished getting a drink from the bar.

I really had no idea how to greet him.  We’d only exchanged a small handful of emails for a short period of time.  A handshake seemed too formal, though could have worked.  Normally I’d go for a hug, which I contemplated, but didn’t really act soon enough to do anything.  So instead we just sort of said hi and I went through the usual motion of pronouncing my name for him — I would have never thought that “Erini” would be so intimidating to say, but more often than not people always ask me how.

We got our tickets and our wristbands, then made our way into the concert area of the bar… (Where sweaterboy bought me a cider.  I love bars that have hard cider on tap.) I had contacted Andy T to let him know I’d be late, and that I hopefully would only miss one song, however, we made it there before they started so I got to see the full set.  His band, Lyon & the Notary, is pretty decent.  So it was fun to listen to them.  Andy checked in with me after the set to make sure I was all right and that sweaterboy wasn’t some crazy abductor.  After getting my tshirt and hearing a few songs from the next band, we decided to head out to the main bar area.  Concerts aren’t really conducive to conversations, and I don’t think either of us were really wanting that kind of first date.

We talked and talked and talked.  Andy came out a few more times to check on me, and just to meander too.  He’s attending my first choice grad school right now in the writing program I’ve applied for — so we talked about lit and writing for a while.  I also talked about the reading band some; he had once played baritone & euphonium as well… He’s a year younger than me, about 4-5 inches taller, and dresses pretty well.  I sort of wished I would have put more effort into my outfit rather than just jeans and a long sleeved Nolly v-neck.  I left my jacket on the entire time, so I guess it didn’t matter.

Eventually I noticed that the employees were stacking chairs and blowing out candles.  It was almost 1:30a.  The concert started at 9p.  We decided that we should probably go and made our way towards the train station.  However, after we had gotten to the platform, we were informed that we had just missed the last train of the night, a surprise to us because what train line stops running before 1:30a on a weekend?  Since the 9 bus runs awkwardly at night (as I found out with the Canadian), we decided to get a cab and head downtown to the red line.

We sat together on the train, possibly the closest we’d been all night.  Right as we pulled in to my station, I turned and asked if he would like to come over.  He gladly agreed.  I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to ask him — I really enjoyed hanging out with him, and wasn’t ready for the night to be over, but was sort of unsure of myself and his interest (aka I was being a wuss).  We walked through the masses of drunks that accumulate in my neighborhood (something I had forgotten about), and made our way back to my messy, little apartment.

I had received a couple text messages on the train, so I went to the bathroom to check them.  Dani was checking in on me as well, and providing an out to the date if I needed it.  Though I appreciated it, I didn’t need it.  I headed back out, cut off our wrist bands (my first physical contact with him the entire evening), and let him finish a text message.  Thirty seconds later and we were making out.  We stumbled into my bedroom, and then into my bed…. I still plan on getting a door at some point — I had to push away a curious kitten for a bit until she got the hint.  Luckily he didn’t really care and found it sort of amusing.

Anyway… He stayed in bed with me until 11a Saturday morning.  Yep.  I had a 14 hour first date.  And I enjoyed every second of it.  He kissed me before he left, then was out the door… And I walked around my house with a big grin on my face for the rest of the day.  I’m really looking forward to seeing him again…

and that's done… (my weekend in bullets)

Okay, so there’s just too much that’s been going on for me to sit and focus on one aspect.  So rather than ramble, incoherently too probably, I’m going to try to just give you some snippets of the last few days…

  • The Canadian keeps messaging me.  Even once starting the text with “hay sweetie”…. I have not made any plans on meeting up with him at this point.  It’s clear he’d like something more from me than what I’d like to give, so I’m trying to play things down as much.  I still feel like he’s a nice guy, and I did have fun with him, but I don’t want him to think that I’m serious about him when I’m not…
  • I had rather uneventful Thursday and Friday evenings.  Mostly watch Food Network and House.
  • I’ve just recently received just a couple messages from a Radio guy.  Nothing much.  I told Dani about him, and that he’s 32.  Her response: “Why do you want to hang out with someone in their 30s?”  Me: “I don’t know.  ‘Cause he’s cute.”  As I said, there isn’t much.  Just about 3 (short) emails thus far.
  • I went grocery shopping on Saturday morning, and brought my little trolley cart… I wasn’t thinking when I bought food and completely overloaded my cart… I tied about 3 bags to the side of this thing, and then carried 3 more… It was a complete mess.  It tipped forward at one point, over a crack in the sidewalk… and then I tripped over it… nearly smashing my face on the concrete.  Luckily I was able to catch myself, and pick up all my spilled food.  I got home slowly, but without any more spills.
  • I made and used my first zipcar reservation.  Got a truck.  It was fun.  I drove Dani and mjjb out to Ikea.  It was… a scene.  Let’s just say I’m going to rip that page out.  Anyway… I extended my reservation and we got to Ikea… I had a nice list of all I wanted, but only got some small kitchen stuff, a bedside table, and a bed… well, half of a bed… Turns out I needed two boxes for my bedframe.. something I didn’t see sign for… nor did the cashier tell me… So I have to go back at some point to get the rest of it… at which time, I’ll probably pick up a desk and I’ll check out some other stuff of mild interest.. like shelves…  Kath, another woman from work, might drive me out there this next time…
  • I spent more at the grocery store than I did at Ikea.  Yep.  (Hey, I need those specialty cheeses….)
  • I didn’t celebrate Easter.  I did however call my youngest sister and wish her a happy 6th birthday.  I told her that yes, I still remember that I owe her one American Girl doll… and that the new store wasn’t too far from the Hershey’s store, so we could get some chocolate too… That made her happy.
  • I also went to potluck in the Southern Lands of Pilsen.  It’s a nice easy commute there now.  Just one bus.  Anyway.  I made one of my half-assed potato bakes with squash.. The potatoes weren’t as good as I would have liked, but eh, still wasn’t bad.  There was less alcohol there than normal… and I also found out that my friend Dan — who I really haven’t spoken much with outside of potlucks since he accompanied me to my cousin’s wedding in November — moved to LA and cut his hair.  I did have a fun night though.  I’m excited about having the potluck crew up to my new place for some wine and cheese….

So.. that sort of wraps up the past few days for me.  Nothing major, but nothing all that great or all that terrible either.  A passable weekend.  We’ll see what this week brings… maybe I can push for a date or something…

send blankets!

Well, I officially have a new address now.
And no cooking gas and very little groceries. (Even fewer that don’t require a stove or some other ingredient that I don’t currently have.)

However, I am back in the Second City again… in the Midlands of Lakeview.  It was a good pick too.  I’m impressed with myself — choosing a prime place without really thinking about it or making much effort.  All the stores and shops and food I could want are all within easy walking distance.  There’s even a video game store there too.  (Guess who will be stopping by to check out the nerdy boys AND get new games…)  Plus, though I’m not near the train (or the lake) any more — a first since moving to the area — I am near buses… and the train is only a 15 minute walk.  But I can make it to the Northern Territories easily, and take a 30 minute bus ride down to the Southern Lands of Pilsen… No transfers.  Getting over to Wicker Park will be nice too.  Meaning I can stay out a bit later with my bandmates.

Now.  The place is small.  But it’s just me and the kittens.  And though I own a lot of crap (which I won’t get rid of), it pretty much all fits.  Granted, I’m not finished unpacking, and I still have stuff to go through at the old place.

There’s really only a few things I’d like to change…

1) A way to kitty-proof the doors; both to the outside door and to the laundry room (which is practically in-unit and free)… I’m just worried one of the girls will get outside.. or into the laundry room and I won’t be able to coax her back into my place…

2) A bedroom door.  Yeah I live alone, so it’s not necessary… and I will get a curtain soon… but well, there might be times when cute little kitten’s interruptions aren’t wanted…

3) Heat!  My place is pretty chilly right now.  Mainly that’s because in the winter I’d be relying on the pipes from the upstairs radiators (my landlord’s) and an electric heater… I’m also coming from a freakishly warm apartment in which I had the windows open practically all winter.  But until I get a bedwarmer (ie: boyfriend), I’ll be sticking to my large collection of blankets and sleeping in clothes.

I would also add cooking gas, as metioned above.  But apparently it’s just a pilot light — my landlord just emailed me.  So hopefully tonight I can actually make some hot tea… and cook some food…

Anyway.  The place is coming a long.  I’ve got Angel to thank for that… He painted it for me… and we’re going to talk about some custom art/murals.. But depending on the heat issue, I might only be there for 6 months and mirgate to another apartment that’s a bit warmer… and hopefully in the same area.
I also need to thank my amazingly awesome friends who moved all my crap.  Robert (one of my bandmates; tuba) really conducted the whole thing.  If it wasn’t for him, and Jason B., I would have been screwed.  Dani saved me by driving me to and from U-Haul… And I had the help of Becca and jrosei for all of it too.  jrosei’s youngest sister helped as well (so I’ve had both of her sisters helping me with a move), as did Weiss and Angel who showed up for the last bit.  Bec and jrosei brought the kittens over the next night.. in the rain.. with their freshly cleaned litter box… (THANKS!)

A last little brag of what I’ve got:
New place all to myself (bedroom door or not), awesome paint job, free cable, free internet, free laundry, all utilities but gas, a kickass neighborhood, and a pretty decent landlord.  … Win.

deadlines and craziness

Just thought I’d inform everyone that I’ve got a grad school application due this week… in a few days actually…

So… well… I’m more than a little distracted and am attempting to focus all energy there (minus the energy required to do my work tasks..)  .. But with essays to finish and edit and rewrite, and portfolios to polish… and letters to wait and wait for… yeah.  I’m distracted.

I skipped reading band last night and more than likely I’ll be missing Andy T’s band perform tomorrow as well as attending a spoken word event with Dani and Neemer.

The things I do for this strange love of education… and writing..

geared toward giggles

It seems like everyone has a friend in a band.  Some of these bands actually perform — a good number of my friends in bands do this.  Last night, Dani and I went to go support our friend Brett who was singing with his band Geared Towards Nowhere (GTN) at the Elbo Room.

Dani and I were psyched for a night of fun, dancing, giggling, and all around ridiculousness.  Brett deserves some fangirl lovin’.  We were actually surprisingly tame during his show (sorry Brett).  It was fun nonetheless.  It’s awesome supporting a friend in something they love.  Plus, I wish I had the .. erm.. courage to get up on a stage and sing (or perform in any manner).  Outside of a few exceptions, I prefer to leave my singing in showers or other spaces where I’m probably the only occupant.  I will admit to getting better at singing with friends, generally in the car… And I do sing in groups for things such as church services or when I join my roommates for various other Mennonite activities.

Anyway.  Yes.  I would love to be a rockstar.  I think we all knew that.  But seeing as I don’t have much patience to relearn the bass or piano, teach myself the guitar, or even practice my bariphonium — I don’t really think being in a band* is in my immediate future.  I can sing.  But being able to sing and people wanting to listen to you are two different things.  (I’m not saying that I’m bad or anything, but that whole lacking of performing thing sort of doesn’t give me much to go on.)

We had fun hanging out with Brett, even if his band did go on a half hour later than they were scheduled.  (He was wise and took off work.)  I’m looking forward to his next show.  Maybe then Dani and I will cause a ruckus up in the front.

Like OMG its Brett from GTN!!!!1!!
"Like OMG it's Brett from GTN!!!!1!!"
GTN - In My Place
GTN - ??
GTN - new song

*other than the Reading Band.