me, recently, in list form.

Here’s a bit of an update, which will hopefully justify why I haven’t really been able to write like I’d prefer… This is just one of the slightly crazy hectic times of the year….

  • Josh visited and it was good… Though we’re not going to be roommates if/when he moves to the city…
  • New medications = productive Rini at work.  This is a very good thing. Plus, the side effects are wearing off…
  • Without Josh as a roommate, I began looking for 1 bedrooms… and was crossing my fingers for something affordable.
  • I found a few places I liked, and scheduled to view one last Wednesday…
  • I really liked that place, the first one I looked at, and paid the deposit that night….
  • Had an interview on Friday, it went well, and we’ll see how that all goes.  No further details until I get some sort of official word.
  • I bail on a Mucca Pazza concert, a party, dancing, and another party….
  • I bought a new tea kettle and a small cheese grater for the new apartment.
  • Tomorrow we’ve got tours and I’ve got Reading Band.
  • Wednesday I sign my lease and make it official.  The kitties and I will be moving to a small garden apartment in Lakeview.
  • Thursday 1st of annual meetings at work, afterwards Mennogirl and I will drive off into the sunset to see Dooce and buy her new book… (this is also my bubby’s birthday.  hooray for super awesome bubbies.)
  • Friday is the 2nd of the annual meetings at work… get home and CRASH. (I mean, pack.)
  • Weekend: PACK LIKE CRAZY
  • … then April 4th: MOVE.

Yep.  That’s been my life.  And at some point I need to see a dentist about my wisdom teeth… they’re rather annoying in the sense that my mouth is in a lot of pain… and well, if I want to continue doing that eating thing I like… I should have them looked at soon…


Sunday night I went out with Dani and Geordan to the Green Mill for the Poetry Slam.

This was my first poerty slam, and well, I hadn’t known much of what to expect.  Anything I’ve heard about poetry slams has probably come from Adam, a person who’s attended his fair share of them.  I’ve heard stories about the typical angry feminist poets or the over analytical “deep” ones… but I think mostly, my preconceptions were about female poets.  I’ve got this idea that there’s a lot of charged up pissy women who either talk about their bodies, moan about being objectified and the victim, or are just wanting to bitch about everything.  Now, I understand, this is probably only a very small handful of female poets out there… but they’re the ones that get stuck in my mind.

Personally, I’d love to be able to write intelligent, emotional, provokative, personal poetry… something I’d be okay reading outloud at something like a slam or having others read on their own schedule.  But I tend to make a joke out of it…  While I think anyone can be capable of writing poetry, I don’t necessarily consider myself capable of writing good poetry.. or satifactionary poetry… Not to a standard I’d be okay with.

I do love writing, and would love to get paid for it — not for some major plans of massive profit, but merely to support myself and be able to buy some fun toys now and then (like a scooter.  or a new macbook pro.) … I’m not to a level of blogging like dooce… nor do I have the time or motivation to write anything for any kind of publication.  I know I can make time, but well, with things how they are I do need to make sure my financial situation is pretty secure.

I admire those who take the time to work on their craft, profitable or not.

anti-pro-stupidity, or something of the sorts…

so. this could be interesting…

Mennogirl’s clued me in on some decent blogs before, as has my Megatron.  So I started, recently, reading dooce.  This isn’t a shameless plug for her, but I have found it to be somewhat entertaining to read.  But this could just be a phase (I used to read iCiNG, but now find gala… well, too “look at me”/I wanna be famous, but I still check the site every now and then)…

Recently, dooce wrote about politics, more importantly, advising women voters to really look into some issues before voting.  To consider the greater group of females, pretty much.  And this sort of turned into talking about McCain’s views on abortion, and that a lot of people are calling him anti-woman.

Now, I’m not fond of McCain, but those are my own reasons.  (look at the right: these people win — obama ’08)  And I’m not one to really vote based soley on one issue, and typically abortion isn’t a key issue with me.  I will admit that in the past I will have said that I probably wouldn’t choose an abortion myself, but didn’t want to make that choice for others.  (I will also admit to actually considering it at one point in my life, but I was never faced with that decision — aka I’ve never been pregnant.)  So, that makes me pro-choice.
One person who left comment on dooce’s post asked a really good question….

When did being “Pro-Choice” turn into being “Pro-Abortion”?

Like I said, I’m not typically “pro-abortion”… I’d like to think, baring any health problems of my own, I’d be willing to take care of any child I brought into this world.  But as also mentioned, there was at least one point in my life when I thought that abortion could be an option — but I didn’t have to make that choice.  But that’s the thing, I have that choice.  I am pro-CHOICE, it doesn’t mean I will choose it.

Anyway…. right now, I’m mildly anti-baby.  Or at least, mildly anti-having-a-baby-myself.  Babies are fine.  As long as I can hand them back to their adult.  At this point in my life, I’m big into the idea of adoption.  There are plenty of kids out there who need families.  But well, that’s years down the road.

Right now… the only baby I’m interested in is an amazing toddler who happens to be my niece.
Talk about damn cute.

Lil G
Lil G