how to make friends, then get wasted… (or: my first tweetup)

So, I’ve given you a very brief overview of my weekend, in which yes, I met some really awesome local bloggers.  In fact, this was my very first tweetup.  (This is when a group of very awesome people get together offline and exude their awesomeness together.)

I wasn’t sure if I would be going at all to this event, I mean, it’s meeting a bunch of strangers from the interwebs… But it is 2009, and social media is as prevalent as smog in China… I mean, even my mom is on facebook (seriously).  I think my bigger concern was that I’d really only been following one of them online prior to the meetup.  Well, anyways, I stopped whining and womaned up for the meetup.  It was going to be at one of my favorite locations anyway — the Handlebar.  (With their glorious, BEST EVER smoked gouda mac & cheese and my favorite cider, Original Sin.)

Well, as I mentioned before, the tweetup was also a birthday party for one very awesome woman and mother: Rachel (or I’m a Mom in Real Life).  Remember, this is us:

[singlepic id=57 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Yep.  That’s me with 5 hard ciders and 2 shots of Jameson.  For some reason lately, when I order shots, it’s almost always been Jameson.  Probably since Sweaterfest.

Anyway… Well, we move to another bar before I have all my alcohol consumed, but by that point I was drunk.  Normally I do fairly well.  This night… well, I don’t even remember taking pictures.  Or having my picture taken:

[singlepic id=58 w=320 h=240 float=center]

There are other things I don’t remember… The most concerning to me is how I got from outside the bar, where I remember saying goodbye to DShan, Molly, and Hallie, to outside of another restaurant blocks away.  (Point A to Point B)

[singlepic id=59 w=320 h=240 float=center]

What I do remember is ending up sitting next to the building and vomiting up my beloved mac & cheese I have raved about (soberly).  I sort of go in and out of consciousness for a little bit.  I began texting people (frustrated that one of them was too drunk to come rescue me), then apparently I began calling people.  Not only did I call my new friend Rachel, who I believe was still at the bar with her husband and Jenn, but I also called Angel and the virginian… (At least I didn’t call my mom this time.. yes, I have done that once.)

Anyway… people near the restaurant waiting for buses were sort of concerned about this pink haired girl propped up against the building.  “Are you okay???”  To which I incoherently mumbled and shook my head, then placed it back against the brick wall.  Eventually an older gentleman approached me.  He, and some of the waitstaff, thought I was with some other people outside the restaurant… I some how managed to explain that I was once with friends, but now trying to get home.  (Honestly, I don’t know what I was doing at Ashland, the northbound 9 stops running in the late evening…)  Apparently someone somewhere has a fondness for me, because this man (who I believe may have been an off-duty/retired police/fire man — I couldn’t see the emblem on his shirt) got me into his car and took me home.  Getting into cars with strangers when you’re DRUNK is a stupid idea.  But well, it was that or passout next to the building, which I was damn near close to doing.

So yes… though I had an amazing time meeting the aformentioned bloggers along with Matt, Scott, Dan, Esley, and Evan…. I got wasted.  I feel very lucky I got home with only a small patch of skin missing from my elbow.  I woke up (early too) with only a mild headache and a mild stomach ache.  And then made myself presentable to meet the virginian at Lit Fest.

I’ll just leave you with the only video of the night that I’m acknowledging exists…

weekend brevity

I had a very entertaining weekend.  Which might be an understatement.  I met some awesome bloggers, drank a lot of alcohol, damn near passed out outside a restaurant, sobered up, went to a Lit Fest with the Virginian, bought more graphic novels, ran into two amazingly awesomely lovely people (Paul and Small Ronnie), and then finally crashed.

That’s the basics of it.  And yes, I’ll go into detail soon… Mainly about the whole experience with my first tweetup and meeting said awesome bloggers.  However, for now… I’ll leave you with this, it sort of sums things up in one way or another:

[singlepic id=57 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Myself and the lovely Rachel (for whom we were celebrating!)

where Chrissy and Rini babysit…

Chrissy’s visit was all too short.
It was great, but she had some things to do at home…

The concert was great… an amazing number of attractive guys there.  It was also a really interesting line up… all 4 bands were a bit different… and they were all somewhat enjoyable in their own measure.  Personally, I liked the last two — Munroe and Bottle of Justus (who we, aka Chrissy, were there to see).  At one point early on in the night, Chrissy had given me some numbers to store in my phone in case her batteries died… and well, thinking I was texting one of her other friends we had met up with that night, I accidentally texted on of the guys in BOJ.  Oops.

Now, onto the matter of the friends we met up with there… three guys… They started out hanging with us… and then as the night continued we saw less and less of them… well, we saw them, but not with us and not coming towards us… They had found some entertainment in the forms of some blondes.  Whatevs.  I was mostly miffed because I had hoped they would have bought us drinks that night…  Chrissy was pissed for other reasons, and rightfully so.  Anyway… they boys drank, a lot. .. One of them even got tossed out… which we didn’t know until we found him outside after the concert… They were in no shape to drive anywhere… so we took their car, and I graciously allowed them to crash at my place.  (On the drive there, two of them vomited out of the car… while we were driving…)  Luckily they didn’t trash my place.

It was just sort of sad.  Even though I had just met these guys, and indeed they did ditch us to chase some tail, I could tell that there’s potential for quality there.  For a group of guys nearing 30, well, the drinking to excess isn’t a turn on at all… and no 20-something wants to babysit you, though we did.  If they would get their acts together, get their lives in order, well… then at least one of them would be a quality guy and a sweetheart… right now, with the drinking, flirting/ho-ing, and obnoxious comments and teasing, they’re heading into the land of Douche Bagia.  (Heck, well, I don’t know them well enough, they’re probably there already.)  But at least they have the potential to be something better… and hopefully they do so…

I know I sound judgey.. and yeah, I guess that’s what I’m doing.  But it’s disappointing when people don’t recognize the good in themselves  and become so self-absorbed into this image they think they need.  It makes you take a step back and look at yourself.  How into an image am I?  Is it even a proper representation of who I am?

Oh, House of Blues doesn’t allow camera… so I didn’t get a picture of my outfit like I promised.  It was a black and white, sheer halter top… I wore a black cardigan with it for part of the night…

reflections on a year, looking back at 2008

Well, seeing as it’s December 31st, it seems like a good time to look back on this last year — something I’ll do again at the Chinese New Years, when the Year of the Rat (aka my year) ends.

2008 definitely hasn’t been terrible, but I can’t say it’s been the best year either. But overall, I’ll be leaving this year with only a few ill feelings.

For one thing, I’ve held my job for about 13 months now. So this has been my first full year of no schooling, replacing it instead with full time work. It’s had it’s ups and downs, and frankly I plan on leaving this position (if not the university) in 2009. I’m well appreciated, have amazing benefits, and paid well… but I can’t deal with the tedious data entry and just not utilizing my skills. I do much better when I’m organizing, planning, arranging and managing… I’m hoping grad school will give me a good out. Otherwise I’ll be starting my job search around the time I move.

2008 also included a move up to the Northern Territories, in which I went from a small studio by myself to a two bedroom with a roommate and three cats and friends living right upstairs (and also down the alley). This living situation has definitely been healthier for me, as I was becoming a mildly depressed recluse in my studio. However, this living situation has also been challenging as well. And even though I’m ready to get into a different apartment, I’ll miss living with the girls. Late night giggling and jokes that only the 5 of us would ever get — and meals that should have been video taped…

There have been a lot of new additions in my life this past year… A major one would be my new stepmom, Cynthia. I didn’t even know dad was seeing someone until he was thinking about proposing. Granted, things moved quickly — they started talking in January, engaged by July and married in September. She’s a great woman though.

The kittens are another new addition this year. Tuija and Kaija have definitely been a joy, a bundle of neurotic joy. Not only do they preform some spectacular aerial acrobatics and flips, but they’re little purr machines and cuddle monsters. Though they had a rough start with tapeworm and then ringworm, they’re doing great now.

This year I’ve also done a decent amount of shopping… I have yet to count how many shoes I’ve gotten, but I know there’s a lot. And with the new job, I got new clothes… and some not-for-work clothes too. Other big(ish) purchases also include my Nintendo DS and my Wii. Even though I really need to start saving my funds, I don’t really think I’ve gone overboard with my spending.

Unfortunately this year, being on my own, has meant that I have to cover my medical bills myself. I did pretty well for the first part of the year. Then it was back problems, my vertigo acting up again, anxiety problems, and now my wrist. Nothing too major, though I did go through all of my sick days pretty fast. But I feel like I’m getting better overall — and well, no ER visits other than for my wrist, so that’s good.

Another big negative for this year would probably be a drunken misadventure from this summer. Not my greatest moment. I had never been that drunk before, and haven’t since. I was in a situation that I couldn’t control. I knew it was a situation that I shouldn’t be in, but I couldn’t vocalize it. Luckily, despite a lot of regret, I wasn’t stuck with the other possible consequences.

Also in regards to relationships, this has been another year of singleness. There have been a couple dates, but nothing beyond that. I’m generally okay with it. However, as I know I’ve mentioned before, it’d be nice to have a steady make out partner, and well, just someone to connect with. I’m still having fun and just enjoying life, and hopefully someone will see that and want to be a part of that too.

Anyway. One great thing from this year has been all of the new friends that I’ve made this year. In general I’ve got an amazing group of friends, and things are only getting better. I’ve gotten to know some great new people, and gotten to know other people a lot better. From some crazy band nerds, the girls at work, the group in the Southern Lands of Pilsen, to a long-haired Catholic, a tall-skinny linguist with amazing cats and his bread-eating roommate… There’s even more people, but they’re harder to force into little groups. I’m looking forward to meeting and getting to know more people this next year. (And yes, a few of them might be because I have some sort of interest in them..)

Anyway. 2008 has been interesting. And even though Wench has only been around for the last part of it, it’s definitely been an enjoyable part of this year.
I’m not one for making New Years resolutions, so I’m going into 2009 blindly.
I don’t think I’ll be welcoming in the New Year with a kiss, since I don’t currently have plans for tonight, but just hoping for the best and enjoying what comes along.

but it's very nice…

I enjoy kissing.  It is indeed very nice.  Well… I have had bad kisses, but that’s not the topic of this discussion.

I have occasionally found myself in situations where I don’t really know what the kiss means.  It’s the whole “what happens next” issue.  I mean, you’re hanging out with someone, you’re having fun, you make out a bit… and then what?  Does this give you the access for more making out later?  Or is it a “we’re just having a bit of fun thing”?  … Or do you want to continue the physical bits?  I enjoy kissing, but some situations can be a bit ambiguous.

I mean, sometimes all you want to do is just have someone to make out with for a bit.  I definitely know a couple of guys where we like making out, but we don’t expect any sort of relationship to come out of it or anything.  It takes a bit of figuring things out to get to that stage though — there has to be understanding on both sides.. and well, it’s easy for things to get fuzzy.  But there’s also the times when it just sort of happens… Where kissing is sort of an appropriate response to the situation.  What the hell do you do after that?   This could lead to a relationship, a definite sign that the parties are interested… Or it could just be a “moment” thing, and once it’s done it’s done (even if there is mild interest between the parties).  And there’s the times when you’re drunk.  I will definitely admit that I tend to get a bit more flirty and personable when I’m drunk.  And this has lead to more than one make out sessions.

I don’t like leading people on, or being led on myself… but making out is just fun.  And I have been in the position where I didn’t want anything else afterward but the other person did…  It is indeed awkward.  But the period of time after making out with someone.. when you’re trying to figure things out, read into the situation.. it can definitely be frustrating.

Anybody have any suggestions for this post-kiss confusion?  Or any great kissing anecdotes?  Kiss and tell.

a kiss is not a contract - flight of the conchords