KIDNAP ALERT – Wench gone missing!

So I regret to inform you faithful readers that the lovely and win-filled Wench has absconded to New Zealand with her new lover, Jemaine. Yes, some of you may be thinking that this relationship is moving too fast, but if you would have been at the concert last night you would have seen the immediate sparks between them.

In fact it should be noted that when Jemaine first appeared on stage, Rini audibly gasped and then proceeded to mumble something about chest hair over and over again. As for Jemaine, I knew he felt something special when he kept singing these sad love songs about rejection and totally looking in our direction! (In fact he seemed to get distracted sometimes by the way that Rini kept audibly expressing her love for him. But what really closed the deal was Jemaine’s personal serenade of “Sugarlumps” directly totally towards Rini. At that point, I knew that I would have to say goodbye to my dear friend, but I wish her well in the land of the kiwis and I am sure Jemaine and her will make very pretty babies together.

Before they ran off to climb aboard their private jet, I did manage to get this one picture of their perfect love.

Obviously keeping these two apart would be nie impossible.
Obviously keeping these two apart would be nie impossible.

Faithfully reported by Mennogirl

so excited I might just explode

It has arrived!  After months of waiting, the day has finally come!


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Yeah, I’m going to be doing what Bret’s doing — leaping and bounding my way to my loves.  Go a head and say it.  I know what I am.  I’m fine being a fangirl.  I’m truly not that obsessed, but well, Mennogirl might report differently after tonight.

I lucked out, really.  Mennogirl and I had been talking about seeing the show, and she was able to get us access to presale tickets.  So at our respective computers we worked away until finally, after two failed attempts (one of which was losing 2 seats in the second to last row), I got them.  I got 2 fifth row tickets.  I nabbed them as soon as possible, not even really consulting with Mennogirl.

So now it’s here.  Mennogirl and I will be driving to the concert, since she has a further way to go back home.  Unfortunately, cameras aren’t allowed… at least from what I remember.  Either way, I don’t have my camera on me.  I actually don’t really know where it or my flip mino are… but that’s whatever.  It doesn’t matter now.  I will indeed document as much of the pre- and post-concert going with my lovely little camera phone.  So expect some low quality images.

Anyway… here’s a little bit of what you’ll be missing…

welcome to my fangirl side…

Okay. So I wrote about my One True Loves a while ago… and well, though he’s not pictured there, he’s listed… AND I’M GOING TO SEE HIM!

Who is this “him”?? Who?

Why only part of New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo…
Oh Jemaine…

Last year, when Flight of the Conchords came to the city, I didn’t rush to my computer to purchase tickets… I waited about 20 minutes after they went on sale… AND I WAS OUT OF LUCK. Scorned by this, I vowed that I would get tickets the next time they came to town… and guess what… I DID!

Mennogirl and I will be going to their April 29th concert… oh, and get this… FIFTH ROW TICKETS. win.
(Read about her excitement here)

It’s fate. That’s all it could be. Jemaine and I are meant to be together.

but it's very nice…

I enjoy kissing.  It is indeed very nice.  Well… I have had bad kisses, but that’s not the topic of this discussion.

I have occasionally found myself in situations where I don’t really know what the kiss means.  It’s the whole “what happens next” issue.  I mean, you’re hanging out with someone, you’re having fun, you make out a bit… and then what?  Does this give you the access for more making out later?  Or is it a “we’re just having a bit of fun thing”?  … Or do you want to continue the physical bits?  I enjoy kissing, but some situations can be a bit ambiguous.

I mean, sometimes all you want to do is just have someone to make out with for a bit.  I definitely know a couple of guys where we like making out, but we don’t expect any sort of relationship to come out of it or anything.  It takes a bit of figuring things out to get to that stage though — there has to be understanding on both sides.. and well, it’s easy for things to get fuzzy.  But there’s also the times when it just sort of happens… Where kissing is sort of an appropriate response to the situation.  What the hell do you do after that?   This could lead to a relationship, a definite sign that the parties are interested… Or it could just be a “moment” thing, and once it’s done it’s done (even if there is mild interest between the parties).  And there’s the times when you’re drunk.  I will definitely admit that I tend to get a bit more flirty and personable when I’m drunk.  And this has lead to more than one make out sessions.

I don’t like leading people on, or being led on myself… but making out is just fun.  And I have been in the position where I didn’t want anything else afterward but the other person did…  It is indeed awkward.  But the period of time after making out with someone.. when you’re trying to figure things out, read into the situation.. it can definitely be frustrating.

Anybody have any suggestions for this post-kiss confusion?  Or any great kissing anecdotes?  Kiss and tell.

a kiss is not a contract - flight of the conchords