a hot mess

This last little bit of May is sort of, well, crazy.  So many changes are coming in just one weeks time, when I sit down for a breather I end up just crashing.

Most of this is revolving around the move.  Lovely and I have our keys and our belongings are slowly making their way over.  I’m making my first trip with things tomorrow — Mennogirl offered to help get some things down from Evanston that I left last year… like my futon chair.

I’m packing up the apartment, and realizing that I have just a lot of stuff.  I’m weeding through it.  But I still have a lot of stuff.  I’m hoping it’ll feel like less when I’m no longer living in a tiny apartment.  But beyond the boxes and bags everywhere, my place is just sort of off because I sold my sofa.   So when I want to come home to rest a bit, it means lounging on the bed which means passing out (as mentioned).

Throw into the pot the fact that my landlord is showing my apartment a few times this week — and thus I need to keep the place insanely clean while packing… Yeah.  That’s fun.  I can make it presentable, but I can’t promise sparkling.

The goal is to get things out before going to Libby’s wedding this weekend.  That way when I come home from Ohio, I can just be at the new place and not worry.  (Also, sadness: Josh’s last day at the toy store is while I’m in Ohio… so while I get to return to my new apartment and amazing roommate, I get to also return to a Josh-less job.)

Not-to-mention Chicago has decided it’s perfectly acceptable to just dump 90-degree weather on us suddenly… The kittens have knocked the fan out of the window more times than I can tolerate.

Yeah.  Hot mess.

I absolutely cannot wait to be in the new place with it’s oh-so wonderful ceiling fans!  … just need to figure out the whole getting things over there thing since I lack a vehicle or a valid license to get a vehicle… and the budget too.

Oh! A List!

Here are some things going on right now:

  • As mentioned in the previous post, I went to the Gals Guide Summit.  It was really good!  Very fun and informative.  Well organized, and some great swag! Seriously, free Dove deodorant? um, yes.  Also: pizza, chocolates, cookies, cupcakes, and vitamin water!  Plus a lot more.  Jenn’s review (in that last link) covers more of it.  She was there and I was pleasantly surprised to see Rabbit Write (aka Rachel W.) there!
  • I had an interview for a job on Thursday.  It went well, and the store owner wants me to meet with the manager (happening on Wednesday).  I believe the phrase she used was “If you’re serious about this job, you should schedule a meeting with the L. Ave store manager.”  Um. YES.
  • I got to go to Shedd for free.  I won tickets to the aquarium and to see their new Oceaniarum show, Fantasea.  3 hours of fishes.  Mennogirl and jrosei came after work to join me for the show.  It was a little over the top for me, but I know some young girls who would probably LOVE it.  We then ate at Uber Burger, and walked around downtown for a while.
  • The kittens have started waking me up early again.  It’s either by walking on my face or by dive bombing the bed from the top of the window.  They’re either preparing me for a new schedule I don’t know about yet or they’re punishing me for buying crappy food.
  • I’ve been hanging out and talking with someone I haven’t seen in a while.  And have thoroughly been enjoying it.
  • Once I find out about this job, good or bad, I’m going to take a few days and go visit my dad, stepmom and sisters.

Single female seeking… (or: how to earn bonus points)

We all have our little lists of ideals and must haves for our potential mates… No sense in hiding it — admit it, you have at least 3 things you’re looking for in a partner.  For some people the list is completely make or break.  Others treat it more like guidelines.

I’m not about to get into what I am or not looking for at the moment.  Whenever I start to think “this is the type of guy I want”, someone comes around and surprises me.  Obviously, well, I’m still single at the moment, but still those surprises are nice.  Whether it’s a crazy former college rugby player, or a writer boy, or a drummer-gymnast-science teacher…

Anyway… I thought it’d be fun to look at some qualities that I’m interested in or would like, but aren’t necessarily seeking out…  A list of bonus points, if you will…  So for all you out there who are interested in me, don’t let this list deter you from seeking me out… You can still ask me out regardless of not having any the following characteristics.  Remember: I’m not actually looking for any of these things, but they can earn you some bonus points… Also, this is not a complete or definitive list of bonus points.  Surprise me.

  • Owning a dog or puppy
  • Letting me fuss over and play with said dog or puppy
  • Looking good with some scruff
  • Conditioning your beard, if you have one
  • Give good back rubs/massages
  • Being willing to give back rubs and massages… often…
  • Being willing to give hand and foot massage as well…
  • Willingness to come over on a whim just to cuddle
  • Occasionally pop in to work to say hey and grab some lunch (picnic at the lakefill maybe?)
  • Know the difference between a tastefully cute stuffed animal and something you only give a 5-year-old…
  • Willingness to sit and stare at animals all day (*cough*Iveneverbeentothebrookfieldzoo*cough*)
  • Know how to actually play with hair (and give head massages) … maybe if you ask nicely, Mennogirl will show you what I mean…
  • Enjoys running around a park in the rain every now and again…
  • being a musician/singer.. but not one that would critique or bash my own musical/singing ability (or lack thereof)

If you’d like to know about some of the other qualities I’m really looking for, you can just ask — or read around, I’m sure I’ve mentioned things somewhere…  What I’m more interested in… What are some things on your list?

Edit: I didn’t think about this before. Shame on me.  If you want to see the flipside to this, a list of my deal breakers… just check out this post from a few months ago: deal breakers (or: you’re hot, but what the f- is wrong with you?!)

KIDNAP ALERT – Wench gone missing!

So I regret to inform you faithful readers that the lovely and win-filled Wench has absconded to New Zealand with her new lover, Jemaine. Yes, some of you may be thinking that this relationship is moving too fast, but if you would have been at the concert last night you would have seen the immediate sparks between them.

In fact it should be noted that when Jemaine first appeared on stage, Rini audibly gasped and then proceeded to mumble something about chest hair over and over again. As for Jemaine, I knew he felt something special when he kept singing these sad love songs about rejection and totally looking in our direction! (In fact he seemed to get distracted sometimes by the way that Rini kept audibly expressing her love for him. But what really closed the deal was Jemaine’s personal serenade of “Sugarlumps” directly totally towards Rini. At that point, I knew that I would have to say goodbye to my dear friend, but I wish her well in the land of the kiwis and I am sure Jemaine and her will make very pretty babies together.

Before they ran off to climb aboard their private jet, I did manage to get this one picture of their perfect love.

Obviously keeping these two apart would be nie impossible.
Obviously keeping these two apart would be nie impossible.

Faithfully reported by Mennogirl

so excited I might just explode

It has arrived!  After months of waiting, the day has finally come!


[singlepic id=38 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Yeah, I’m going to be doing what Bret’s doing — leaping and bounding my way to my loves.  Go a head and say it.  I know what I am.  I’m fine being a fangirl.  I’m truly not that obsessed, but well, Mennogirl might report differently after tonight.

I lucked out, really.  Mennogirl and I had been talking about seeing the show, and she was able to get us access to presale tickets.  So at our respective computers we worked away until finally, after two failed attempts (one of which was losing 2 seats in the second to last row), I got them.  I got 2 fifth row tickets.  I nabbed them as soon as possible, not even really consulting with Mennogirl.

So now it’s here.  Mennogirl and I will be driving to the concert, since she has a further way to go back home.  Unfortunately, cameras aren’t allowed… at least from what I remember.  Either way, I don’t have my camera on me.  I actually don’t really know where it or my flip mino are… but that’s whatever.  It doesn’t matter now.  I will indeed document as much of the pre- and post-concert going with my lovely little camera phone.  So expect some low quality images.

Anyway… here’s a little bit of what you’ll be missing…

charity case

I feel like a selfish bastard.

Here I am earning the most money I’ve ever earned in my life, and I’ve completely dropped the ball on making donations.  My goal after college was to donate to at least one charity of my choosing every year — to have memberships in organizations I supported and want to continue seeing their good works… And well, the only money I’ve sent out is from various checkout lines when they ask if you’d like to donate an extra dollar for a particular cause (mainly I do this at Petsmart)…

In college, when I was earning a whopping $5.15 an hour — barely pulling a $120 paycheck each month — I found the time to donate.  Even when working at the thrill park I made a donation to a local children’s hospital in my sisters’ names.  But now?  Nope.  Sorry.  All this hard earned cash is reserved for me.  I mean, seriously.  I bought a DS and then 3 weeks later bought a Wii with Guitar Hero World Tour (not the full band kit, mind you, but still).  It’s not uncommon for me to drop $300 a weekend on clothing every other month.  And well, I’m embarrassed by the number of shoes I’ve purchased.

So.  As you as my witnesses — and PLEASE hold me accountable — I am setting a goal to make donations this year.  I’m not specifying how much.. but I plan to contribute at least something (preferably >$10) to the following charities, groups, and/or organizations:

  • WWF – I actually plan on doing at least one $50 adoption.  Yes, I want the plushie.  Not even going to hide that fact.  (HINT TO MALES WHO MAY BE INTERESTED IN ME: This, or something similar, would make an amazing gift for me.  Just so you know.)  The hardest part will be which to choose… Sharks? Pandas? Tigers? Wombat? Blue-Footed Booby?
  • Oceana – For those of you who truly know me, or have seen my tattoo, you know that I have an absurd fondness for sharks.  Over fishing and finning are huge issues to me, and I seriously almost cried while watching sharkwater.
  • CTP – I’ve gotten to know various CTPers throughout my life and would love to support them any way I can.  Mennogirl‘s brother, Mennonot, was working for them in London for a while.. and still works for them here.
  • WGCS – Yes, this is a radio station. Yes, I previously worked there.  I support Jason and the staff a lot, and seriously miss working there.  Getting exposed to so much music, while working in such a great environment truly enriched my college experience…. even if Jason did call me the Globe’s Delilah….
  • LP Zoo – I love this place.  It’s one of my happy places here in the city.  With the fact that it’s free admission, I can’t help but want to donate to make sure they stay open and can truly support their programming and animals.  So many innercity youth have been able to be exposed to a variety of wildlife and information thanks to this zoo.

There are other places I would consider.  The city’s huge and there’s a lot going on… If the reading band gets their nonprofit started this year, I’ll be donating to them as well — I mean, I am one of the organisers/planners/committee members.  Also, if others from a social networking group I’m in will join me, I’d be willing to help sponsor some crazy, geeky, (and okay, yes, attractive) british guy to come to the city for that group’s annual meet-up — which I’m not even attending!  (I swear, nerdy/geeky/dorky men will be the end of me.)

Anyway.  Within the next week or so I’ll put something up so that this is permenately afixed to a sidebar, meaning that I should be nagged at all costs to complete my goal this year.  It shouldn’t be hard… but I’ll have to make a change from my materialism (video games, shoes, special cheeses, books, things from ikea, and my near-addiction to buying bras & panties) and focus on using my funds for a greater cause. … And then buy all those things…

send blankets!

Well, I officially have a new address now.
And no cooking gas and very little groceries. (Even fewer that don’t require a stove or some other ingredient that I don’t currently have.)

However, I am back in the Second City again… in the Midlands of Lakeview.  It was a good pick too.  I’m impressed with myself — choosing a prime place without really thinking about it or making much effort.  All the stores and shops and food I could want are all within easy walking distance.  There’s even a video game store there too.  (Guess who will be stopping by to check out the nerdy boys AND get new games…)  Plus, though I’m not near the train (or the lake) any more — a first since moving to the area — I am near buses… and the train is only a 15 minute walk.  But I can make it to the Northern Territories easily, and take a 30 minute bus ride down to the Southern Lands of Pilsen… No transfers.  Getting over to Wicker Park will be nice too.  Meaning I can stay out a bit later with my bandmates.

Now.  The place is small.  But it’s just me and the kittens.  And though I own a lot of crap (which I won’t get rid of), it pretty much all fits.  Granted, I’m not finished unpacking, and I still have stuff to go through at the old place.

There’s really only a few things I’d like to change…

1) A way to kitty-proof the doors; both to the outside door and to the laundry room (which is practically in-unit and free)… I’m just worried one of the girls will get outside.. or into the laundry room and I won’t be able to coax her back into my place…

2) A bedroom door.  Yeah I live alone, so it’s not necessary… and I will get a curtain soon… but well, there might be times when cute little kitten’s interruptions aren’t wanted…

3) Heat!  My place is pretty chilly right now.  Mainly that’s because in the winter I’d be relying on the pipes from the upstairs radiators (my landlord’s) and an electric heater… I’m also coming from a freakishly warm apartment in which I had the windows open practically all winter.  But until I get a bedwarmer (ie: boyfriend), I’ll be sticking to my large collection of blankets and sleeping in clothes.

I would also add cooking gas, as metioned above.  But apparently it’s just a pilot light — my landlord just emailed me.  So hopefully tonight I can actually make some hot tea… and cook some food…

Anyway.  The place is coming a long.  I’ve got Angel to thank for that… He painted it for me… and we’re going to talk about some custom art/murals.. But depending on the heat issue, I might only be there for 6 months and mirgate to another apartment that’s a bit warmer… and hopefully in the same area.
I also need to thank my amazingly awesome friends who moved all my crap.  Robert (one of my bandmates; tuba) really conducted the whole thing.  If it wasn’t for him, and Jason B., I would have been screwed.  Dani saved me by driving me to and from U-Haul… And I had the help of Becca and jrosei for all of it too.  jrosei’s youngest sister helped as well (so I’ve had both of her sisters helping me with a move), as did Weiss and Angel who showed up for the last bit.  Bec and jrosei brought the kittens over the next night.. in the rain.. with their freshly cleaned litter box… (THANKS!)

A last little brag of what I’ve got:
New place all to myself (bedroom door or not), awesome paint job, free cable, free internet, free laundry, all utilities but gas, a kickass neighborhood, and a pretty decent landlord.  … Win.

me, recently, in list form.

Here’s a bit of an update, which will hopefully justify why I haven’t really been able to write like I’d prefer… This is just one of the slightly crazy hectic times of the year….

  • Josh visited and it was good… Though we’re not going to be roommates if/when he moves to the city…
  • New medications = productive Rini at work.  This is a very good thing. Plus, the side effects are wearing off…
  • Without Josh as a roommate, I began looking for 1 bedrooms… and was crossing my fingers for something affordable.
  • I found a few places I liked, and scheduled to view one last Wednesday…
  • I really liked that place, the first one I looked at, and paid the deposit that night….
  • Had an interview on Friday, it went well, and we’ll see how that all goes.  No further details until I get some sort of official word.
  • I bail on a Mucca Pazza concert, a party, dancing, and another party….
  • I bought a new tea kettle and a small cheese grater for the new apartment.
  • Tomorrow we’ve got tours and I’ve got Reading Band.
  • Wednesday I sign my lease and make it official.  The kitties and I will be moving to a small garden apartment in Lakeview.
  • Thursday 1st of annual meetings at work, afterwards Mennogirl and I will drive off into the sunset to see Dooce and buy her new book… (this is also my bubby’s birthday.  hooray for super awesome bubbies.)
  • Friday is the 2nd of the annual meetings at work… get home and CRASH. (I mean, pack.)
  • Weekend: PACK LIKE CRAZY
  • … then April 4th: MOVE.

Yep.  That’s been my life.  And at some point I need to see a dentist about my wisdom teeth… they’re rather annoying in the sense that my mouth is in a lot of pain… and well, if I want to continue doing that eating thing I like… I should have them looked at soon…

small musings: a brief weekend and liveblogging

Most of my weekend I spent sleeping, lounging, or eating Indian food.

Seriously.  Two Indian buffets in two days.

However, last night, since our converter box won’t get ABC, the roommates sans Libby and I walked to the Land of Cana (it’s just down the alley a few buildings — oh, and happens to be the home of Mennogirl).  I’ve never really been big into award shows.  They’re entertaining, but I’m still indifferent.  My roommates were a bit more enthused.

Anyway.  Mennogirl decided to do a little live blogging of the Oscars.  Eventually she handed control over to me for a bit, and then later on I basically took over her blog for the night.
You can find our interesting liveblogging over at Mennogirl’s blog.

All I have to say, Wolverine is mine (dibs).  What now Mennogirl?

welcome to my fangirl side…

Okay. So I wrote about my One True Loves a while ago… and well, though he’s not pictured there, he’s listed… AND I’M GOING TO SEE HIM!

Who is this “him”?? Who?

Why only part of New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo…
Oh Jemaine…

Last year, when Flight of the Conchords came to the city, I didn’t rush to my computer to purchase tickets… I waited about 20 minutes after they went on sale… AND I WAS OUT OF LUCK. Scorned by this, I vowed that I would get tickets the next time they came to town… and guess what… I DID!

Mennogirl and I will be going to their April 29th concert… oh, and get this… FIFTH ROW TICKETS. win.
(Read about her excitement here)

It’s fate. That’s all it could be. Jemaine and I are meant to be together.