I made a list of things last night so I’d hopefully not forget anything. Check the weather in various citys not too long ago just to see if I might need a sweater, or more likely, an umbrella. I’ve made copies of my keys, and arrangements for the cats.

Tomorrow morning at 9am I’m shipping out on a bus full of nerds.

by CB Lindsey

Mucca’s going on tour tomorrow, and as their merch girl, I’m joining them.

Packing for such a trip isn’t too hard. Comfortable clothes for travel — I’ll either be in one their cars or on the bus. Things to entertain myself with — my 3DS, notebooks, ipod. Comfortable, yet hopefully cute clothes to wear to the shows — I’ve got to be able to bend a lot and lug big bins of stuff. Snacks for the trip, and maybe some PB sammies since I might be allergic to one of the provided meals.

Though I’m on the trip to “work”, I’m pretty excited. I love hanging out with the Muccas, and I love hearing them play. I mean, if you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you already know I love Mucca Pazza. I’ve got a massive crush on the entire band. But it’s more than that. These people are my friends and working the shows is one of the few times I get to hang out with them.

I’ve had fun on break. All the design stuff and hanging out with friends, and pretending like I haven’t gone to Chick-fil-A as many times as I have… (They put crack in that chicken.) But this trip with Mucca? Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to it for a bit now.

Can you blame me? Four days with sexy band nerds.

For those of you in Louisville, Murfreesboro, and Nashville… come check us out! Be sure to stop by the merch table and say hi. 

Sexy, nerdy friends are the bestest.

So, I love my family and all… but after three months in Indiana with barely seeing any of my friends, I’ve been going a little stir crazy.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the internets (gchat, twitter and facebook), you’d probably see me buried under my covers, rocking back in forth in a fetal position.  It’s enough to scare the cats.

That’s why Friday night was very much needed.

I got my nerd on and saw my favorite marching band ever, Mucca Pazza.  Elanor called me a few days before and asked if I’d come out and sell merch for them again.  Why would I ever say no to seeing my very talent friends put on one of the best live shows I’ve seen?  Not to mention, nerds are hot.  I’ve got some sexy friends (who happen to also have some attractive fans too) …  Anyway, sexy friends, see:

Mucca Pazza playing at the Mayne Stage, 3/25/11(all these amazing photos are by Ellen Prather)

Though I was in the lobby for the whole show, it’s more than easy to hear Mucca from there — not to mention they had a feed into the area with a tv set up as well.  So I did get to watch a good bit of it from the table.  It was a good night.  I got to talk with a lot of different fans, and even had one ask me — yes, me — for an autograph. Erini CS, merch girl. The time to chat with and get many hugs from my friends erased any loneliness I’d felt in the past three months.

I even found time to be a fangirl as well.  Ellis, one of Mucca’s trombonists, also plays for Jon Drake and The Shakes.  As I’ve mentioned before, they’ve quickly become one of my favorite bands.  So I couldn’t miss an opportunity to tell Ellis that 1) I love that band, and 2) his part in Margie makes me all swoony.  And fangirl-ness pays off.  I now have a Jon Drake and The Shakes pin, thanks to Ellis.

After we’d loaded up, merch was all counted and packed on the bus, and then finally unloaded at the studio, it was time to head over to Elanor’s for the night.  Having a tiny girls’ night was great.  I’ve definitely missed chatting it up with a ladyfriend face-to-face.  (And I’m definitely looking forward to the massive ladyfriend-fest that will happen in Seattle this week for the Nintendo 3DS trip.)

Lesson? Sexy, nerdy friends are the bestest. So.  How was your weekend?

Enthused: Epic. Yarn.

My wonderful friends at Nintendo surprised me with another great gift:

Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

I’ve never owned any Kirby game before.  In fact, my only interactions with this character where from Super Smash Brothers’ Malee.  So I was pretty excited about trying this game.

First off… Kirby?  Pink marshmallow guy?  Meh, whatever.  But in Epic Yarn… This game is ridiculously adorable.  I kind of want to hug the designers.  I can deal without the story part, but it’s not bad.  And if you really don’t want to listen to the story part, you can skip it.  (Thank you!  That kills so many games for me.)  It’s definitely meant for younger people, but whatevs.  Still cute.

One thing you probably already know… this is a two-player game.  A second person can help you out as King Fluff — an angsty looking blue guy.  Now, the game play itself isn’t really terribly difficult.  But after making it through a few worlds, I feel that you need that second person to find everything throughout the levels.  Otherwise you could spend forever trying to get everything — all the beads, treasures and patches…  Oh.  Awesome tid-bit: You don’t have to completely restart the game just to play co-op.  Before each level it asks if you want 1 or 2 players.  So if you’re friend just wants to join for a little bit, it’s totally possible.

Anyway.  You can transform into various things — cars, robots, alien spaceships…  The bad guys are too hard to kill, but there are a few tricks for not dying.  Lord knows I’ve accidentally walked him into spikes or drowned him a few times already.  (Kirby seems forgiving.)

Yeah, there’s totally a dinosaur level.  WIN.

Besides the fact that it’s adorable, I think I like the game because it’s fun without being too terribly intense.  I can enjoy it without feeling like it’s going to be one of those obsessive things.  This is actually a perfect game for casual gamers — or people who are gone 14-15 hours a day like myself.  (No, I will not stop bringing that fact up.)

So a big thanks to everyone at Nintendo!  Their package couldn’t come at a better time — although I think The Bartender broke a rib picking it up for me… (Bike crash…)  Bonus because Nintendo is just awesome like that?  This adorable little pouch.  It’s just as adorable as the game.

I’m really enjoying it… and looking forward to trying out the co-op.  (Like when Rebekah comes to visit!)

This was a gift from Nintendo.  They didn’t ask me to write about this at all… but it’s too adorable for me to keep to myself.  (That pink controller is something I purchased myself.) #samp

school daze

So fall is coming.  Awesome.  It means tolerable weather, leaves changing, a wardrobe that includes more pockets.  One thing it hasn’t meant for the past 3 years is returning to school.

Yay, right?  Well, actually no.  Call me a nerd, but I love school.  Something about that academic setting makes my heart flutter and gets me all weak in the knees.  I wasn’t even a 4.0 student… not close.  But I love learning — I just can’t get enough.

So now that I’m entering this third year of educational hiatus… I’m getting twitchy.  It’s time to change this.  Working at the University helped.  I was still surrounded by all that research and stuff.  But it was an unfortunately unhealthy situation, and I had to get out.

My goal?  Grad school.

I know.  I know.  Haven’t we heard this before?  Record on repeat?  But I’m determined!  I’m going to get my act together.  The deadline for my first choice school is November 1.  I’m still looking at MFA in Creative Writing programs.  I might consider something else, but the (main) program I’m applying to is probably the closest to a perfect fit for me that I could ever dream of finding — AND it’s still in Chicago.

I have to go for it.  Even if it means bringing all my portfolio and application stuff to the bar with me for all those hours I end up spending there anyway.

getting ready to geek out.

Okay, maybe getting ready to nerd out is a little more appropriate… but still.  Geeking out and nerdery is about to commence.

Here’s what’s about to come up:

  • I’m hopping a train this afternoon and will be visiting my super amazing boyfriend, Jaron, for a few nights.  (So excited!)
  • Jaron has an invite to Lego Universe.  It’s in private beta right now.  And um, yes, I am going to make sure I get to check it out too.  (Girlfriend perks, right?  I mean, I showed him Glass before sending him an invite…)
  • Jaron is also having a super awesome party on Saturday.  It’ll be a day of gaming.  Different games in various rooms.  Sadly, though, I’ll be missing this.  (boo)
  • …HOWEVER… I get to see Jaron that night and for the whole day Sunday, which happens to be his birthday!  So we’re going to spend the day celebrating.
  • I now have a book of the complete works of Charles Perrault — the French writer who did all those fairy tales before the Brothers Grimm…  You know, back when fairy tales didn’t always have the “happily ever after”…
  • I also got a book of Grimm fairy tales… and for good measure, a collection of H.P. Lovecraft.  (I’ve read a handful of Cthulhu graphic short stories, figured I need to read the original.)
  • I’m talking with a writing program here in the city.  There is a good chance I might be starting a course next week.  I’ve felt this ever stronger tug at my heart that I’ve neglected my writing for far too long.  I’m tired of ignoring that.  I want to work on my craft and get back in the game.
  • Writing = researching = AWESOME.  I love researching.  I love learning.  If I could continue taking course forever, I would.  In an instant.  One of the main reasons I’ve been getting fairy tale books is because of a story I’m working on… it’s inspired by Perrault’s Petit chaperon rouge (Little Red Riding Hood).

Also other things I’m excited about… Attempting to distract Rachel long enough to steal her new copy of Endless Ocean.  It’s a game that lets you explore the ocean waters.  It’s prompting kids and adults to think more about things outside of their community bubble.  Wildlife conservation is a HUGE thing to me.  Ocean conservation is a very, very large part of that.  We ignore our ocean ecosystems, and we’re going to seriously f- up our world because of it.  Anyway.  The game looks awesome.  (Yes, I’m jealous that Brand About Town isn’t sending me things like this.  I mean, come on, huge nerd here.  I love video games.  Grew up on them.  I’ve got a Nintendo track jacket — and not just the Wii Fit Plus one they gave me — and for 2/3rds of college I carried around a Nintendo remote messenger bag.  They’re missing out on a great nerd right here.  But that’s not the point.  The point is I’m going to attempt to snag Rachel’s game, and return in one piece.)

Projects. (or: Hi, I'm a nerd.)

November is starting out pretty well. I’ve been very fortunate to get a few freelance web design jobs. I haven’t started designing any of them, but have been working out the details and making agreements.

Two of them are wedding websites. One of those is a gift from me to the couple. (Yay! Libby & Zach are getting married!!) I designed my dad’s and stepmom’s wedding website last summer, and got a decent amount of compliments on it. My dad’s been wanting to push me into freelance web design since. I like the idea of doing wedding sites because I like doing websites that are clean and not overly complicated, but with so many of those websites-in-a-box sites popping up the wedding site market isn’t the easiest. Plus, surprisingly, I don’t know all that many people getting married right now.

The other site I’m doing is for a musician, a jazz trumpeter. He’s played with Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra Jr., the Temptations, Tony Bennett, and a list of others. He’s playing at the Paramount tomorrow. I’m very excited about doing this site. I get to incorporate audio and video, create photo galleries… It’s going to be a fair bit of code and well, I’m a huge nerd and I love me some HTML, CSS, and looking forward to working on some different scripts.

I don’t know if web design will ever be a full-time gig for me. I love it, but I also don’t want to burn out either. It happened with film. But I would love to do sites part-time, not only to supplement my income, but because I really enjoy it. Getting lost in writing websites and troubleshooting the linguistics of it — nerdgasm right there.

yes, this is also on Pink Dinosaurs… I realized it was more than I had intended for tumblr, hence the cross-posting.

joining Mucca Pazza in the Danger Zone!

Saying this weekend was full of win would be an understatement.

Possibly one of the biggest highlights of this weekend/ever would be running off to the land of beer and cheese with one of my favorite bands, Mucca Pazza.

They had some cancellations and needed someone to sell merchandise for them.  I got the call on Thursday at about noon, agreed, and found myself at the studio the next day at 9a.  After some running around, the van was loaded, and I was in a car with 3 Muccas (Elanor, Steiny, and Jeff) and we were on the road!

The band was performing at UW-Madison (a parade and then a concert by the lake), and then again the next day in Milwaukee.  I’d been to Madison once before, even the student union, but that was before school started and it was practically deserted.  That was not the case this weekend.

However, despite the crowd, having downtime by the lake was great.  I took the time to play a little Mario Kart on my DSi for a bit, and also relaxing with some of the band…  Others took the time to enjoy the lake before the show…

[singlepic id=105 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Nick & Steiny canoeing…

[singlepic id=106 w=320 h=240 float=center]

[singlepic id=107 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The concerts were amazing.  But really, I find that to be expected with a MP show.  I always have a great time, they’re always entertaining, and I always leave more in love with the band than before.  It’s just a given that Mucca Pazza rocks.  Sitting at the merch table, I didn’t have the best view of the band.  Not to mention the whole being distracted by people wanting to buy stuff.  A very welcome distraction.  I kept a tally going of how much we’d sold, but after the show that was impossible.

[singlepic id=108 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The festival in Milwaukee had merch people for everyone there… leaving not that much for me to do during the show.  Typically, I’d do what I always do at Mucca Pazza shows — get right up front and dance my ass off.  However, I did something strange and completely out of character.  I stayed near the back, in the sound booth with Elliot.  I still got to see them rock out, but also got to get an amazing crash refresher course in live sound.  (Last time I did audio? Probably high school… But I was the production director and on-air talent for WGCS a few years ago…)

Anyway.  The weekend was awesome.  I saw so much of Mucca Pazza.  SO MUCH.  Seriously.  Also, I smelled a lot of Mucca Pazza… I mean, I love them, but yeah, that wool-polyester blend combined with sweaty band nerds?  Eh, wow.   But even with the fresh smell of marching band, the weekend was great.  They’re great people and just a load of fun.  I can’t wait to see them again.

Oh, if you’re wanting all the dirty, stinky details of Mucca Pazza behind the scenes… well… You’ll just have to hang out with them yourself!  I will admit though, they joke a lot, sing a good deal, and they can definitely drink.  (But hey, I held my own with my four or so things of whiskey… until Justin accidentally tossed my cup across the rooftop patio — they were a more than a shot, but then again, hotel cups are great for measuring.  And no hangover.)  They’re just awesome and I truly enjoyed myself this weekend.  Not to mention I’ll probably have “Danger Zone” stuck in my head for a week.

Oh, yeah, and I found batman.
[singlepic id=110 w=240 h=320 float=center]

I had a great little “welcome back” from that trip too… 😉  Just another highlight from this weekend…

yes, my mom's on facebook.

My mom joined facebook earlier this year…  I didn’t really understand why she did, but whatever… (Apparently some of her church friends are on it.)

Mostly, there hasn’t been issues.  It’s just another place for my mom and I to express our combined dorkiness.  Yes, I do sort of have to watch my status updates a little — I mean, I tend to forget that not only does my mom see theses, but my brother, an uncle, and a handful of cousins…  Mom’s not too fond of the “no pants” updates…

Anyway… A lot of times, it’s just mom and I making fun of each other:

[singlepic id=102 w=475 h=280 float=center]

(Yeah, thanks mom.)

But um… today… I found this:

[singlepic id=101 w=475 h=280 float=center]

There’s only one reaction appropriate for this: EWWW!! EWEWEW! GROSS!

I’m happy my mom’s dating again — and a dude with a motorcycle (a former music professor of hers and “famous” local trumpet player)… but yeah, um, ew.