I voted for…

A President I can believe in.

A President who believes in equal rights, regardless or race, gender, or sexual orientation.

A President who believes in equal pay for equal work.

A President who not only respects women, but is trying to build a better future for them. A President who sets a great example for all men–husbands and fathers.

A President who is making great changes in healthcare. Where others in my situation won’t have to wait for treatment because of “pre-existing conditions”… Where just being a woman won’t be a pre-existing condition.

A President who didn’t start new wars, and is working towards peace.

A President who could bring a brighter future for myself, for my sisters, and for my niece.

A President who didn’t blatantly lie about Jeep moving jobs to China just to win Ohio.*

A President who has shown stronger faith without forcefully pushing his religion on others.

A President who took a country in a bad situation and started building a country we could believe in again. A future that doesn’t absolutely terrify me–a future that moves forward.

I participated in early voting today, and I think I’m going to do that every time. So easy. Though I didn’t get an “I voted!” sticker…

We cannot sit idly by this election. There is no “my vote doesn’t matter.” Every vote matters. We cannot risk four years of a prejudice president, of a man who says anything to anyone to get what he wants, a man who thinks less of women, and even less of a person if the don’t love the “right” person. A man who would take unnecessary forceful action, spend money needlessly to do so.  A man who doesn’t care about the every day lives of people, who thinks help should be limited and privilege  not something that should be offered to all those who are in true need.

We need a President we can believe in, one who can make us proud of our country.

It’s not just my future, but yours too. So vote.

*Seriously. Even Chrysler/Jeep sent out a statement saying he was wrong, they’re not moving jobs from Ohio to China, an that they’re looking to expand in Ohio.

The Clip Post of Awesomeness: or Wench's 6 month anniversary.

So 6 months ago I decided I didn’t have enough blogs in my life and decided to start a new one where I rambled on about how my Wednesday sucked…  At that point the blog was called “Post Collegiate Lessons” off of a category I had from another blog…  Within a week or so, I decided that the title also sucked and switched it to “Hopelessly Yours…” which seemed to fit.  I once had a radio show with the same name, and that went over fairly well.  But things didn’t feel quite right.

And thus, pink dinos and all, Wench was born and became this lovely, pink blog before you.

What’s impressed me the most is the global readership.

I’ve had visitors from 23 different countries (yes, including the US).  I wish I could write to you all in your own language, but I’m not all that gifted.  As some readers could probably point out, for someone who’s wanting to earn an MFA in writing, I still have issues with English and grammar.

Anyway… Here’s a list of countries of my international readers (in no particular order):
South Africa, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, UK, Canada, Ireland, Argentina, France, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, India, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Malaysia, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, New Zealand, and yes, the United States.
Thanks a lot for visiting and reading!!

Anyway, in 6 months you probably seen me through at least 5-7 crushes, read way too about my lack of relationships, (hopefully) enjoyed some kitten antics with me, witnessed history with Obama, I informed you about concerts, shared videos, and talked about nerdy-love and even my underwear….

And given the upcoming changes in my life, plus the fact that I’ll probably always be infatuated with at least one boy… there’s only more craziness and nerdy-love to come…

Thanks for my first 6 months here at Wench.  It’s been awesome.  I’ve been awesome.  And hell, you’ve been awesome too.

a nauseating mixture of emotions.

Obama is officially our President.
I feel sick.
The two are completely unrelated.

I watched the inauguration online, since I don’t know of any televisions in the building, plus the whole “work” thing sort of requires that I stay at my desk.  I would have like to have been in some sort of group of people enjoying the moment together.  Being at Grant Park, one of the elusive 70,000 (plus their guests) who got tickets, was amazing.  I’m sure freezing out in DC would have been pretty cool too.  But I would have been happy with even just a small gathering of people around the department.  Nevertheless, I watched it online, by myself, at my desk.

I can’t say that I was full of excitement and glee, but I pretty sure I’ve got statement number two up there to thank for that…  I was, however, glad to hear that President Obama didn’t get too flowery in his speech.  That he acknowledge the mess we’re in, but that’s all part of the campaign of hope and change, right?  Well, I’m definitely hoping these next four eight years go well.  Things won’t be perfect, but well, it seems that people are really wanting to be proactive now.  That we might actually be taking responsibility as a nation.  Now that’s something I can be proud of.  I mean, voter turn out was great… and as I mentioned previously, this was the first time I voted in a presidential election.  (Last time I was at a taping of Jerry Springer.  See: VOTE. (seriously, or a velociraptor will hunt you down.))

I don’t expect things to get magic better or for things to change overnight.  And I hope the rest of the American Public isn’t that naive either (please, please, please don’t prove me wrong — please).  But, well.  Yeah.  I am happy.  I am hopeful.

… and yet, unrelatedly, my insides hurt and I’m in no mood to go celebrating our 44th President being sworn into office.  I don’t think I’ve ever been all that fond of my uterus, especially not its poor timing.   Granted, I do have happy little pills, which are supposed to help keep the pain to a minimum, that I could use to assist in scheduling… But well, eventually my body will need to go through its natural processes, which means I do indeed, probably, need to get my period at some point.

But it is the root of my current grumpy nature, the irritableness, and my desire to be in my piano keyboard sweatpants and tank top, curled up in variously blankets until I resemble some sort of fabric blob and just watch terrible television shows or movies until I inevitably take a nap.  However, I know that I’ll stick out the rest of the day at work (though not be as productive as I should be), and then probably even go out tonight to celebrate with Dani, and maybe MJJB, Neemer, and Angel among others.  The things I do for my friends and nation.

If only they had Obama for DS…

I found this via BBC news this morning…

I can see Alaska from my house!
I can see Russia from my house!
Pixelated President-Elect
Pixelated President-Elect

Indeed.  Super Obama World.   Taken after Mario… SOW is a platform game that might definitely take up some of my time.  Nothing better for a lunch break than a little gaming!  If there was a way to get this on my DS… that could be awesome.

It’ll be interesting to see where this game goes in the future.  Apparently the creators plan on updating it and adding new levels throughout Obama’s presidency.  I’d also be interested in hearing about others’ experiences with the game.

Anyway.  This is just a little treat for you.

on furrier news

Apparently one of the next important, and I say that fairly loosely, decisions that the Obamas have is what type of dog to get.  This has seriously made the news — even in the uk and canada.  And personally, I’m entertained by it.  (and of this as well.)

It will honestly not impact my personal life whether they choose a rescue pup, a pure breed, or even a hybrid.  While it will indeed, and apparently, make a statement if they rescue a dog from a shelter, they really should just pick the best breed (recognized or not) for their family.

I did a lot of research on breeds growing up, and of course I had “puppy” on my christmas list for many years.  Finally, for my 14th birthday my mom said we could get a dog.  We had just moved into our own home and had a yard, and my mom had these naive notions that just because it was my dog I’d actually walk it….  Well, even though I had done research, we didn’t pick a purebred — nor could we afford one really.  We went to ARF (the Animal Rescue Fund) and found us a scrawny little guy.  He was in a litter of four — there were two black fluffy puppies (a girl and a boy) and then two skinny brown puppies with some black points (also, a girl and a boy)…  With my brother’s help, we picked the runt.

Our Handsome boy.
Our Handsome boy.

And that is the story of how Dexter joined our family.

He’s part Collie, part German Shepherd, and Part Labrador Retriever.  Or as I like to call him, he’s a Doodle — only, minus any and all traces of -oodle.

He’s been an amazing dog to have.  Barely barks — only if there’s someone at the door, and only once at one of my brother’s friends.  He likes to curl up amazingly small and pretty much just be the most adorable puppy you can find.  He’s got a great temperament, and well is just happy.   He’s got feathery hair behind his ears, on his legs, and on his tail — all of which likes to form dreads, which I generally have to trim out.

Anyway.   According to those news sources listed way above, the Obama girls are interested in a Golden Doodle, which sadly isn’t near my own Doodle.  It’s a Golden Retriever-Poodle mix.  The AKC is hoping they’ll get just a standard Poodle.  (Personally, I don’t see the Obamas as a Poodle family…. granted, I just generally don’t care for Poodles… unless on skirts.)  .. And PETA is hoping they’ll get a rescued dog, a pound puppy.  Again, honestly, they should just get what they want.  Since their daughter has an allergy, it might not be a bad idea to get a pure or hybrid breed… with the Great American Mutt, you can’t guaruntee the whole hypoallergenic coat thing.  Though, you might be able to find one in a shelter somewhere.

I’ve very pro-pet — well, very pro-responsible-pet-ownership.  I think pets can be great companions, and also great entertainment (and I’m not talking Michael Vick stuff).  But I definitely think that if you have the resources, the time and the affection… You should invest in a pet.  It is indeed a lifelong commitment — generally about 10 years or more for the larger ones (this includes rabbits too!), and well, anything from a year to five or so with some of the smaller ones.  I’ve been lucky to have quite a few awesome pets — starting with Kitty (also named Miah Tiger), then Dexter, then Bear, and now Kaija and Tuija.  (more information found: on this page).  I’m looking forward to the holidays, Tuis & Kai will get a sitter of some sort (maybe jrosei and her sisters), and I’ll get to see Dex and Bear — along with the rest of my family (and their pets — Muffy the Cairn Terrier, Jenna the Neopalitan Mastiff, Mr. Molly the cat, Giget the spoiled Shih Tzu, and Laddie the annoying terrier mix….)  … Dexter’s the best though.  Seriously.  He wins.

my puppy loves me
my puppy loves me

reflections on our national community (a discussion on the election night rally)

Mennogirl just posted a great entry about her experience last night…. and seeing as mine was so short and nondescript… I thought I’d directly recommend it for your reading:

I was there and I am so glad to be here

And my comment, which I’ll include for you:

It is amazing to have this great feeling of pride and respect starting to swell back up… to actually think, yes, I am proud to be an American…

I feel that change will definitely happen. Just look what Obama inspired just in regards to the vote. Americans want to take back our country and show the world we’re not just sitting back on our duffs anymore. We’re here, and we want to make our communities, our nation, and our world a better place.

Last night was truly amazing and it felt great to be surrounded by so many people who support this desire for a better America.

Congrats on being part of history with me my dear friend.

major win, with a little bit of fail.

Last night was indeed great.

I had my tickets and my guest — along with a couple of great coworkers and their guests — and I was in Grant Park, Hutchinson Field with a large mass of others…  The place was packed, crazy, and full of energy.

we were somewhere in that general area.. I think ...
we were somewhere in that general area.. I think ...

It was a historic event that I am so glad and proud to be a part of… even if I forgot to charge not only my cell phone but my camera as well… (I’ll have pictures eventually from one of my coworkers…)

However…. despite all of the win that was last night.  (heck, even my old home state turned blue!) … there is some fail too.

fighting for equality again
fighting for equality again

I just learn that Proposition 8 passed.

Not being so much of a political person, nor being in California… I really don’t know what the next step would be.  I’ve seen a lot of questions, and a lot of people wondering if this can be overturned.
Apparently it only passed by a slim margin… I haven’t actually read a full story about this at all, only just enough to learn what was happening.  I heard a little about this last night after the election — news anchors were saying there were three losses for the LGBQT community last night, and Prop 8 was one of those.

I’d hate to see this get lost in the shadows of our great joy and victory last night.

I want the right to marriage, if that’s what I choose, despite what gender my spouce would be.  And I’d want that for anyone else too.

Hopefully there are some big changes in our future.

anti-pro-stupidity, or something of the sorts…

so. this could be interesting…

Mennogirl’s clued me in on some decent blogs before, as has my Megatron.  So I started, recently, reading dooce.  This isn’t a shameless plug for her, but I have found it to be somewhat entertaining to read.  But this could just be a phase (I used to read iCiNG, but now find gala… well, too “look at me”/I wanna be famous, but I still check the site every now and then)…

Recently, dooce wrote about politics, more importantly, advising women voters to really look into some issues before voting.  To consider the greater group of females, pretty much.  And this sort of turned into talking about McCain’s views on abortion, and that a lot of people are calling him anti-woman.

Now, I’m not fond of McCain, but those are my own reasons.  (look at the right: these people win — obama ’08)  And I’m not one to really vote based soley on one issue, and typically abortion isn’t a key issue with me.  I will admit that in the past I will have said that I probably wouldn’t choose an abortion myself, but didn’t want to make that choice for others.  (I will also admit to actually considering it at one point in my life, but I was never faced with that decision — aka I’ve never been pregnant.)  So, that makes me pro-choice.
One person who left comment on dooce’s post asked a really good question….

When did being “Pro-Choice” turn into being “Pro-Abortion”?

Like I said, I’m not typically “pro-abortion”… I’d like to think, baring any health problems of my own, I’d be willing to take care of any child I brought into this world.  But as also mentioned, there was at least one point in my life when I thought that abortion could be an option — but I didn’t have to make that choice.  But that’s the thing, I have that choice.  I am pro-CHOICE, it doesn’t mean I will choose it.

Anyway…. right now, I’m mildly anti-baby.  Or at least, mildly anti-having-a-baby-myself.  Babies are fine.  As long as I can hand them back to their adult.  At this point in my life, I’m big into the idea of adoption.  There are plenty of kids out there who need families.  But well, that’s years down the road.

Right now… the only baby I’m interested in is an amazing toddler who happens to be my niece.
Talk about damn cute.

Lil G
Lil G